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Browsing at organisation methods online can be overwhelming if your wardrobe is a mess or not as neat as it could be. It's difficult to know where to begin because there are so many various types of stuff to organize—shirts, jackets, shoes, and socks—and each one requires a different approach. Should you invest in drawers or should you continue with hangers? The finest closet system will be determined by your requirements. We've compiled a list of several closet organisation solutions for you to consider. Organizing a chaotic, cluttered closet can make daily life easier by allowing you to find what you need, use what you have, and save time getting dressed. We compiled a list of the best closets and spent countless hours researching and testing closet items to help you manage any size closet. To help you discover your tidy happiness, we have tips for anything from space-saving hangers to whole closet systems.

1. Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Closet Kit

Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Kits help you make the most of your space. This 4 to 8 ft. Deluxe Closet Kit contains shelves and rods that adjust for a perfect fit, making it ideal for better organisation and space efficiency. When installed, you'll have up to 22 feet of storage and 12 feet of hanging space. Installation is simple and requires no cutting, allowing you to build a closet space that meets your needs quickly and effortlessly. The Deluxe Custom Closet Kit comes with everything you'll need to build a custom closet in one package, helping you to keep your home tidy and organised. Four telescoping clothing poles, nine adjustable shelves, and all the hardware you'll need for a quick and easy installation are included in this set. The track and upright system in the closet provides strength and versatility: the tracks allow for quick installation, while the uprights allow for easy reconfiguration of your closet at any time. The components have a clean, gleaming appearance with a nickel-and-chrome-colored satin epoxy finish that will provide years of maintenance-free durability, and the clothes rods permit unrestricted movement with no wires to obstruct your hangers.

Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Closet Kit


2. Xulan 6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

The closet organiser can support a weight of up to 50 lbs without bending the top since it is constructed of less prone to ageing and tearing-resistant canvas and reinforced with heavy-duty 3MM MDF fiberboard. Two robust zippers allow you to switch between the 6-shelf hanging closet and two separate 3-shelf hanging storage. You can divide and combine according on your space requirements, maximize vertical space. Fold it up when not in use to save room, which is ideal for compact closets. Two reinforced stitched side pockets, two separate drawers, and four metal hooks are included in the hanging bag. This hanging closet shelf comes with a metal hook and Velcro, and fits most closet rods. It's easy to install and remove. Sweaters, shirts, knitwear, pants, handbags, shoes, hats, bags, and other items can all be stored in this shelving space. Make your closet more appealing and organised. Its portable shape makes it ideal for use in spaces with limited space, such as a dorm or a vacation trailer, camper, or RV.

Xulan 6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer


3. Granny Says Hanging Closet Organizer

Each shelf is 7.8" H X 12.2" W X 12.2" D, and the hanging organiser measures 23.6" H X 12.2" W X 12.2" D. In addition, the hook is 5.3" in height. This 3-shelf organiser is ideal for storing towels, T-shirts, socks, accessories, bibs, diapers, baby wipes, and other items in closets, shelves, wardrobes, RVs, and camper trailers. The front of each shelf has a thin strip design that protects items from slipping off by accident, especially little goods. To increase the bearing capacity, each layer features a removable and durable board. After removing all of the boards and hooks, the organiser can be machine washed. No assembly necessary, composed of lightweight and washable polyester fabric. When not in use, it collapses flat for storage or transport. Many household solutions are available from Closet Organizer to help with these vexing issues. Please feel that having a well-organized home is a pleasant experience; these products would make daily tasks faster and easier, allowing you to spend more time doing things you enjoy.

Granny Says Hanging Closet Organizer


4. Max Houser Hanging Closet System

Improve your closet organisation with open shelving that allows for easy access and visibility. The organiser makes the most of vertical space, making it ideal for compact closets. The 6 shelf organizer's heavy duty material is robust and strong enough to carry bulky sweaters, hats, and other accessories. The hanging organiser has a sturdy hook system and can be hung from any closet rod, allowing it to hold additional weight. This Closet Shelf Organizer is space-saving and portable thanks to its collapsible feature and appropriate dimension. When you're not using it or need it for travel, you can simply fold it up. The marital friction force is minimal. Pulling sweaters, shirts, and accessories from the organizer's shelves is quick and straightforward. When it comes to housework, there isn't enough space in the closet due to cluttered clothes; shoes are strewn around, potentially beneath the sofa or even under the bed.

