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This list is for anyone looking for the greatest harem pants available right now. Whatever you want to call them—hippie pants, elephant pants, gipsy pants, heck—we've got the best, cosiest clothing available. Harem pants are more than simply those patterned pants you can purchase for cheap at just about any night market in the world. They are not just for hippies continuously travelling or backpackers in Thailand.Similar, centuries-old variants of harem pants may be found all over the world, from Ukraine to Turkey and the Middle East. Paul Poiret, a Parisian fashion designer, imitated the style and popularised harem pants in 1911, ostensibly to "liberate" women's clothes at the time. Today, there are so many incredible options for harem pants that there is truly something for everyone, from those that look like they belong on the Banana Pancake Trail to true stylish harem trousers that recall its trendy beginnings. For our selection of the top harem pants, we considered a tonne of different aspects, including comfort, fit, fabric, and style. You'll be able to quickly choose what fits you best and leave with a pair of harem trousers that are ideal for all of your travel requirements.

1. Evaless Leopard Drawstring Elastic Waistband Pants

The Women's Leopard Drawstring Elastic Waist Sports Lounge Pants from ROSKIKI have pockets and are made to be comfortable when doing errands or relaxing. The pants are silky, feel more like dress trousers than joggers, and feature an elastic drawstring waist. With a 28 to 29-inch longest inseam, they are suited for people with shorter legs. The loose-fitting trousers are available in several sizes to match a range of body types. Although some customers think they're excessively long or baggy, others value the extra space, particularly in the hips. You'll enjoy pyjama bottoms that you can't wear outside of the house. The pants are an acceptable substitute for potentially-revealing leggings or joggers for people who find them comfortable

Evaless Leopard Drawstring Elastic Waistband Pants


2. Boho Pants Harem Pants

Our stunning Boho harem trousers are created from rayon, a 100% natural lightweight fabric, making them the ideal clothing for a great summer day. You can take them with you to your yoga session and stay cool when strolling during the sweltering summer months. You may flaunt your stunning silhouette while enjoying a day at the beach or the pool thanks to the breathable fabric. If you want to spend the day at home relaxing and recharging your batteries, our Boho trousers are the ideal choice. Worn as pyjamas or loungewear, the supreme comfort these trousers provide will have you believing you are in a spa.

Boho Pants Harem Pants


3. Evershare Women Yoga Harem Pants

If the company name doesn't give you all the information you need, then let us clarify it for you: evershare is the place to go if you want to buy the best loose harem pants available. The "Classic" harem pants of your fantasies, these are unquestionably. These sleek, loose trousers come in a variety of shades, including grey, white, black, brown, olive and burgundy. This is the first thing we appreciate about them. It would be possible to purchase one of each and mix and match with various tops and accessories. They have no pattern at all, which is something we consider positive.These trousers' simple, solid hues allow you to match them with various patterns, dress them up or down and, in general, wear them for a range of events. That's right: these work for pretty much everything, whether you want something for yoga classes, for lounging around the home, for comfortable travel, or just as something to act as the outfit for your first backpacking trip. They are quite comfortable because to the wide elastic waistline and elastic cuffs. They're so basic, but they're actually quite fashionable. It's perfectly acceptable if the wild patterns on other harem pants don't always fit your style. These unquestionably basic trousers are an excellent choice if you want to keep things understated.

Evershare Women Yoga Harem Pants


4. Perdontoo Men's Hippie Boho Aladdin Harem Pants

Most of our harem pants are gender-neutral styles that both men and women adore. They are suitable for men, boys, ladies, and girls to wear. Don't be constrained by category definitions. Purchase our harem pants right away before they sell out if you like them. The guys Two deep side pockets, an ankle length, a solid colour, a loose fit, and a stretchy waist with an adjustable drawstring are all features of the boho Aladdin harem pants. The smooth fabric used to make the men's loose harem trousers is breathable and absorbent of perspiration. two large side pockets, an adjustable drawstring, a loose fit, and a harem style.These items roll up extremely compact and won't wrinkle because of the material, which is another benefit of their thinness while trying to save room. These unisex harem pants, which come in sizes S to XXXL, are functional, affordable, and suitable for the majority of people. An excellent choice!

