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Birdhouses are a charming addition to any garden or outdoor space. They provide a safe and cozy spot for birds to nest and raise their young. What's interesting is that different species of birds have their preferred type of house. For example, bluebirds prefer small houses with an entrance hole of 1.5 inches, while wrens like their houses to have a smaller opening of around 1 inch. It's important to do a little research before choosing a birdhouse for your garden, to ensure that the birds in your area will make it their home. For anyone interested in sprucing up their backyard, birdhouses are an excellent way to attract feathered friends. After all, who wouldn’t want the pleasant song of a thrush or wren ringing through their porch? Plus, it’s definitely more entertaining than just having a blank lawn on which nothing is happening. To help you find the perfect birdhouse for your outdoor space we rounded up 10 amazing choices that add flair and charm to any outdoor décor. For those looking for something complex, rustic, colorful or functional – there's something here for everyone! So scroll down and come on a tour of our picks of the best birdhouses out there!

1. Winemana Hand Woven Hummingbird House

Welcome to the world of natural charm with Winemana's hand -woven hummingbird houses. These swoon worthy homes offer a haven for your feathered friends to rest and breed. At 9"x4", they are large enough for two birds but small enough to still fit into any garden setting. The leaf-like exterior is crafted using high-quality grass and woven together by hand, to create a uniquely beautiful bird shelter. The three hut set comes with sturdy rope so you can hang it in your perfect outdoor space, giving the feathered residents an ideal setting. Whether placed close to or far away from your home the result is the same, peace, beauty and love of nature that will last all season long. As each nest ages its color will change, allowing you to enjoy a special reminder of past wildlife visits each time you look at it. This enchanting set is sure to be cherished by any outdoor enthusiast who wants an effortless way to bring more nature into their lives. With the Winemana Hand Woven Hummingbird House, you can show your appreciation for the natural world by inviting friendly birds directly into your own private paradise in style!

Winemana Hand Woven Hummingbird House


2. Gray Bunny Bird Houses

If you love birdwatching and want to provide a safe, stylish home for feathered friends, then the Gray Bunny Bird House is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Carefully crafted from cedar wood with weather-proof coating, this bird house is sure to stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws your way. The house features a secure latch so little beaks stay safely inside when they're nesting or just enjoying some downtime. The large entry hole and fledgling grooves make it easy for birds of all sizes to enter and leave, while air vents help keep the interior air circulating for bigger birds' optimal comfort. This attractive bird house would make a great gift for the avian enthusiast in your life! Whether you choose it for Mom, Dad, or yourself, you can know that your feathered friends will love their new home as much as you do. With its simple yet alluring design adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor environment, you won't regret making this beautiful investment in nature. Get yours today!

Gray Bunny Bird Houses


3. Gray Bunny Best Bird Houses

Introducing Gray Bunny Bird Houses - nature's way of bringing more birds into your garden. Our bird houses are designed to be both decorative and durable, making them the perfect addition to your outdoor oasis. Whether you hang one bird house in a strategic spot, or several throughout your garden, they're sure to attract tiny birds all season long! These houses are designed with birds' preferences in mind. The entrance hole and overall design is specifically crafted to provide shelter to different types of wild birds. Larger birds will also find plenty of room to perch on the tree branch adorning the house. Plus, nesting material can be placed inside the bird box for nesting birds who are looking for their forever home. If you’re a bird enthusiast, these Gray Bunny Bird Houses provide the perfect opportunity for you to observe nesting and other activities from outside your home. Create a serene little corner of nature in your own yard and start watching the avian action unfold today!

Gray Bunny Best Bird Houses


4. Nature's Way Bird Products Cedar Wren House

Nature's Way Bird Products, a trusted provider of bird products and supplies, introduces their newest wooden birdhouse. This birdhouse is perfect for the nature lover and bird watcher, as it allows you to encourage the presence of birds in your backyard while also protecting them from predators. By providing birds with a safe and comfortable home, you can enjoy watching birds nest during their nesting period. Not only are these birdhouses attractive and eye-catching but they are designed with safety in mind. With wall and floor openings of varying sizes and ventilation holes that allow proper air circulation, this birdhouse provides adequate protection for many different species of birds that may pay your yard a visit throughout the year. The wooden construction of this birdhouse is built to last through any season or condition. The drainage hole at the base ensures any water will immediately drain away from the nesting chamber. This leads to a dry environment that can withstand even wetter weather conditions. Furthermore, these hanging bird houses can also deter potential pest birds from invading as they come equipped with an entrance hole specifically sized for smaller songbirds, allowing visitors like sparrows to enter safely without large predator birds disrupting their stay. Whether you’re in search of an attractive way to protect birds passing through or trying to attract specific bird species. species right into your own backyard, Nature's Way Bird Products has the perfect wooden birdhouse for your needs!