Max Houser Hanging Closet System


5. ClosetMaid Adjustable Closet Organizer Kit

ClosetMaid's all-in-one ShelfTrack Closet Organizer Kits make closet organisation a breeze! The ClosetMaid 5-8 ft. ShelfTrack Closet Organizer Kit allows for shelf placement and modification. ShelfTrack is an adjustable standards and bracket programme that allows you to easily alter shelves by moving them up and down. This wire perfect closet system also includes SuperSlide hang rods that attach to the shelf and allow hangers to slide freely. Hang track, standards, shelf brackets, closet rods, closet rod support, and SuperSlide shelves are included in the kit. This all-in-one system offers a hanging area of 132 inches and a shelf space of 216 inches (includes 36 inch shoe shelf). Hang track, standards, shelf brackets, closet rods, closet rod support, and SuperSlide shelves are included in this kit.

ClosetMaid Adjustable Closet Organizer Kit


6. Yuanshikj Electronic Security Safe Box

Digital Locking- The Electronic Safety Lock Box has an easy-to-use digital keypad that you can use to lock and unlock by entering your security code. For faster and more immediate access, two emergency keys are included. Its dimensions are 6.5" x 8.9" x 4.3" (please pay close attention to the dimensions for this MINI safe box) and it allows you to have simple personal access to your belongings. The strengthened solid steel wall construction of the tiny safe box. The drop box is secure thanks to dual security steel door locking bolts and a corrosion and stain-resistant powder coat coating. This product features a durable powder coat finish and a magnetic lock for auto-locking. The home safe box comes with mounting bolts and pre-drilled holes for wall or floor placement.

Yuanshikj Electronic Security Safe Box


7. Eastjing Storage Bins Boxes

With a robust metal frame, the stackable design keeps its shape and folds flat for storage when not in use. The twin sliders on the front and top zippers make it easy to store and remove objects while also protecting them from dust, pests, water damage, moths, and odour. Without opening the front window, you may see the contents inside at a glance. The handle is made with double fabric to offer a firm grip and ease of carrying or pulling off and out of shelves. 19.7" L X 15.7" W X 13" H are the dimensions of the storage containers boxes. The organiser has a capacity of 66 litres. Perfectly any home or office, our light grey organiser bins will blend in with the decor and style. Seasonal clothing, bedding, blankets, comforters, linens, holiday decorations, books, toys, baby clothes, shoes, handbags, and other items are all multi-purpose. The storage facility Boxes are a simple and stylish way to meet several storage needs while also complementing design and decor. It has the ability to keep our closets, shelves, open areas, and tables clean and orderly.

Eastjing Storage Bins Boxes


8. TomCare Cube Storage Closet Systems

Storage Space: There are 9 cubes available for storage. You can keep everything you want in there: books, clothes, toys, artwork, decorations, and so forth. Each cube is 11.8x 11.8x11.8 inches in size, allowing for enough storage. Please notice that it only fits storage bins that are less than 11.5*11.5 inches in size. There are 9 cubes included, and you can customise the storage organiser to match your needs. Due to the restricted space available, it can also be freely modified. This cube storage can be used as a bookcase in your study, a closet organiser in your bedroom, a display shelf in the doorway, or a toy storage solution in your child's room. It has a simple modular structure that makes it simple to assemble and disassemble. You can quickly assemble the entire unit with the help of a hammer (included in the package) and the instructions. They will give you a 45-day money-back guarantee as well as a 12-month warranty. Please contact us if you have any problems; we have a competent team that can help you. Purchase with confidence.

TomCare Cube Storage Closet Systems


9.  Songmics Freestanding Closet System

Suits or T-shirts in the hanger sections, accessories on the shelves—this clothes rack keeps everything in one place, saving you time searching for what you're looking for. Maintain Visibility of Your Clothes. Your garments will be stored openly on this clothes rack. So, when it's time to choose outfits for a special occasion, you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips. Each shelf is supported by 0.6" dia. metal tubes and can accommodate up to 17 lbs. of apparel or accessories. Plastic connectors that have been strengthened add to the overall strength. Don't want to give up your clothes but don't know how to keep them organised? It's time to open the door for this rack. Its several storage areas aid with the organisation of your garments. This clothing rack is simple to put together because no tools are necessary and all of the plastic connectors are the same. All you have to do now is connect metal tubes to connectors. The rods are now screwed to the hooks to increase its weight capacity, so it won't readily bend or distort as your garment collection expands.

