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A bathtub faucet can make all the difference in a relaxing, stress-free soak in the tub. With their sleek and modern designs, today's bathtub fixtures are truly luxury products that provide improved overall comfort and elegant style. Not only do they look polished, but they can also provide you with various shower options such as an adjustable water spray and temperature control settings. Upgrade your bathroom with one of these sophisticated pieces and enjoy the luxurious feel of a high-end spa right at home!A bathtub faucet can make all the difference between a mundane and luxurious home bathing experience. It’s one of those items in your bathroom that you probably don’t give much thought to, yet it has the power to instantly transform your oasis into pure comfort. From modern touches to timeless designs, there are so many options when it comes to choosing a faucet for your tub. Whether you’re refreshing an existing look or creating something brand new with expertly designed fixtures—we have just what you need. In this article, we list out our top 15 favorite bathtub faucets on the market today so you can rest assured knowing no matter which one is perfect for your ideal dream space, we have the right selection covered!

1. Wowkk Freestanding Bathtub Faucet

Introducing the Wowkk Freestanding Bathtub Faucet, an elegant and luxurious addition to your bathroom! This freestanding tub filler is made from premium solid brass and finished with a bold black hue, sure to make any bathtub look stunning. It is mounted on the floor for easy access and features a single handle design with a hand shower for added convenience. Enjoy ergonomic control over the water temperature and flow for a truly indulgent experience when bathing or showering. Its timeless style and practicality will enhance your bathroom aesthetic, bringing beauty, function, and value to your home like never before! We take tremendous pride in craftsmanship and quality. Our production team has gone to great lengths to ensure that this piece of engineering marvel matches our uncompromising standards in aesthetics as well as performance. So you can expect steady reliability in use and generous longevity in time. With ease-of-installation instructions included, now you can relish those moments of relaxation without worry — rediscover a sense of well-being when taking baths with the Wowkk Freestanding Bathtub Faucet!

Wowkk Freestanding Bathtub Faucet


2. Kruzoo Bathroom Waterfall Bath tub Faucet

Transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa-like experience with the Kruzoo Bathroom Contemporary Waterfall Bathtub Faucet. This gorgeous faucet features a long, curved spout and matte black finish, delivering an effortless blend of style and elegance to your bathroom. A single handle provides effortless control over temperature and flow, while its three-hole deck mount installation ensures it is easy to install in any space. The extra-long spout makes for even easier access when filling up the bathtub and a built-in handheld shower provides added convenience for cleaning up afterwards. Combining fashion, function, and ease of use together in one design, this contemporary waterfall tub faucet is sure to transform the look of any bathroom décor.From classic designs to modern and minimalistic styles, there's something here for every type of homeowner. Whether you're looking for an inexpensive option or one with all the latest features, our selection has something perfect for any budget or style preference. Read on to discover the perfect choice!

Kruzoo Bathroom Waterfall Bath tub Faucet


3. KES Bathtub Shower Faucet Set

Experience the ultimate in style, comfort and convenience with the KES Bathtub Shower Faucet Set. This luxurious set features a waterfall tub spout with three-function shower faucets and a 10-inch rain shower head for the perfect level of control and pleasure. The deluxe stainless steel construction ensures decades of use while also adding an elegant touch to any bathroom space. With its eye-catching design, this set looks like nothing you’ve seen before. From its sweeping curves to its contemporary angles, you’ll have no trouble making a statement with this setup. And when it comes to power and performance, the KES Bathtub Shower Faucet Set does not disappoint. With adjustable settings for spray intensity, temperature, and timer length, you’ll never have to worry about showering in less than perfect conditions again. For an unforgettable experience in your own home spa or bathroom sanctuary, look no further than the KES Bathtub Shower Faucet Set. Get ready to start every day with a beautiful splash of bliss!

KES Bathtub Shower Faucet Set


4. Kingston Brass Legacy Faucet

Why settle for an ordinary shower faucet when you could have something out of this world beautiful? Introducing the Kingston Brass Shower Faucet! Constructed with solid brass, this faucet is polished to a chrome finish that will add modern sophistication and elegance to any space. The waterfall spout releases a generous flow of water that is sure to provide you with a luxurious bathing experience while also adding ambience to your décor. Easily customizable, the temperature and water pressure can be tailored just the way you like it. Effortlessly installed with the included mounting hardware, this shower faucet allows for easy one-hole installation that will make upkeep easy for years to come. Elegance and luxury collide with this luxurious Kingston Brass Shower Faucet – making it a perfect choice for any bathroom.

