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The 13 Best Blackout Shades For 2023

by Uzair Qureshi 01 Apr 2023 0 Comments
blackout shades

iBlackout shades are an increasingly popular window covering option due to their ability to completely block out sunlight, creating a peacefully dark environment. For those that prefer complete darkness while sleeping or simply want some extra privacy, blackout shades are the ideal solution. Not only do they create a sense of total darkness, but blackout shades also offer incredible protection from heat transfer, making them perfect for regulating temperature in any room. If you’re looking for the perfect window covering solution with plenty of light blocking and privacy options, then blackout shades may just be the answer you’ve been searching for.Whether you're trying to protect your furniture from fading or looking for a way to quickly darken your bedroom for an afternoon nap, blackout shades can be a great option. Not only do these window treatments block out the light and provide privacy, but they also come in an array of styles to fit any room décor. To help you find the perfect blackout shades for your home, we've rounded up 13 of our favorite options – all designed with high-quality materials and offering superior light-blocking capabilities! Keep reading to learn more about each model so you can determine which one is the best choice for you.

1. Blackout EZ Sunlight Blocking Window Cover

The Blackout EZ Sunlight Blocking Window Cover is the ultimate solution for complete blackout in any room. Now you can have all the privacy and be able to get a better sleep without constantly having to worry about outside light. Great for nurseries, children’s rooms, bedrooms, TV rooms, game rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and even dorms, this window cover is designed with an exclusive hook & loop Velcro fastening system which ensures total blackout. It's even great for shift workers, doctors, nurses and students. Made from vinyl material that's fade resistant and will last for years to come with durable construction, this window cover comes in a simple yet effective black/white color combination that easily complements any existing décor. Easily removable so you can reinstall it daily if preferred - simply measure up to 48"L x 36"W according to your windows' size - each order includes an adhesive velcro strip that makes installation easy while ensuring a tight seal around the window frame without leaving any gaps or room for light intrusion. Get the ultimate peace of mind knowing that you can enjoy complete darkness in your bedroom with Blackout EZ Sunlight Blocking Window Cover!

Blackout EZ Sunlight Blocking Window Cover


2. Shadesu Cordless Blackout Shades

With ShadesU Blackout Cordless Roller Shades, you can achieve complete darkness and privacy in any room of the house. Made from %100 Polyester, these shades are perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or anywhere a bit of extra privacy is needed. The fabric is soft to the touch while blocking out 100% light and 100% UV rays. This helps to reduce energy consumption as it insulates against heat and cold and also reduces noise. Plus, these blackout roller shades are waterproof so they won't be ruined by moisture. Available in 72"L x 22"W sizes with free delivery and free returns, your new ShadesU Cordless Blackout Shades can instantly create a cozy space that is chic and stylish – no matter what the room! Enjoy the added comfort insulated blackout shades bring while adding a touch of elegant design to your favorite space. Choose from a range of sizes ranging from 20" wide to 110” wide for the perfect customized fit with half inch deductions on all orders for an exact look you'll love.

Shadesu Cordless Blackout Shades


3. Redi Shade No Tools Original Blackout Shade

Auto-Regulating with Redi Shade No Tools Original Blackout Shade wants to make sure you get total darkness from your shades that will keep you sleeping until it’s time to wake up! Our Redi Shade No Tools Original Blackout Shades are designed to be an affordable solution for superior blackout darkness that also utilize no tools installation. Simply install the shades in seconds, or adjust them as needed with no drill or tool required. Our cellular and roller shades provide superior blackout while letting in just enough light so that your living space remains lit during the day. Our room darkening shade line blocks out 99% of light and offers complete privacy. The blackout lining reduces even the brightest sunlight, or can keep the absolute darkness during the night hours when any amount of ambient light may harm your sleep routine. When you buy a Redi Shade No Tools Original Blackout Shade, you get one of the best blackout curtains on the market, without spending too much money. Our blackout blinds, along with our roman blackout shades and roller/cellular shades offer a great combination of energy efficiency, comfort and insulation. Get your little ones safe from dangerous UV radiation with these incredible shades. Don’t wait any longer, choose Redi Shade No Tools Original Blackout Shades for ultimate comfort during your rest hours and enjoy full control over light exposure in any part of your home!

