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Having laundry room cabinets can be a great way to organize all of your laundry items. Whether you're storing detergent and bleach, or keeping all of your hanging clothes off the ground, cabinets are an essential part of the laundry room setup. Not only will they help keep the room tidy, but they can also make it much easier to do your wash - instead of going through piles looking for what you need, everything can have its own designated space! Additionally, putting in beautiful cabinetry with stylish hardware is a great way to increase the aesthetic appeal of the room without having to sacrifice any storage space. With a little bit of creativity and planning, adding cabinets to your laundry room can be a worthwhile decision that adds value and practicality. Whether you’re looking for an elegant wood finish or something more modern and sleek, having just the right cabinetry in your laundry space can make all the difference. Not only will it look chic, but it also provides much-needed operational efficiency as well! If you're looking to give your laundry room a makeover, it's time to think about adding new cabinets. Laundry room cabinets can provide organization and style, helping you keep your laundry space organized and stylish. From complete cabinet sets to individual pieces, there are lots of options available when selecting the right cabinetry for your needs. Here we'll discuss the 10 best choices in laundry room cabinets that will help enhance any space while providing maximum storage potential to save space!

1. Prepac Elite 54" Wall Cabinet

Inspired by contemporary chic, the Prepac Elite 54" Wall Cabinet is a modern classic that will be the perfect addition to any home. With its sleek white laminate finish and profiled edges, this cabinet is guaranteed to add a touch of sophistication to your decor. Whether placed over top of a standard washer & dryer or simply used for storage, this 54" width cabinet offers plenty of room but also fits well into small or tight areas. What really sets this piece apart from the rest is its quality. Crafted from high-grade composite wood and MDF doors, this wall cabinet provides both convenience and durability - so you won’t have to worry about frequent replacements! Featuring two adjustable shelves within the interior, it offers maximum storage with minimal fuss while the assembly process can easily be accomplished in no time. You don’t need to sacrifice function for fashion with the Prepac Elite 54" Wall Cabinet! This timeless yet trendy storage solution will make a great focal point in any room - whatever your style may be.

Prepac Elite 54" Wall Cabinet


2. Haotian White Modern Laundry Room Storage Cabinet

Introducing the perfect storage solution for small laundry rooms or tight spaces! Our Small Laundry Room Storage Cabinet is designed to offer maximum storage with minimal space requirements. This trendy and stylish cabinet fits perfectly into any room, from the utility room to the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, or even your office. Crafted from high quality E1 standard MDF in white lacquer, this wall cabinet has double doors which open up to a spacious interior featuring an adjustable internal shelf. The generous dimensions of W23.62 x D11.81 x H23.62inch provide ample space for all kinds of items - you’ll never run out of space again! And yet this practical piece of furniture ensures that it won’t take up too much room either - perfect for those wanting to create ideal condtions without compromising on square footage or style. And there’s more - assembly is a breeze with easy-to-follow instructions provided so that you can put together your Small Laundry Room Storage Cabinet within minutes! So why wait? If you’re looking for a reliable and fashionable storage solution complete with added convenience, look no further than this must-have piece of furniture today!

Haotian White Modern Laundry Room Storage Cabinet


3. SystemBuild Kendall Wall Cabinet

The SystemBuild Kendall Wall Cabinet is perfect for making laundry day a breeze! Put an end to folding clothes on the floor, and give yourself the storage space you need for all of your laundry appliances. Whether you have a washer and dryer set or just a few odds and ends, you can take advantage of this wall cabinet's roomy shelves to store away all your necessary items. Stop juggling your laundry supplies from shelf to shelf and organize them in one convenient spot—designated just for your needs! With its stylish design, it'll also look great as part of any room; best of all, it'll save precious floor space while giving you more of your own storage wall space. The SystemBuild Kendall Wall Cabinet is the perfect choice for anyone looking to make the most out of their laundry day routine! Let SystemBuild Kendall Wall Cabinet help you pare down your room's footprint while providing numerous storage benefits! This sleek cabinet stands ready to store whatever needs a home in any room of your house - from bathroom supplies and cleaning products, to dirty laundry or even other items that need tucked away. The double sliding door feature allows access without taking up valuable space while the timeless barn-door-style hardware adds an extra touch of rustic charm. Best of all, with its wall-anchored design, it frees up floor space for more important uses like furniture layout or even extra seating. Now more than ever, the SystemBuild Kendall is a practical and stylish solution for your storage needs!