Kingston Brass Legacy Faucet


5. Parlos Widespread Waterfall Roman Tub Faucet

Do you need to spruce up your bathroom? Look no further than the stylish Parlos Widespread Waterfall Roman Bathtub Faucet. As one of the best bathtub faucets on the market, this product boasts a stunning oil-rubbed bronze finish, and is wall-mounted for maximum convenience. With hot and cold water settings, brushed nickel or polished brass finishes, and an essential hand shower holder for ease of everyday use, it's sure to make a beautiful addition to any bathroom. For those looking for a sleek and sophisticated tub faucet with modern flair, our Parlos faucet is perfect—offering the perfect combination of stylish design, superior craftsmanship and added convenience you can rely on every day. And with its single hole installation system and sleek shower arm, it'll be one of the most essential plumbing accessories in your home in no time at all. So if you're searching for a stunning addition to your bathroom décor that doesn't skimp on quality or functionality, get the Parlos Widespread Waterfall Roman Bathtub Faucet today!

Parlos Widespread Waterfall Roman Tub Faucet


6. Pfister Weller Three Hole Roman Tub

Introducing the Pfister Weller Three Hole Roman Tub with American Standard Tub Spout - a magnificent combination of high quality brass and all metal construction! This three-hole installation will instantly upgrade any luxurious bathroom, creating an eye-catching focal point with its classic, timeless design. Every detail matters with this lavishly appointed accessory – from the rough in valve to the pull down diverter to the ceramic disc cartridge – assurance that performance is guaranteed every time. For extra convenience, it features a wall mount as well as a trim kit and diverter lever for added control and ease of use. The ultimate shower system for those seeking to enjoy an above average bathing experience? You’re looking at it right here! A delicately polished faucet that promises flawless functionality and lasting results no matter how much use it gets over the years. Boldly enhanced by Pfister’s superior technology, let your bathroom stand out among the crowd while still staying practical and stylish. Don’t wait another second longer, upgrade now and join legions of loyal customers who have come to trust in America’s favorite brand: Pfister!

Pfister Weller Three Hole Roman Tub


7. SR Sun Rise Spout Rain Shower Tub Set

Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom with a sleek and stylish design? Look no further than the SR Sun Rise Spout Rain Shower Tub Set! The center set faucet features a contemporary style that is sure to be eye-catching in any home decor. With its smooth flow, spout width, spout reach, and escutcheon plate, you'll have stunning water control for a truly luxurious showering experience. Installation is easy with its lever handles and durable construction for a deck-mounted installation. In just minutes, you can have a tub quickly set up to enjoy. And with its impressive flow rate, it won't take long before your entire bathroom is beautifully remodeled. So don't hesitate any longer – make the SR Sun Rise Spout Rain Shower Tub Set part of your home decor today!

SR Sun Rise Spout Rain Shower Tub Set


8. Homelody Shower Faucets

With Homelody’s Shower Faucets, you can find the perfect fixture to complete your bathroom decor. Our solid brass construction with a polished chrome finish will ensure long-lasting quality, so investing in one of our faucets is sure to make any bathroom pop for years to come. Whether it's a single hole faucet or a wall mounted installation that you're looking for, our selection of sink and tub faucets is sure to have something stylish to suit your needs. Our brushed nickel finish on various models add just the right touch of subtle sophistication. All this, paired with impressive water flow control capabilities, makes our faucets some of the best bathtub fixtures available on the market. Essential plumbing accessories shouldn't be taken lightly when it comes to personalizing any room in your home. With Homelody’s line of shower faucets, you'll be able to find exactly what you need with ease - at an unbeatable price, no less!

Homelody Shower Faucets


9. Delta Faucet

Introducing the new Delta Faucets - a luxurious and modern addition to your bathroom! With its sleek polished chrome finish, this wall-mount faucet features a sleek yet contemporary design. This piece is made from reliable and durable plastic material for long-lasting use, and is further enhanced with an eye-catching lever handle for precise control. It easily fits most bathrooms with its single hole design, and comes with all necessary hardware for installation. Transform your bathroom into a stunning retreat in no time by adding the Delta Faucet!Are you looking to make a big splash in your bathroom remodel? Look no further than our genuine Delta Faucet repair part. With the classic collection's 6-inch overall length, it provides a great new look that coordinates perfectly with any style. Pulling down and diverting the flow is effortlessly easy, while its robust design maintains quality performance over time. Plus, unlike other finishes sold elsewhere, this faucet is designed exclusively for Delta products so you can be assured of a consistently high quality and excellent performance. We have rigorously tested this fixture so all you have to worry about is making that remodelling statement. Get yours today and bring a delightful transformation into your life!