Redi Shade No Tools Original Blackout Shade


4. L Lifei Portable Blackout Shades

Looking for an affordable solution to block light, darken your room, and save energy all at the same time? Look no further than our L Lifei Portable Best Blackout Shade! Imagine how much more relaxing it would be if you had complete control over the natural light entering your home. Our blackout shades are just what you need! The highest quality roller blackout shades available on the market today, our product will immediately lower your energy bill! The amount of light that enters through a window is directly related to how much energy gets wasted. With these blackout shades, you can effectively block out any unwanted or extra light from coming into rooms - preventing the AC from kicking up unnecessarily. Not to mention providing complete privacy from street view. Our versatile room darkening curtains are so much more effective than other blackout curtains offered elsewhere - and yet still affordably priced too! True blackout shades designed using innovative technology that prevents virtually any amount of light getting through - just take a look at our online reviews and see for yourself! Forget about those other ineffective blackout curtains that don't do much good in blocking out enough light - with us, there's no such thing as 'how much light' gone wrong. Add some fashionable flair to your home while also taking advantage of all the features offered by our L Lifei Portable Best Blackout Shader Shades! An easy-to-use and affordable window treatment solution sure to meet all of your needs, give it a try today.

 L Lifei Portable Blackout Shades


5. Sbartar Cordless Blackout Honeycomb Shades

Welcome to Sbartar Cordless Blackout Honeycomb Shades – the revolutionary window treatments that provide effective blackout curtains while blocking light so that you can enjoy a darkness of night without any halo of light. Constructed with ultra-premium materials and featuring cutting-edge honeycomb technology, these unique shades are the perfect choice for modernizing your bedroom or living area. The specialized cellular shade design traps air in distinct pockets, creating insulation and helping to regulate room temperature year-round. With its neat and clutter free design, you don’t need any pesky curtain rods or bulky mounting hardware – simply hang them on your windows as required for light blocking needs! The blackout blinds are also equipped with a blackout liner to protect from UV light, adding an extra layer of protection against harmful rays. Easily transform any interior design into a dreamy space with Sbartar Cordless Blackout Honeycomb Shades! Select from our range of sizes and colors – there’s something to fit every colour palette and style approach. Anyone looking for beautiful yet practical window treatments should consider these revolutionary blackout blinds; they’re sure to make an impressive style statement worthy of an inaugural feature piece in any home.

Sbartar Cordless Blackout Honeycomb Shades


6. Luckup Waterproof Fabric Window Roller Shades

Luckup Waterproof Fabric Window Roller Shades offer the perfect combination of style, function and value. Light halo around the edges keeps you from letting too much light in, giving you all the privacy and blackout properties you need in your home’s interior. A rod pocket along the top of the shades gives them an elegant look that any interior designer would be proud of, while their neutral shades make them easy to match anything already in your home decor. The unique fabric helps block light while allowing as much or as little natural light into a room as needed; this ensures complete room darkening when required at night. With their superior light blocking ability, Luckup Waterwaterproof Fabric Window Roller Shades provide full blackout properties to ensure that no one can observe inside without permission! They come in neutral colors for modern looks, like Apricot, White and Gray that blend perfectly with upmarket decors from Pottery Barn and West Elm. Thanks to machine-washable maintenance, they are sure last a long time while staying clean and beautiful. Wherever style meets quality and value it needs Luckup Waterproof Fabric Window Roller Shades. So why not transform your home with an incomparable design solution created just for you?

Luckup Waterproof Fabric Window Roller Shades


7. Persilux Cordless Window Shades

Welcome to the world of Persilux Cordless Window Shades – the perfect upgrade for your home! These elegant window shades will do what ordinary curtains can't, with blackout technology that lets you adjust the amount of light in the room. With this product, you get the best of both worlds: cost-effective yet luxurious shades that come in a variety of designs and materials. Our selection includes roller shade, curtain rod, velvet blackout curtains, cellular or roller shades, roman shades and affordable blackout shades. With Persilux Cordless Window Shades, you can transform any corner of your home into a cozy retreat with ease. Enjoy luxurious blackout coverage while maintaining optimal privacy at an unbeatable price. Installing our cordless shades is also hassle-free – no need to take out bulky tools or measurements – and they fit securely into any frame while looking sleek and chic. With these sophisticated window treatments, you'll always have peace of mind no matter what time it is outside. Experience simple comfort with Persilux Cordless Window Shades today!