Perdontoo Men's Hippie Boho Aladdin Harem Pants


5. AvaCostume Womens Modal Cotton Soft Pants

This item, which is probably the least expensive choice on the list, is from the online retailer AvaCostume and is a terrific combination of yoga-style pants with a little stretch going on and traditional harem pants. You can't go wrong if you're on a tight budget and want to save money on a brand-new piece for your travel wardrobe. Even amazing is how many different colours AvaCostume has offered these pants in. There is literally a spectrum of colours available, with something to fit every personality, from vivid yellow to laid-back green to understated grey. You could easily buy three or four pairs because they're so affordable to make sure you have harem pants for every travel-related activity, from yoga to browsing local markets to hanging out in beach bars. The 95% cotton, 5% lyca construction of the loose-fitting shape makes them both stretchy and breathable. They're not too loose, so you won't appear like a lost hippy wandering into a gym class, therefore we'd say these are a nice option for gym classes while you're out touring. These harem pants have a really stylish waistline that is broad and elasticized without any ruching, making them both stylish and comfortable.They are also relatively thin, which is perfect if you plan on visiting hot regions where you might need to cover yourself. Not just at sacred locations, but also at twilight when mosquitoes like to emerge, covering your legs will save you from scratching for days.

AvaCostume Womens Modal Cotton Soft Pants


6. Banjamath Women's Peacock Print Aladdin Pants

Bohemian hippy chic aesthetics are incredibly comfortable and attractive. It's ideal for the beach, a party, or any other occasion. Wearing it is soft and comfortable. Awesome for hot weather and Quick Dry. Beautiful 100% Handmade Hippie Bohemian design. These trousers are fantastic for lounging on beaches, attending festivals, wearing at night or just wearing around the house. You just want to provide the finest to the people you care about! Giving someone these cosy, useful, and stylish Bohemian trousers is like expressing your love and consideration for them without having to say a word.To provide you the most value and the most styling options, these trousers were created with a 2-in-1 concept that can be worn as harem pants or a jumpsuit. You will feel like the centre of attention wearing our Harem pants. Whether travelling on vacation, to the beach, or for a festival.

Banjamath Women's Peacock Print Aladdin Pants


7. B Bangkok Pants

You will have a comfortable and relaxed fit with these B Bangkok Pants. It has an elastic waistline and variously shaped ankle straps. ideal for high waisted clothing. We appreciate the Fair Trade producer that produced this item. White and black trousers that may be simply mixed and matched with ethnic and elephant prints are included in the responsibly produced boho trousers from Thailand. All Boho clothing is constructed of a flowy, airy fabric that is lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for yoga pants, beach pants, maternity sweatpants, belly dance, baggy pants and lounge pants. Women's trousers are the ideal hippie gift under $20 for your girlfriend, a friend, or a member of your family. They are one of the Best elephant presents. especially for birthday and special occasion presents. The bohemian clothing for women should only be hand washed and never tumble dried.

B Bangkok Pants


8. Lofbaz Harem Pants

Nothing is more classic than this offering of trousers with a vibrant floral motif and solid coloration. You can't get more traditional than these trousers, which are hand-stitched in the mountains of northern Thailand. These trousers are elegantly printed with traditional images for a funky bohemian vibe rather than being completely covered in amusing design. You can select the shade that best fits your personality from the range of red, blue, and purple options as well as a very subdued black. Or, if you're feeling flush, just buy one of each shade. At $20 each, they're not the most affordable, though.However, they are excellent. According to One Tribe Apparel, these trousers are the ideal festival wear, and we have to say they certainly appear to be cool and comfortable enough to blend in while dancing the night away. Speaking of fit, reviews for these top trousers are raving about how nicely they fit and how wonderful the fabric feels.

Lofbaz Harem Pants


9. Lannaclothesdesign Harem Hippie Pants

Made from rayon fabric, these adorable trousers are really comfortable to wear. Both the waist and the ankles are stretchy. The two pockets have beautiful strings attached to them. These trousers are ideal for lounging about the house, exercising, practising yoga, running, going to the beach and wearing on a regular basis. Thai massage, dance, and festivals are also advised.Perfect hippie trousers for summer or women's fall clothing, shopping for Christmas gifts, dancing, hip hop dance, relaxing at home, going to the beach, travelling or just wearing casually on a daily basis. Yoga pants with wide legs come in five distinct sizes, ranging from tiny to plus sizes. X-large, XX-large, Medium, Small, and Large. The sizing chart in the product description and the final image of the product both include size information. The products from Lannaclothesdesign have distinctive designs and the newest styles. There are numerous colours and sizes available. Our use of premium sewing techniques increases the durability of every item we produce.