Delta Faucet


10. American Standard Bath Slip-On Diverter Tub Spout

Are you looking for a stylish and reliable tub spout that won't break the bank? Look no further than the American Standard Bath Slip-On Diverter Tub Spout! With all metal brass construction, this essential plumbing accessory is both durable and dependable. Plus, its widespread faucets perfectly coordinate with both sink faucets and single hole faucets, making it the best bathtub faucet solution available. Upgrade your bathroom today - find bathtub faucets like this one in wall mounted designs or modern deck-mounted designs! At such an affordable price point, the American Standard Bath Slip-On Diverter Tub Spout is truly the perfect choice for getting great quality on a budget.

American Standard Bath Slip-On Diverter Tub Spout


11. Moen Eva Brushed Nickel Two-Handle Sink Faucet

Experience a new level of refinement, beauty and grace with the Moen Eva Brushed Nickel Two-Handle Sink Faucet. This unique faucet embodies classic style in a modern way that will look great for years to come. Its soft curves and tasteful finish let you transform your bathroom into an elegant and inviting retreat fit for any homeowner. Expertly crafted with durable nickel material, this faucet stands up to everyday use, providing reliable performance during even your most rigorous washes. Its easy 3-hole installation adds convenience, while two handles make natural water pressure control effortless. Time-saving lever handles install quickly, allowing you to get back to your daily routine faster than ever before. The Moen Eva Brushed Nickel Two-Handle Sink Faucet is sure to be the luxe hallmark of your beautiful bathroom.

 Moen Eva Brushed Nickel Two-Handle Sink Faucet


12. Bostingner Shower Body Sprays Systems

Welcome to the world of Bostingner's revolutionary 10 Inch Rain Shower Wall Mounted Shower Body Sprays System! A refreshingly modern way to step into luxury and indulge your shower experience like never before. This up-to-date unit is designed for all those out there who want an all-metal, high pressure shower with a unique combination of rainfall and traditional body sprays. Guaranteed to make each shower, no matter the time of day, feel like a rejuvenating sanctuary! The polished chrome finish adds a touch of modernity while its 10-inch rain shower head is sure to provide maximum coverage and lasting performance. Not mention the multi-function handheld with built-in body sprays will cover you in luxurious hydration and let you customize your shower each and every time. Outer edges are smooth allowing water to run off quickly and without splashing. With our Bostingner Shower Body Spray System, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing style or comfort when it comes to upgrading your bathroom. Investing in this top-of-the-line product means peace of mind knowing it will last you a lifetime! What makes ours so special? We've included everything necessary — including a rough-in valve — for an easy installation process. Our patented design reduces water waste, helping protect the environment while keeping your energy bills low! And best of all, our superior product comes with superior customer service from start through finish — setting us apart from any other product on the market today! So why wait? Take the plunge into luxury today by purchasing our incomparable Bostingner Shower Body Spray System and add the extra pamper factor you so deserve!

Bostingner Shower Body Sprays Systems


13. Sumerain Deck Mount Roman Tub Faucet

Discover the modern elegance of the Sumerain Deck Mount Roman Tub Faucet! This matte black luxurious tub faucet is ready to take your bathroom's design to the next level. Crafted from stainless steel and brass for superior durability, it will stand tall in all its glory and withstand whatever life throws at it. The two handles give you full control over temperature and flow, while the waterfall feature enhances its sophistication. And with the three-hole mount, installation is a breeze! Step into class and tranquility with Sumerain's Deck Mount Roman Tub Faucet – a perfect addition to your home’s pride and joy.Add a touch of luxury to your bath space with the Sumerain Deck Mount Roman Tub Faucet. This chic, high-end faucet features a wide spout with a dramatic waterfall effect, so you can soak in your tub as quickly as possible with its impressive 14.19GPM@60PSI flow rate. Constructed from durable brass, it’s designed to last for years to come. It also boasts two 1/4 turn knob handles so you can easily adjust the water temperature and power. Plus, this 3 Holes waterfall bathtub faucet mounts directly to the tub fixture for an uncomplicated installation process. Create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere at home with Sumerain's premium Deck Mount Roman Tub Faucet. With its cutting-edge design and excellent performance, it's an essential part of any modern bathroom setup!