Nature's Way Bird Products Cedar Wren House


5. Cartman Hanging Colourful Bird Feeders

Are you a bird lover looking for the perfect way to provide your feathery friends with a safe home? Look no further than the Cartman Hanging Colourful Bird House – the ideal design to attract your specific bird species while deterring any other unwanted visitors! Nature lovers rejoice: this attractive and hanging birdhouse is sure to add a touch of wonder to any outdoor experience. For all small birds, these houses come with floor and wall openings and drain holes so as to provide them with ample space inside. This ensures that they are both dry and secure, allowing them to thrive when living in their new homes. We also know how important it is for our feathered friends - from tree swallows to house wrens - to have clean and comfortable conditions which is why each house comes with easy access doors and a stable house stand. Specifically designed to attract birds entice and effectively lure chickadees, their colourful exterior makes them the perfect complement for any garden or backyard. With one of these hanging birdhouses, you’re sure to witness birds flocking over no matter the season! Try one out today risk free and discover just how curious nature can be!

Cartman Hanging Colourful Bird Feeders


6. Carson Home Accents Vintage Tall Birdhouse

Bring nature to your own backyard with the Carson Home Accents Vintage Tall Birdhouse. Offering your feathered friends a low key nesting spot, many birds will flock the delightful cedar house as it is designed to keep airy and ward off pesky insects. Crafted from inland red cedar, this durable birdhouse also boasts natural cedar construction for both bright colors and enhanced predator guard. Coming complete with predrilled drainage holes and nesting materials provided, this tall birdhouse is ideal for drawn in screech owls and eastern bluebirds. This vintage set can either be mounted on most any pole or hung by its included rope, offering flexible installation options that are sure to please. And with its earth tone exterior and rustic charm, you won't have to worry about sacrificing design for practical use as it will bring an enchanting flush mount to any yard or patio. So go ahead and spruce up your outdoor space with the Carson Home Accents Vintage Tall Birdhouse today!

Carson Home Accents Vintage Tall Birdhouse


7. Glitzhome Hanging Decorative Birdhouse

Introducing the Glitzhome Hanging Decorative Birdhouse! Perfect for bird enthusiasts and those who want to provide birds with a beautiful, comfortable home. This stylish, sturdy birdhouse is the ideal nesting box for any climate. Its specific design elements make it perfect for bird lovers wanting to attract the joy of birds right to their own backyard. The exterior of this hanging bird house gives an attractive appeal that will draw birds inside—and keeps other unwanted guests away. It also features a drain hole to keep nesting materials dry, as well as clean out doors so you can easily remove old nesting boxes and materials after each year. The house is airy and kiln dried, while also able to stand up against extreme weather conditions outside. For easy installation, this attractive birdhouse also includes a pole mount and hanging rope for your convenience. Plus, its earth tone aesthetics makes it the perfect addition in anyone’s backyard or garden space! So invite more of nature’s winged friends into your yard today with the GlitzhomeHanging Decorative Birdhouse – they’re sure to appreciate it!

Glitzhome Hanging Decorative Birdhouse


8. Verdugo Gift White Trellis Birdhouse

Welcome the cheerful song of your feathered friends to your home with the Verdugo Gift White Trellis Birdhouse. Designed with the beauty of nature in mind, this birdhouse looks like a miniature cottage perched atop a white trellis. From its flowery accents down to its vibrant stained-glass windows, it is truly a magical sight. Crafted from high-quality wood and painted in a multitude of colors, both you and your feathered guests will love how lighthearted and whimsical this birdhouse appears when hung from your garden's branches or fencing. With dimensions of 7.12"D x 7.12"W x 9"H, it can easily fit many of your neighborhood's favorite birds for shelter and sanctuary without being too large for them to take off in flight should they need to do so quickly. Instantly liven up any outdoor area by adding this beautiful Verdugo Gift White Trellis Birdhouse and start enjoying the peaceful sounds of nature more every day!

Verdugo Gift White Trellis Birdhouse


9. Oushuai Pole Garden Decor Birdhouses

Are you looking for a unique, eye-catching way to provide all the small birds in your neighborhood with a safe and comfortable place to live? Look no further than Oushuai Pole Garden Decor Birdhouses! These stunningly crafted birdhouses will instantly elevate your garden or landscaping with their beautiful design and colors. Crafted from weatherproof resin, these birdhouses feature intricate details like swirls and spirals, as well as a stylish blend of white and blue colors that is sure to catch everyone's eye. Plus, the Oushuai Pole Garden Decor Birdhouses are designed in an extra-large size, so they can accommodate Bluebirds, Finches, Wrens, Chickadees, and other wild birds. Whether hung from a pole or tree limb or installed atop a standard 4x4 post (not included), these charming and lightweight birdhouses, are sure to bring out the best in any outdoor space! Not only do these handsome mini-shelters add character and charm to any outdoor space but they also offer a safe, secure place for birds to breed and feed. But while there are plenty of options out there, what should you look for in the ideal birdhouse – from size, design and materials used? So be sure to get your own Oushuai Pole Garden Decor Birdhouse today and provide nature's friends with a luxurious home they'll never forget!