Lannaclothesdesign Harem Hippie Pants


10. Coofandy Men Hippie Harem Pants

The soft cotton and linen fabric used to make the men's baggy harem trousers is comfortable, lightweight, kind to the skin and breathable, so you always feel cool and at ease, especially in the summer and autumn. Wide-leg, loose yoga pants with two slant side deeppockets for easy key or phone storage. Boho and hippie fashion give your clothing a fashionable and distinctive touch. This pair of casual harem linen trousers has an elastic waist with an adjustable drawstring for optimal comfort and a loose-fitting crotch. This comfy, casual cotton pant is light and stress-free during all activity.It is ideal for casual wear, coffee dates, shopping excursions, park strolls, yoga and meditation, home and lounge, beach and street, cosplay, and other daily activities. These cotton linen hippie trousers are machine washable as well as hand washable. To ensure the right fit before making a purchase, please refer to our SIZE CHART.

Coofandy Men Hippie Harem Pants


11. Thaluta Loose Yoga Travel Lounge Pants

This item is a pair of handcrafted trousers with a stylish tie around the waist and an elastic waist at the back that are made of premium cotton. Most reviewers concur that they are quite comfortable and adaptable, and they are made for US sizes 4 to 12. Others requested completely other sizes, while some believed that the sizing is excessively large and that petite persons should avoid them. However, they are adaptive to a variety of body types due to the elastic waistband and voluminous fit. These trousers are appropriate for a variety of settings, including formal and informal ones. They are not transparent, and the fabric is silky and quite thick like t-shirt material.

Thaluta Loose Yoga Travel Lounge Pants


Here Are 8 Tips For Purchasing the best Harem Pant

So there you have it: the top 11 harem pants you can buy right now everywhere in the world. Nevertheless, having this checklist in front of you is great. Finding the perfect harem pants for you, however, may not be the simplest chore, depending on your preferences, travel style, financial situation, and a whole host of other criteria. But don't worry baby; as always, we're here to assist in dropped crotch. So, as a handy reference, here are some considerations to make while selecting the ideal harem pants.

1. Waistband

This might not seem important, but it is - especially when it comes to choosing the best pair of harem pants for you. There isn't a single, standard style of waistband for harem pants; instead, there are various options available depending on the manufacturer. The form and silhouette of the trousers is determined by the waistline, and it also determines how comfortable the trousers are going to be on you when you wear them. The first thing to think about is the waistband's breadth. A wide band will make you feel more kept in and comfy, whereas a thin band may likely to tumble down more quickly or become a little bit more uncomfortably unpleasant over time.

The boho look that goes with it includes the ruched waistbands that many of the traditional hippie trousers have. The waistband may be rolled up or down depending on how high you want to wear it thanks to the ruching effect; these also tend to be the more comfortable waistbands. The type of waistline you have may also influence the types of tops you wear with harem pants; ruching, for instance, looks great with a crop top. But if all you want is something comfortable and informal, a typical, medium-width waistline with elastic would work just fine!

2. Fabric

There are many different types of materials available that can be used to make harem pants. The majority of the time, it will be a material you are familiar with, like cotton, but there are frequently cutting-edge textiles available that give the trousers in question further benefits. There are now products available that reduce odour (saving money on laundry), dry quickly, and even include only bamboo and are suitable for vegans. The variety of specialty fabrics that are now readily available essentially means that you receive more conveniences when you buy a pair of harem pants.

It's absolutely worth it to be able to do laundry during a layover, for instance, without worrying about whether or not your trousers will be dry when you wake up.It's also surprising how a spandex-and-cotton blend can be coiled up into a little ball and stuffed into your backpack without showing any evidence of creases when you take them out. Depending on where you're going, the thickness—or lack of thickness—will also be significant. The need for good harem pants with breathable fabric is unquestionable while travelling to a place like India, where you will want to cover up slightly more than in other places while yet keeping cool in the heat. Seeking additional animal-free travel accessories? Take a look at the incredible selection of vegan hiking footwear before your upcoming expedition.

3. Fit and Comfort

Finding a quality pair of hippie trousers that look nice could be one thing, but let's face it: you want to be comfortable as well. Isn't it, in any case, the major purpose of this particular garment Before you proceed to the register, make sure you have purchased the appropriate pair of hippy trousers for you. You should think about things like how low the trousers will sit on your leg, whether they have a high or low waist, and whether the fit is loose or tight.