Songmics Freestanding Closet System


10. Simple Houseware Shoe Shelves Closet

If you have a lot of shoes, consider getting a closet system with shoe storage so you don't have to line them up in the hallway or store them in their boxes. This storage will also look nice and may make getting ready a little easier. All hardware is provided, as well as an installation template. To accommodate the closet space, some shelf, hang track, and/or rod cutting may be required. SCS Certified for a minimum of 90% recycled content on all shelves.

Simple Houseware Shoe Shelves Closet


Here Are 10 Tips To Purchase The Closet Organizers

A closet kit is an easy and often economical solution to become organised if your closet is a tangled mess the bulk of the time. Each kit, which is usually constructed with a variety of shelves and bars for hanging stuff, transforms an empty space into a stylish and practical one—even if it wasn't originally a closet. Some kits are designed for limited spaces, while others adapt to your changing needs. A closet organiser system is intended to optimise the amount of storage space in your closet. An optimal degree of practicality within a closet can be reached by including features such as drawers, strategically situated shelving, and other intelligent design components. If your money allows, opt for a custom closet design rather than a big-box retailer's one-size-fits-all closet organiser system. You'll get better quality and a lot more customising possibilities, and the extra cost will be well worth it. A top closet organizers system is especially useful if your closet space is shared.

1. What Type Do You Require?

One of the primary differences between freestanding and wall-mounted closet kits to consider for your home is whether the unit is freestanding or wall-mounted. Wall-mounted units offer a more integrated look and are generally elevated off the floor, whilst freestanding units are perfect for apartments and locations where you can't put holes in the wall. There are also reach-in and walk-in closet systems; the former is for smaller closets, while the latter is for walk-in closets. m The majority of closet kits have a combination of garment adjustable rods, shelving, and drawers for storing your clothes and other items. Consider what you plan to store in the closet to determine which arrangement will work best for you. If you wish to hang gowns, for example, make sure you have a garment rod with enough clearance underneath. If you have a lot of shoes, search for a unit that includes a shoe rack to keep your boots, sneakers, and other footwear organised.

2. Make a list of your storage requirements in order of importance

It's not only about getting rid of the clothes you never wear when it comes to prioritising your closet storage needs. It also entails avoiding utilising your closet space to store items that you only wear on a seasonal basis and don't require right now. Of course, if you have a dressing room or a spacious walk-in closet, you'll have more than enough closet storage space. Otherwise, you'll have to be a little more picky about where you put your seasonal stuff. This is especially true when the weather gets warmer. Your drawers and closet space can quickly fill up with heavy fall and winter gear that won't be worn for months. Designate another room in your house as your family's out-of-season garment storage spot, such as the basement or a spare closet. Other goods that take up a lot of closet space, such as luggage, should be kept there all year. Before placing anything in garment storage bags or storage bins, make sure to wash (and dry clean if necessary) your out-of-season apparel.

3. Include drawers in the closet

Adding drawers to your closet is a no-brainer. Drawers built into a closet's bespoke cabinetry allow you keep all of your clothes in one place. This will allow you to get rid of a dresser, which will free up space in your bedroom. A closet with a smaller system of drawers can possibly provide as much (or even more) storage capacity than a traditional dresser. You only need to use the proper kind of space-saving design, such as dividers in your drawers to keep smaller items like socks, undergarments, stockings, and scarves well-organized. Socks, t-shirts, jeans, and a few other types of items can be folded vertically to increase drawer storage space.

If you don't have a dresser, you can consider investing in a wardrobe with drawers. For stuff like underwear, pyjamas, and exercise gear, you'll probably need at least two to three drawers. Shelves are great for storing sweaters, sweatshirts, shoes, and purses, among other things. High shelves are ideal for storing items that would otherwise be stored in bins, such as off-season shoes. Consider a freestanding closet type that includes one or more hanging rods as well as shelves space if you don't have a designated closet in your home.

