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Filing cabinets are a key piece of office furniture, providing an organized storage solution for important documents and paperwork. They come in a range of sizes to fit any space, from full sized vertical cabinets to smaller, more portable lateral models. When considering which type to purchase, key features to consider include the number of drawers available and the type of locks they feature (if any). File cabinet drawers provide plenty of room for folders and other items, with adjustable and even removable dividers allowing you to customize the interior layout. Locks can not only keep your activities secure, but also prevent children or pets from accessing the contents inside. Whether you're looking for something small so you can file away at home or opting for something larger for an office setting, a filing cabinet will be an invaluable addition to your workspace. It can be hard to stay organized when everything gets thrown into one big pile, but investing in a quality filing cabinet may just be the solution you’ve been looking for.For most of us, organizing our papers isn't exactly a fun activity. After all, we lead busy lives and every spare minute might be better spent doing something else - whether it's watching TV or pursuing a hobby that actually brings joy! But unfortunately for many of us, paper chaos is simply unavoidable. Fortunately there are filing cabinets available to bring order back into our lives. Whether you're looking for an efficient way to store away important documents at home or need an organizational system in the office - these 14 best filing cabinets will solve your woes and make organization easy!

1. Intergreat Black Lateral File Cabinet

The Intergreat Black Lateral File Cabinet is the perfect addition to any office or work space. Crafted from high-quality locking metal, this four drawer filing cabinet is both stylish and supremely secure. Ideal for legal and letter A4 documents, you’ll get the perfect storage option for your valuable paperwork. You’ll also appreciate that this piece of furniture comes with no screws required, making assembly a breeze. When you bring this lateral filing cabinet into your home or business, you are getting more than just affordable storage solution. With its sleek black finish, the Intergreat looks great in any environment and words as a statement piece to complement your office décor at the same time. Constantly worrying about thieves breaking into your filing cabinets will be a thing of the past! The smart built-in lock ensures complete security to all of your important files and records — rest assured that your information is always safe. Don’t wait any longer — upgrade your workspace today with the Intergreat Black Lateral File Cabinet! Effortlessly organized and chicly designed, you’ll have everything that you need on hand in an instant. Have confidence knowing that quality craftsmanship and years of reliable performance come standard when choosing Intergreat products. This locker is made to last!

Intergreat Black Lateral File Cabinet


2. Vanspace Mobile Wood Lateral Filing Cabinet

Introducing theVanspace Mobile Wood Lateral Filing Cabinets! These three-drawer file cabinets are not just any ordinary filing cabinet. Instead, they offer an added layer of protection as they are fireproof, ensuring that important documents and other stored items remain secure in the case of a fire emergency. The large drawers come with hanging files folders and letter size file cabinets to allow you to organize your paperwork and other office supplies. In addition, the sturdy steel frame provides reliable storage space for everything that you need. Whether it's home office storage or office filing system organization, these cabinets provide a great solution to help store your most important documents and belongings safely. Its spacious three drawers are designed to optimize space while making it easy access all of your stored items. If you're looking for quality filing system options that are safe and efficient then look no further than Vanspace Mobile Wood Lateral Filing Cabinets - the best file cabinets guaranteed to help keep your belongings together for years without fail!

Vanspace Mobile Wood Lateral Filing Cabinet


3. Lorell SOHO File Cabinets

The Lorell SOHO File Cabinet is the kitchen-sink of office filing solutions. This three drawer file cabinet hold more than your average desk might and creates less clutter when you don't need to use a separate plastic stacking for temporary organization. This sleek and modern design looks great in any contemporary workspace, coming with two smaller drawers atop a larger one to maximize the storage possibilities of your office. The top drawer can stand alone or pair with two other Lorell cabinets, making it easy to tailor the size and shape of your storage system. Regardless of what you fill them up with, this particular product promises scratch-resistant surfaces that won't look worn down from regular usage. Its not only fireproof but stands out amongst other furniture materials like wood, plastic, acrylic and glass. Plus it arrives already fully assembled—because why waste time on making sure all the pieces fit just right? This is a must-have for any home or business owner looking for an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture with maximum storage capacity that will last within their office products line up.