Oushuai Pole Garden Decor Birdhouses


10. 23 Bees 4 Hole Bird House

Are you looking for an outdoor birdhouse that is fun, unique, and weatherproof? Look no further than the 23 Bees 4 Hole Bird House! Not only does it look great in any space due to its stylish design, it’s also a functional and durable home for your feathered friends. Made of high-quality natural materials designed to last, this four-hole bird house will give birds shelter from the elements and protection from predators. Plus, you can use it either outdoors or indoors - its ability to handle rain, snow and wind make it a perfect fit for any location. Whether you’re looking to attract all sorts of winged creatures or just want to spruce up your yard or balcony, the 23 Bees 4 Hole Bird House is the perfect way to do so! Its decorative yet simplistic design makes it easy to match with existing models and styles of decor to create a customized living area for birds. Plus, you can get crafty with its assembly by adding extra touches such as colorful paint or accessorizing with unique items like stones or shells. It’s even suitable for both adults and children as there are complete kits available that let kids join in on the fun of building their own bird house. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of nature right here at your fingertips and purchase a 23 Bees 4 Hole Bird House today! You won’t regret it - our customers constantly rave about how beautify they look while attracting various types of birds in droves!

23 Bees 4 Hole Bird House


Here Are 7 Tips for Purchasing the Right Birdhouses

Birdhouses have always been a popular accessory for most gardens, providing a peaceful and colorful space for birds to dwell in. With so many options and varieties out there, it can be tricky to know which one to choose. However, birds have shown a preference for different types of houses, such as purple martins and the woodlink wooden bluebird house. These cozy homes offer plenty of space for the birds to call their own while ensuring they are safe and protected from the elements. Introducing a birdhouse into your garden is a simple way to encourage a delightful avian population, which can provide a beautiful and serene atmosphere.Birdhouses not only add a beautiful touch of decoration to your garden but also provide a safe haven for birds to nest and thrive during the breeding season. However, purchasing the right birdhouse needs some consideration and research. There are various styles, designs, and materials available that can be overwhelming and confusing. To make the purchasing process easy for you, we have compiled a list of seven tips that will help you make the right choice.

1. Understand the Type of Birds

Before purchasing a birdhouse, it's essential to understand the type of birds in your area. Different birds have different nesting habits and requirements. For example, bigger birds like Blue Jays require bigger birdhouses compared to small birds like finches. Research the specific type of birds in your area to get an idea of the birdhouses you need to invest in.

2. The Right Material

Birdhouses are available in various materials like wood, metal, and plastic. However, choosing the right material is vital for the safety and comfort of birds. Wooden birdhouses are better insulated and provide better ventilation compared to plastic and metal ones. Whereas metal birdhouses may get too hot during summer and too cold during winters and may not be safe for nesting birds.

3. The Right Shape and Size

Different birds have different preferences when it comes to the shape and size of their birdhouses. For example, cavity-nesting birds like chickadees prefer shallow and wide birdhouses while a Wood Duck requires a deeper birdhouse. Understanding the habitat and behavior of birds will help you choose the right shape and size of the birdhouse.

4. The Right Entrance Hole

The size of the entrance hole is just as important as the shape and size of the birdhouse. The entrance hole should be large enough to allow easy movement for birds but not too big to prevent predators like squirrels and crow from entering. Different birds require different sizes of the entrance hole. For example, a wren needs an entrance hole size of 1 inch while a bluebird requires a 1.5 inch entrance hole.

5. Ensure Ventilation and Drainage

Good ventilation and drainage are vital for the health and safety of birds. Ensure that the birdhouse has enough ventilation holes to let in fresh air, and the bottom has drainage holes to let out any moisture. A damp and wet birdhouse can lead to mold growth and be hazardous for nesting birds.

6. Consider the Pole or Tree Placement

Choosing the right location for your birdhouse is essential. Birdhouses should be placed in a sheltered place away from direct sunlight and rain. Consider placing the birdhouse on top of a pole or tree where predators cannot reach it. Ensure the birdhouse is at a reasonable height to prevent damage from kids and pets.

7. Keep It Clean

Proper cleaning and maintenance of birdhouses are important to prevent disease and parasite infestation. Clean the birdhouse after each breeding season and remove any leftover nesting material. Inspect the birdhouse regularly for any cracks, damage, mold, or parasites.


Purchasing birdhouses requires some consideration and research to provide safety and comfort to nesting birds. Understanding the type of birds in your area and their nesting requirements is important. The right material, shape, and size of the birdhouse, choosing the right entrance hole, ensuring ventilation and drainage, considering the pole or tree placement, and regular cleaning and maintenance are vital factors. Follow these seven tips to make an informed choice and provide a safe haven for birds in your garden.

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