Persilux Cordless Window Shades


8. Exclusive Home Acadia Blackout Roman Shade

Are you looking for a way to reduce the light in your room, with blackout effect and comfortable feel? Look no further than the Exclusive Home Acadia Blackout Roman Shade! These unique roller blinds boast thicker fabrics than other shades of its kind, allowing you to fully block light. Plus, thanks to their inside mount, you’ll still be able to let as much light in as needed without sacrificing that blackout effect. With this exclusive solution for any room of the house, it will become easier for you and your family members or guests - especially if there’s a baby in need of sleep - to experience optimal sleep conditions. Not only can they help reduce heat gain in your home or office during warm summer months, but also make for a great sound barrier and provide absolute privacy when drawn. The problem is not all blackout shades are created equally – some offer superior insulation, while others lack durability or are clunky to install.With the Exclusive Home Acadia Blackout Roman Shade, unlock your full potential in comfort and convenience!

Exclusive Home Acadia Blackout Roman Shade


9. Sunfree Cellular Shades Blackout Blinds

Are you looking for the perfect window covering to ensure your baby gets the best sleep possible? Look no further than Sunfree Cellular Shades Blackout Blinds! Not only can they reduce light, but they also sit flush against the wall or window frame, allowing them to help keep the space cooler, contribute to a restful sleep environment and even reduce noise. These blackout blinds are so easy to install that anyone with an hour and a few tools can do it. Plus, you can enjoy greater convenience thanks to the motorized lifts and remote control operation it offers. All of this makes these Cellular Shades an ideal choice for helping make sure your little one has a cozy place to sleep. When selecting these blackout blinds, you’ll just need to enter in your space size in square feet – Sunfree has you covered! So invest in comfort and peace of mind today – from reducing light and temperature in the room, plus giving you remote convenience with motorized operation – Sunfree Cellular Shades Blackout Blinds is the way forward!

Sunfree Cellular Shades Blackout Blinds


10. Temporary Pleated Vinyl Window Shades

Are you looking for something to bring peace of mind while keeping your loved ones safe and secure? Temporary Pleated Vinyl Window Shades are the perfect solution! Whether it’s installing a blackout curtain, roller or cellular shades, our room darkening shade will effectively block out any light from entering any room. Light won't be an issue anymore so your baby can have his peaceful sleep and you can rest easy knowing your little one is safe and sound. With our pleated vinyl window shades, you won't have to worry about heavy curtains hanging either. All you need to do is measure the exact width of the window opening, order and install it in less than 10 mins. We guarantee that it will keep light at bay and give your home a more modern look and privacy feel. Trust us on this one!

Temporary Pleated Vinyl Window Shades


11. Jilron Bedroom Blackout Curtains

Are you looking for a great way to bring blackout curtains into your bedroom space? Look no further than Jilron's Bedroom Blackout Curtains! This polyester curtain features an easy-to-attach double-sided velcro strap so you don't need any tools or curtain rods, making installation a breeze. Plus they come with two adjustable sticky stickers and one free curtain rope, giving you all the supplies you need right off the bat. Once installed, our blackout curtains block out 100% of sunlight and UV rays as well as reduce outside noise so that you can stay sleepy in the morning and have privacy when it comes time to relax in the evening. Plus, these curtains are energy efficient, helping reduce energy costs in your room! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to bring super chic blackout curtains into your home. Get Jilron's Bedroom Blackout Curtains today and experience true luxury at home!

Jilron Bedroom Blackout Curtains


12. Changshade Light Filtering Roller Shade

Introducing the Changshade Cordless & Blackout Roller Shade – the perfect window covering solution for a bedroom with a stylish, traditional feel. This beautiful beige-colored shade is made from quality polyester and measures 72"L x 27"W, making it ideal for most windows. Enjoy modern design and convenience without having to worry about cords - the Changshade Cordless & Blackout Roller Shade operates smoothly through an upgraded cordless design, keeping your home safe for children and pets. The bottom aluminum rail adds weight to keep the shade flat and prevent it from being blown away in the wind. Not only will you enjoy utmost safety and convenience but also blackout capabilities that ensure optimal privacy and temperature control by blocking out sunlight and heat. For an elegant and timeless touch to your bedroom makeover, choose the Changshade Cordless & Blackout Roller Shade today!