SystemBuild Kendall Wall Cabinet


4. Yaheetech Wall Mount Cabinet

Get organized and spruce up your living space with the Yaheetech Wall Mount Cabinet! This contemporary, rustic wall cabinet offers a stylish solution to declutter and add charm to any room. Its open shelves provide plenty of storage for all of your household or business items, like books, records, documents, decorations, and more. The accent wall is further enhanced by upper cabinets that provide ample storage for larger or heavier items. A handy ironing board can be tucked away for times when you need it quick and easy access. The back subway tile adds an eye-catching decor to your walls and makes it durable enough to withstand all kinds of daily use. The maple finish also stands up well against dirt, dust, and other marks while maintaining a light airy atmosphere. What’s more? With natural light flooding in from outside through the hanging rod, it’s perfect for hand washing delicate clothes or linens whenever necessary—without losing valuable interior square footage. An ideal combination of form and function, the Yaheetech Wall Mount Cabinet is a must-have piece of furniture in your home or office! Give your living space a makeover today with this sleek multipurpose accessory that you won’t regret buying!

Yaheetech Wall Mount Cabinet


5. Sauder HomePlus Storage Cabinet

Are you looking for a stylish yet practical storage option for your laundry area? Look no further than the Sauder HomePlus Storage Cabinet! This elegant piece combines an open space with Benjamin Moore paint to create a contemporary look that is perfect for any household. With enough room for both open storage and a separate work space, this cabinet also provides plenty of room for all your items. Plus, it features a neutral palette, giving you the flexibility to easily incorporate it into any home décor. Sauder HomePlus Storage Cabinet is the perfect answer for any of your storage needs! Constructed from durable engineered wood, this cabinet comes in a beautiful, classic design that will fit into any room. Its multiple adjustable shelves offer customizable organization and its framed panel doors provide privacy for the things you don’t want on display. Furthermore, the enclosed back panel has an opening for cord access so it can be used to store and organize electronics too! This cabinet also has a convenient adjustable base levelers so you can make sure it is perfectly balanced even on uneven surfaces. With all these features combined, Sauder HomePlus Storage Cabinet proves to be an invaluable addition to your home or office. Get before it runs out of stock! With its open shelving and ample storage options, it's no wonder why the Sauder HomePlus Storage Cabinet is the must-have item for your laundry area.

Sauder HomePlus Storage Cabinet


6. Yoleny Wood Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Are you looking to spruce up the bathroom in your house? Look no further than the Wood Bathroom Wall Cabinet! This great idea is perfect for those looking to add some extra space while also keeping their cleaning products out of sight – keeping all bathrooms looking neat and tidy. This wall cabinet is made with a durable wooden veneer finish, but it won’t look bulky or cumbersome in any bathroom. With its sleek design, you can easily hang it on any wall in your house and free up space. With its spacious interior, you’ll be able to organise towels, toiletries, spare toilet paper rolls and so much more! Plus, you’ll love that this wall cabinet can also accommodate a blow dryer or straightener – making getting ready for each day so much easier! The Wood Bathroom Wall Cabinet is easy to mount thanks to its pre-drilled holes. You don’t need any tools either as it includes all screws required for mounting against any flat surface – including your walls or ceiling. Get creative with organisation around your bathroom and make use of that precious space! Let the Wood Bathroom Wall Cabinet help you save time and money. Look no further than this perfectly compact cabinet and get organised today!