Lorell SOHO File Cabinets


4. Devaise Best Three Drawer File Cabinet

The Devaise 3 Drawer File Cabinet is the perfect storage solution for those who need an easily accessible and organized organizational option! Made of durable engineered wood, this gorgeous piece of furniture features a sleek design that'll look great sitting up against any wall in your home. Plus, it arrives fully assembled for your convenience. And when it comes to cabinets, you won't find one more secure than the Devaise 3 Drawer File Cabinet; with one locking system on all three drawers, you can be sure nothing will get into your important documents or birth certificates! And don't worry if you're trying to save space; though some larger filing cabinets might take up too much room, this cabinet is perfect for even the smallest of spaces. Along with two keys which come included with purchase, you'll have everything you need to help organize even the most chaotic of paperwork scenarios! Don't wait; pick up a Devaise 3 Drawer File Cabinet today!

Devaise Best Three Drawer File Cabinet


5. Laura Davidson Furniture File Cabinets

Introducing the Laura Davidson Furniture File Cabinet – crafted with solid wood and premium materials, it provides the perfect storage solution for any home or office. You can store all of your important documents and papers in an organized fashion no matter how large or small your space may be. With its open shelf design, this beautiful piece of furniture will fit perfectly in any room while adding to its overall charm and sophistication. The cabinet also features a one-lock system that helps keep documents secure and prevents unplanned tipping when multiple drawers are opened simultaneously. Moreover, it is made from three quarters premium quality solid fireproof material making it perfectly safe for storing everything from family photos to credit cards and other important papers. With the Laura Davidson Furniture File Cabinet you can access whatever you need whenever you want in a convenient manner.

Laura Davidson Furniture File Cabinets


6. Vasagle Hanging File Folders Cabinet

Introducing the Vasagle mobile file cabinet – the ultimate answer to keeping your home office neat, organized, and stylish! Don't let its small size fool you; this amazing piece of furniture is perfect for those with limited space. With one vertical drawer to store letter-size items and casters that allow it to easily roll around any room, this is a must-have when it comes to making the most of your home office. Your worries about tipping are eliminated thanks to its solid construction and stabilizing bars that keep everything in place. Plus, there are multiple styles available so you can mix-and-match your filing cabinet with other furniture in order to create an eye-catching look. Get rid of paperwork clutter once and for all with the Vasagle mobile file cabinet!

Vasagle Hanging File Folders Cabinet


7. Songmics Metal File Cabinets

With the Songmics Metal Lateral File Cabinet, you can be assured that your documents and office materials are safe and secure. Made of top-grade metal, this two-drawer lateral file cabinet is fireproof and offers superior protection for any office. Alongside these main features, the Songmics Metal Lateral File Cabinet also has four drawers with easy to open trays. You’ll be able to store all of your paperwork neatly within these drawers. Additionally, the attractive black finish ensures that this filing cabinet will match any décor. For those needing extra storage space and organization help in the office, the Songmics Metal Lateral File Cabinet is an excellent choice! More durable than most cabinets made of wood or other materials, this filing cabinet is uniquely fireproof. And unlike some other filing cabinets out there which require assembly prior to use, this product needs no additional labor in order to get up and running quickly! The Songmics Metal Lateral File Cabinet is not only necessary for being fireproof, but also for its convenience and versatility. With its attractive appearance, limitless storage solutions within the tray drawers, and extra material sturdiness compared to other materials used in comparable products—you simply can’t go wrong when buying this well-made fireproof file cabinet.

Songmics Metal File Cabinets


8. Scranton & Co Four Drawers Lateral File Cabinets

Introducing the Scranton & Co Four Drawers Letter File Cabinet, an elegant solution for all your organizational needs! Crafted from heavy-duty steel, this cabinet's sleek black finish is both eye-catching and reliable. With aluminum handles and label holders providing easy access while also offering enhanced durability, this piece can handle whatever you throw at it! In addition, it contains 30% total recycled materials, showing an effort to stay eco-friendly while still bringing a stylish design. This piece of furniture measures 15"D x 22"W x 52"H and comes with four drawers. They are the perfect size for organizing files, folders and documents as needed. The top drawer also includes a lock for added security, meaning your most important items remain safe. Get organized in style with the Scranton & Co Four Drawers Letter File Cabinet and impress even the most discerning of tastes!