Changshade Light Filtering Roller Shade


13. MYshade Roller Window Shades Blackout

Create the perfect atmosphere in any space with the MYshade Roller Window Shade Blackout! The lightweight and durable blackout fabric provides reliable sun blocking for ultimate privacy protection and a quality sleep solution. With its modern design, smooth fabric, and clean-cut edges, this roller window shade adds a touch of beauty to your room while adding extra insulation to keep you cool during the summer and warm during the winter. An easy installation process and no cords or electrical wiring make it simple to get this product up in your window! Whether you need to black out a bedroom for better sleep, entertain guests in style, or just want more control over how much light comes in your windows – MYshade Roller Window Shades Blackout are the perfect choice for easy light management. Get ready for consistent darkness, complete privacy, superior sound dampening capabilities and stylish design that fits into any décor!

MYshade Roller Window Shades Blackout


Here Are 7 Tips to Purchase the Perfect Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are becoming more and more popular for creating a sanctuary-like atmosphere at home. Whether it be for creating a relaxing sleep environment, movie night, or simply blocking out the sunlight during work hours, blackout shades are an ideal solution. Not only do these shades keep unwanted light out, they also come with extra energy and noise benefits due to their insulation abilities. They can even help save money on your energy bills! With so many options of colours, patterns, and materials readily available, these blackout shades will easily integrate with any living space's design. Install one in every room to establish the ultimate feel-good oasis and gain some all important privacy. Blackout shades are a great way to darken any room and block out strong sunlight. Not only do blackout shades give you complete darkness, but they also offer insulation and privacy. Before purchasing blackout shades, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Here are seven tips for when it comes time to purchase your perfect blackout shades.

1. Measure Your Windows Carefully

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing blackout shades is the size of your windows. It’s essential that you measure each window carefully before making your purchase so that you get the right size for your windows. This will ensure that the shade fits correctly and provide maximum coverage.

2. Consider Going Custom

If you have unusually shaped or sized windows, then it may be worth considering custom-made blackout shades. These will be made specifically for your windows and will offer a more tailored look than ready-made options. While custom-made curtains may cost more upfront, they can be well worth it in terms of better coverage and an improved aesthetic.

3. Look at Different Materials

Depending on where you plan to install your blackout shades, different materials might be more suitable than others. Consider if you need something lightweight or heavier, with thicker fabric being more likely to block out light effectively while also providing better insulation against heat and cold air outside. Additionally, some fabrics are easier to clean than others; this is especially important if you want a long-lasting product that won’t show dirt easily over time.

4. Choose the Right Color

When picking out blackout shades, it’s important to take into consideration both the interior design of your home as well as how much light they let in or block out. Darker colors will usually absorb more light while lighter colors tend to reflect more light back into the room; however, darker colors can sometimes make a room look smaller while lighter ones can make it appear larger and brighter. Consider what works best with the overall décor of your home before making a decision on color selection.

5. Check For Installation Options

Most blackout shade retailers will offer several installation options depending on how easy or difficult it is for them to access certain areas in your home or office space where the curtains need to be hung up securely without causing any damage or disruption during installation or removal later on down the line. Ask about what installation services they offer before making a purchase so that everything goes smoothly from start to finish! check bali blackout cellular shades.

6. Look Into Motorized Shades

If manual curtains aren’t quite what you’re looking for, then motorized blackout shades may be just what you need! Motorized blinds are great because they allow you to control them remotely with just one push of a button – no strings attached! They’re also energy efficient since they don’t require any energy other than electricity which makes them ideal for those looking for ways to save money on their utility bills every month while still being able to enjoy complete darkness and privacy whenever necessary!

7. Consider Maintenance Requirements

Finally, always consider maintenance requirements before buying any type of blinds or curtains since these products usually require regular cleaning and upkeep depending on their material composition (i.e., some fabrics are harder/easier to clean than others). Keep this in mind when selecting which type of blackout shade best suits your needs so that you don’t end up having too much extra work once they arrive!


Purchasing the perfect blackout shade doesn't have to be hard if you know what factors should influence your decision-making process beforehand! The above tips should help website owners, business owners, and anyone else interested in getting quality window treatments find exactly what works best for their space without breaking their budget too badly in the process! With these seven tips in mind, shopping for blackout shades should become easier than ever before—so go ahead and get started today!

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