4. Increase the number of hanging rods

Adding a few more cleverly positioned hanging rods to your closets continues our theme of closet storage techniques that help you to maximise your storage space. Extra hanging rods provide you more alternatives with how you use your hanging space if your closet space permits it. It becomes easier to put similar items of clothing together or color-coordinate your hung goods. Lower hanging rods, or even one attached to the side wall of your closet in a perpendicular design, can be added.

5. Make the most of your closet's floor space

Closets are notorious for becoming catch-all locations for items you don't know what to do with. And it appears that many of these items without a place wind up on closet floors. Make better use of the floor space in your closet; it's far more beneficial than serving as a dumping ground for goods that are "out of sight, out of mind." The most sensible option is shoe storage. Add some single-tier shoe racks if you're using a wall-mounted closet organisation system (like our SmartLine system) that leaves open floor space. Alternatively, you may incorporate open shelf shoe storage or a multi-tier pullout shoe rack into your custom closet design to maximise your floor space.

6. Add some flair to your wardrobe

If you've employed even a handful of these closet storage ideas, you should be well on your way to improving the way your closet performs. If you're doing a closet renovation, don't forget to incorporate closet accessorising. Those things you may put to your closet with some useful closet accessories will help you streamline your everyday dressing process even more. If your closet space allows, having some extra closet shelves is never a bad idea. Open shelf is ideal for items like sweaters, as it prevents them from stretching out when hung up. Jeans can also be folded and kept on shelf to make room for other items in drawers and on hangers. Shelf dividers can help you keep organised. Decorative baskets can also be used to contain stray things.

If possible, add an extra shelf to the upper portion of your closet, as this is a region that is frequently underutilised in closets. Keep a sturdy step stool handy so you can safely store and retrieve items from the top reaches of your closet. Perfumes, colognes, framed photos, and other items can be displayed on your shelves to further customise your closet area.

7. Improve the lighting in your closet

A neat closet is fantastic, but it isn't nearly as functional as it could be without enough illumination. Deeper closets and california closets with a smaller entryway may not let in as much light as you require from your main bedroom lights. Illuminate the entire area so you can find everything not just because everything is well-organised, but also because you can see everything! Make sure your closet has more than just a pull chain and an old incandescent light bulb. A new energy-saving LED light fixture or some recessed overhead lighting will suffice. Add some more light sources, such as a couple LED puck lights, if some portions of your closet are still a touch too dimly lighted for your satisfaction. You can choose between battery-powered and hardwired LED task lighting. Use the latter if possible, as you'll receive better lighting and won't have to worry about batteries.

8. Installation

When purchasing for a closet kit, keep in mind your level of handymanship, as installation can be quite difficult. Because they don't need to be mounted to the wall, freestanding kits are usually the easiest to install on your own. You'll need to be able to find wall studs or, if they're not accessible, install heavy-duty wall anchors for wall-mounted units. Some wall-mounted kits may also need to be cut to size, which will necessitate the use of a hacksaw or pipe cutter, both of which you should avoid using unless you have prior experience with them or are a professional. If you're not very handy and want to install a wall-mounted closet system, go to a store that offers professional installation. This will guarantee that the job is done correctly and safely.

9. Make sure your closet doors aren't too heavy

While it may appear that using the back of your closet doors for extra storage is a no-brainer, there are some disadvantages to doing so. Those over-the-door hanging shoe organisers appear to be a handy storage choice in theory. However, in fact, they make your closet doors heavier and more difficult to open. They're also not particularly attractive. After all, mesh (which most organisers are made of) isn't exactly fashionable. Some of these shoe organisers are also ineffective at keeping your shoes in place. This can harm your shoes and be inconvenient if you have to put them back in their right place regularly. Additionally, for the same reasons as before, don't hang too many hooks on the back of your closet doors.

10. Customization Options

Some closet systems can only be put together in one way, while others can be put together in a variety of ways. Consider a closet kit with more adjustability if you're not sure what type of setup would work best in your home—or if you want your product to work in multiple areas in the future. This will allow you to experiment with several designs and find the ideal option for your needs today and in the future. Some closet organisation companies also sell add-on components for their systems, allowing you to add more drawers, baskets, shelves, and accessories in the future. This is useful if you're installing the kit in a child's closet that will most likely grow and change from year to year.

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