Scranton & Co Four Drawers Lateral File Cabinets


9. Realspace Two Drawers Storage Cabinet

The Realspace Magellan 24"W Lateral 2-Drawer File Cabinet is the perfect tool to help keep your office organized and looking crisp. With modern, chic accents like sleek lines and thoughtful use of shelving and drawer space, it adds sophisticated style while taking up minimal floor or desktop space. For added convenience, both of its drawers are equipped with ball-bearing suspension which allows you better access to every file while permitting them to glide easily in and out. Your documents will also remain protected with not only smooth snag-free interiors but also a built-in lock that keeps everything safe when not in use. Furthermore, the handsome espresso finish helps the Realspace Magellan 24"W Lateral 2-Drawer File Cabinet coordinate with any existing décor seamlessly! The perfect office storage solution, it has two drawers with adjustable dividers, giving you multiple storage options. Its fashionable yet functional design is perfect for any home or office. What sets this cabinet apart is the quality materials used in its construction. A durable metal frame ensures years of reliable use, while the scratch-resistant wood finish enhances its longevity even further by boosting its resistance against signs of wear and tear. You can trust that this piece will stand up to everyday use and help organize an otherwise hectic and chaotic workspace.

Realspace Two Drawers Storage Cabinet


10. Bush Lateral File Cabinet

Add a touch of rustic charm to your office space with the Bush Lateral File Cabinet. This beautiful file cabinet is crafted from engineered wood and comes in a Pure White Oak finish that adds a serene yet classic look to any space. It features drawers with a unique X-pattern accent, perfect for adding eye-catching decoration to any space. The sturdy post leg design and slightly distressed finishes give this filing cabinet an unforgettable modern farmhouse style that will blend seamlessly into your decor. With an easy-going coastal vibe, this file cabinet is perfect for showcasing your documents and folders in style. Product dimensions measure 19.88"D x 30"W x 30"H so you can easily fit it into any room without worrying about it taking up too much room. Whether you need a little extra storage or want to make your office more stylish, the Bush Lateral File Cabinet has got you covered!

Bush Lateral File Cabinet


11. Yitahome Rolling File Cabinet

Are you in need of a rolling file cabinet that exudes quality and provides maximum security? Yitahome Rolling File Cabinet is your ideal choice! This stylish file cabinet boasts 3 drawers with key locks, enough to store all of your important documents. Keep them safe and organized no matter the size - the drawers are designed to accommodate Letter, Legal, and A4 paper sizes. Crafted out of resilient metal for durable use, this mobile filing cabinet can roll easily from room to room with its swivel wheels. Plus, this stylish piece looks great wherever it’s placed in with its beautiful gray & white contrast. Sleek and modern in design, this file cabinet comes fully assembled—no more fuss or hassle trying to put together a mass of pieces! With the Yitahome Rolling File Cabinet you won’t have to worry about safety & security ever again. Don’t miss out on this invaluable addition to any home or office space today!

Yitahome Rolling File Cabinet


12. Panana Wood File Cabinet

Introducing the Panana White Wood File Cabinet – the perfect addition to any office or home study! This elegant file cabinet is designed with engineered wood and sleek white finish, lending a contemporary look and feel to your space. The modern aesthetic makes it perfect for any office or home. Featuring ample workspace, this file cabinet will keep your office machines, papers, files and suppliers organized. The top drawers can be locked to store personal documents and bills safely. With its spacious desktop, you can also fit a printer or scanner on top. Plus, with its 31"D x 15.5"W x 26"H dimensions it ensures plenty of storage room without sacrificing desk-space. At Panana, we know just how important it is to have an organized workplace. That’s why our wood file cabinet is expertly crafted with quality materials and designed with practicality in mind. Get maximum productivity and style within one package - upgrade your workspace today!