Sumerain Deck Mount Roman Tub Faucet


14. Klleyna Shower Head Sink Faucet

Transform your everyday showering experience with the revolutionary Klleyna Shower Head Sink Faucet! This all-in-one bathroom accessory will bring convenience and luxury to your daily routine with its 5 adapters and ON/OFF extension feature. Enjoy a luxurious rainfall shower or a silky-smooth massaging spray, as well as a detachable hose and sprayer for hair washing or pet rinse – this faucet does it all! The versatile design fits MOST brands on the market, including Moen, Kohler, Delta, American Standard and many more, so you can trust you’re getting a quality product that won’t let you down. With its durable construction, sleek O-ringed exterior, and soft touch rubberized handle, Klleyna Shower Head Sink Faucet is sure to become the highlight of any modern bathroom style. Let the customizable settings take over and transform your showering experience! Get Klleyna now to unlock ultimate relaxation.

Klleyna Shower Head Sink Faucet


15. Daryl Wall Mount Shower Fixtures

Introducing the Daryl Wall Mount Shower Fixtures - modern, sleek and incredibly powerful. Upgrade your bathroom with this innovative shower system boasting a matte black finish and an 8 inch rain shower head. But that's not all! A handheld shower also gives you incredible flexibility and even more range in customization. Satisfy all of your needs with this completely customizable shower system; from total body coverage from the rain shower head to direct water towards any desired area with the handheld option — you can customize it however you want. Not to mention, it will look great mounted on any wall with its beautiful matte black finish. Upgrade your bathroom today with the Daryl Wall Mount Shower Fixtures!

Daryl Wall Mount Shower Fixtures


Here Are 6 Tips to Help You Out in Purchasing the Perfect Bathtub Faucet 

Tired of dealing with old and rusty bathtub faucets? Make the change to modernize your look by upgrading to one of the latest bathtub faucet styles. Whether you prefer a classic waterfall spout or a more contemporary design, there are styles available to please all tastes. Don't forget about convenience when selecting your new faucet; many products come with integrated switches for ease-of-use and temperature control. With such a wide variety available now, there's sure to be something perfect for any budget. Give your bathroom an updated and polished look today with stylish and functional new bathtub faucets! Whether you’re remodeling an entire bathroom or just replacing a faucet, the process of choosing one can be overwhelming. With so many options out there, it’s important to understand what makes a good bathtub faucet and how to pick the right one for your needs. To help you out, here are 6 tips for purchasing the perfect bathtub faucet.

1. Know Your Budget

Before shopping around for a new faucet, know exactly how much money you have to spend. This will help narrow down your choices so that you don’t overspend on something that won’t even fit in your budget.

2. Choose the Right Finish

The finish of your faucet is almost as important as its functionality and design. Pick something that complements existing colors and textures in your bathroom such as chrome, brushed nickel, polished brass or satin.

3. Select the Right Style

There are many styles available when it comes to bathtub faucets such as modern, contemporary, traditional and transitional. Choose a style that best fits with your overall bathroom design aesthetic so that it looks like it belongs in your space rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

4. Think About Functionality

Not all bathtub faucets are created equal when it comes to functionality. Some may have temperature control knobs while others may feature digital displays or touchscreens for adjusting water pressure and temperature settings with ease. Consider what type of features would be most useful for you before making a decision on which model to purchase.

5. Consider Installation Requirements

Different types of faucets require different installation requirements depending on their construction materials and components used in their construction (e.g., single-hole vs 4-hole). Be sure to read up on installation instructions before purchasing anything so that you know exactly what type of setup is needed for successful installation of the product at hand—even if this means getting professional help from an experienced plumber!

6. Read Reviews 

Never buy a product without reading reviews first! Reviews can be extremely helpful in providing insight into things like quality control issues, customer service support & warranty policies—all factors that can make or break your satisfaction with any product purchase!


Shopping for bathtub faucets doesn't have to be stressful if you take some time beforehand to research different models and prices so that you can find one that fits both your style and budget preferences perfectly! By following these 6 tips outlined above, purchasing the perfect bathtub faucet should now feel like less of an intimidating endeavor and more of an exciting opportunity! Good luck!

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