Additionally, comfort is important because you'll undoubtedly wear these on lengthy train journeys. In situations like this, the last thing you want is a bothersome seam or zip that keeps you from moving for the next 25 hours as you sit there. Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to fitness is that not every S will be a S when they are truly on. You might need to get a couple of pairs just to be safe if you prefer something snug or a pair of trousers with a little extra room.

The most important thing is to check reviews to see if customers claim that they are the cosiest harem pants ever. In that case, they are probably correct. If not, continue looking.

4. Style

As you've undoubtedly already noticed, there are several different types of hippy pants. You can pick from a wide variety of designs, prints, cuts, and fits available now. When shopping for harem pants, one of the key things you'll be looking for is style. Look for something simple, preferably in one colour, without any patterns, and without the extreme drop crotch that some harem pants have if you want something that you can wear for just about any occasion. By doing this, you can change personalities like a chameleon and hang out in a hippie bar one day while dining with silver service the next.

You may also readily get chic, stylized harem-type pants—this style of trouser isn't just for travellers, you know! However, if you're searching for something truly daring and bohemian, the bigger, brighter, and more patterned the better. It is generally advisable to do this kind of thing if you are certain that you are going someplace where this kind of bohemian island of appearance is, you know, expected. You could literally have a pair of trousers for every circumstance, from the beaches of Bali to the terraces of the Philippines, thanks to other types, such fisherman pants and so-called "samurai" pants, to mention a couple.

5. Design Details

The devil is sometimes in the details. Contrary to popular belief, harem shorts and pants aren't always as basic as they can be. These days, however, various features are being added to increase the versatility of this traveler-friendly outfit.

Pockets are first and foremost. Pockets can save the day. We are all familiar with the functions and value of pockets. Obviously. But when it comes to harem trousers, you might want to take into account the depth of the pockets, their exact location, and whether or not they have a zip, button, or other fastenings.Drawstring is another design element to take into account. The drawstring can be tied to ensure that, well, your trousers don't fall down. This can increase the weight and comfort of a pair of harem pants, or at least how secure you feel in them, if the elasticized waistband isn't as elasticated as you'd want it to be. Just like that.

6. Price

It should go without saying, but before you spend money on such essentials or a new pair of harem pants, think about your budget and how much you're willing to spend.The fact is, it's generally accepted that the less expensive something is, the less likely it is to last. Although it's not always the case, "budget-friendly" items can end up costing more in the long run because they need to be replaced more frequently than items with higher prices.

Do you anticipate travelling frequently in the coming years? Do you only need a set pack of harem pants for a single vacation coming up? Something more affordable will do just fine for travel, especially a first-time backpacking trip in a well-traveled area. However, spending a little bit more money than normal will be your best bet if you want something for a specific reason, like as the gym or a regular yoga class. You may even need something for travel if you're literally ALWAYS on the go.

7. Eco and Fair Trade Credentials

Eco-credentials are becoming highly valued while purchasing new clothing. To be honest, it's something we should all be on the lookout for (and not only in the world of fashion), so we're not at all complaining. You should research every aspect of the harem pants you wish to buy, including the cloth used and the working circumstances of the individuals involved. For instance, cotton, which requires TONNES of water, is one of the greatest pollutants in the world and a major contributor to the numerous droughts in Central Asia. Thankfully, a lot of harem pant manufacturers are very woke when it comes to their eco-friendly philosophies, especially many of those on our list. This implies that they make rayon using ingredients like bamboo fibre, vegan-friendly materials, and recycled cotton.

Who is truly producing these harem trousers, another thing? Do they receive a just cut? It's a really positive sign if the business you want to purchase from can actually provide you with those facts without requiring you to email them. Let's face it, Southeast Asia is where you can get a pair of these trousers for $5 or less. But think about how and where they were created. That seems good to us as long as the individuals and countries who make harem pants are receiving a fair compensation.

8. Travel Style

What harem pants you choose to purchase will depend greatly on how and how frequently you travel. The type of bag of hippy trousers you buy might not be at all hippy-ish if you're a digital nomad or have a roaming job and you typically stay in towns and cities (with perhaps a few beach places thrown in for good measure). Sure, maybe for comfort and hanging out, but perhaps not for everyday life in public.

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