Panana Wood File Cabinet


13. Scranton & Co Metal Letter File Cabinet

Introducing the all-new Scranton & Co Metal Letter File Cabinet. Now you can store and organize your office documents, folders, and key items in one sleek and stylish cabinet! Crafted from premium quality metal, this cabinet is built to last for years with its reliable construction. Boasting a black finish that will complement any office decor, the cabinet also has two drawers that accommodate letter-sized hanging files without taking up too much space. Plus, the cam lock offers secure protection so you know all of your documents are safe and protected. At 14.25"D x 18"W x 46"H, it's perfect for holding files, folders, and other important materials that need to be stored away. With the Scranton & Co Metal Letter File Cabinet, staying organized in the office has never been easier!

Scranton & Co Metal Letter File Cabinet


14. Sani Lateral File Cabinet

Are you looking for the perfect way to organize your home office without sacrificing style? Look no further than the Sani Lateral File Cabinet! This piece of furniture is designed to be both fashionable and functional–it will ensure that all important documents are kept safe and secure. Plus, it can fit easily into even the smallest of spaces, so you don't have to worry about a bulky filing system. This lateral file cabinet may be small in size, but it has plenty of drawer storage space to keep your items organized. It comes with multiple drawers—both vertical and lateral—so you can store as many letter-sized documents as you need. Furthermore, each drawer includes an anti-tipping mechanism that ensures your files and papers won't spill out when you open or close them. The Sani Lateral File Cabinet isn’ lifestyle furniture that looks great any home or business office. And, unlike some other cabinets on the market, this one is built with fireproof material so you know any important documents within are protected. When it comes to storing and organizing your documents in style, there’s nothing like the Sani Lateral File Cabinet!

Sani Lateral File Cabinet


Here Are 5 Tips to Select the Best Filing Cabinet for Your Home Office

Filing cabinets are a regular furniture item that everyone needs in their homes or offices. Popular for their organizating function and storage abilities, cabinet features come with various features. The features for regular cabinets include multiple drawers and key locks for securities. However, some filing cabinet designs now come with added features such as access to the inside from the top or front drawers using handles located at the top part of the front side of the cabinet, allowing users to easily look at documents stored inside without opening all other drawers. Furthermore, there are many options available when it comes to materials and colours choices in filing cabinets so you can find something that is well-suited to your own interior design style. If you’ve been looking for a filing cabinet to organize your home office, you know that this seemingly simple task can be daunting. With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which is the best option for your needs. Here are 5 tips to help make selecting a filing cabinet easy and stress-free.

1. Consider Your Space and Needs

The first step in selecting a filing cabinet is to consider your space and needs. Do you have enough room for a large cabinet or would something smaller fit better? Do you need one or two drawers? Make sure that the size of the cabinet fits both your space requirements and your storage needs.

2. Check the Quality

When shopping around, always check the quality of construction of any filing cabinets you may be considering. Look at reviews online or ask friends who have used similar cabinets before. A good quality filing cabinet should last at least several years and should not rust easily.

3. Compare Prices

Next, compare prices between different retailers to get a good deal on the best product available. Some stores may offer discounts on certain products so it’s always worth checking out what deals are available before making your final decision.

4. Think About Additional Features

Finally, think about additional features like locks or secondary storage compartments that might come in handy in future use cases. Many companies offer extras such as these as part of their standard packages so make sure to investigate all options thoroughly before settling on any particular model.

5. Get Professional Advice

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice from an experienced office furniture consultant who can answer all your questions and provide sound advice on selecting a filing cabinet that matches your home office needs perfectly.


There are many factors to consider when purchasing a filing cabinet for your home office—from size and quality to price and features—but with these five tips, finding the perfect filing cabinet doesn’t have to be overwhelming! By taking into account all available options while keeping an eye out for discounts, you can easily find the best filing cabinet within your budget that meets all of your organization needs. Don't forget that seeking professional advice is always an option if you want extra guidance in selecting the right product!

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