Yoleny Wood Bathroom Wall Cabinet


7. Bush Furniture Cabot Small Storage Cabinet

The Bush Furniture Cabot Small Storage Cabinet is the perfect addition to any clothes room, wall, sink, or appliance. The distinct country style brings an elegance and warmth to the room while its large doors offer interior storage that keeps everything looking neat and tidy. However, this isn’t just a storage cabinet – it’s also a perfect way to keep your home decor balanced. With its clean lines and inviting country accents, the Bush Furniture Cabot Small Storage Cabinet looks great in every type of decor plan. You’ll love the secret not-so-hidden storage behind its two doors! Whether you want an aesthetically pleasing solution for extra storage or need an eye-catching piece of furniture to complete the look of your rest area, this small storage cabinet has you covered! Enjoy style and convenience like never before with this furniture piece from Bush Furniture.

Bush Furniture Cabot Small Storage Cabinet


8. Bush Furniture Salinas Accent Storage Cabinet

Introducing the timeless appeal of the Bush Furniture Salinas Accent Storage Cabinet! Whether you're looking to add storage and organization to a living room or office, this elegant storage cabinet provides the perfect solution. Exuding refinement, this gorgeous cabinet will instantly enhance any space with its classic Antique White finish and slightly distressed touches that give off a casual vibe. Plus, the beautiful Tumbled Pewter metal drop pull hardware adds a touch of sophistication. Featuring concealed cabinets and open cubby shelves for added variety and organization, you'll find plenty of room to store everything from books to accent pieces. What's more, it comes complete with one adjustable shelf behind each door as well as another in the center compartment. This storage cabinet is available in three stunning distressed finish options- Cape Cod Gray, Vintage Black or Antique White with Tumbled Pewter hardware. Sometimes you need an accent piece that's more functional than fashionable. That’s where the Bush Furniture Salinas Storage Cabinet comes in! This storage cabinet has a classic style that won’t overpower your design ideas and it’s a better way to organize all your supplies. With washer-style door, four adjustable shelves, and two baskets — all strategically placed in easy reach — you won’t have to go rifling through drawers to find what you need. Store crafting supplies, office accessories, and other items with ease and enjoy the renewed feeling of creating something from scratch with this traditional-style accent storage cabinet. It will be an enriching addition to any room or home office.

Bush Furniture Salinas Accent Storage Cabinet


9. Tangkula Bathroom Floor Cabinet

Introducing the Tangkula Bathroom Floor Closet, the perfect solution for creating a light, organized space in your home or office. Whether you're looking to add storage and drying space to a mudroom or clothing storage to a bedroom, this closet succeeds in its mission. It is designed with sturdy folding cabinetry that can suit any style of furniture from ultra-modern to shabby chic. Outfitted with five open shelves plus an integrated drying rack for wet clothing and other items, this closet helps to create great drying and organizing solutions. Its spacious design allows you to store multiple items such as coats, blankets, towels and more. The bottom shelf has a unique raised edge which ensures stability for folded clothes that may be above it. Plus, the cabinet is easy to assemble with its industrial-strength features along with durable paint that won’t chip or corrode over time making it both strong and fashionable. The Tangkula Bathroom Floor Closet is ideal for creating an organized space while adding a modern touch to your home decor. With its expansive capacity and stylish design, it's just the right piece of furniture you need!

Tangkula Bathroom Floor Cabinet


10. Keter Storage Cabinet

Storage doesn't have to be boring! With the Keter Storage Cabinet, you can organize your belongings and breathe new life into any room you place it in. Whether it's the laundry room or any space that needs a little extra structure, the Keter Cabinet is here to help. Boasting ample shelf space, adjustable shelving, and a secure lock system, this handy piece of furniture is a must-have for every laundry room. Not only can you store all your washing detergent, fabric softener, cleaning supplies, and other necessary items; but this cabinet is also perfect for any other room in need of extra storage. From bathroom necessities to additional kitchen appliances and beyond, the possibilities are endless with Keter Storage Cabinet! This durable yet compact cabinet comes in many sizes so you can find an option that best fits your needs. Plus its sleek design looks great while still being functional - no eyesore here! So don't wait any longer to get the most out of your laundry room space - invest in a Keter Storage Cabinet today and efficiently organize all of your things without sacrificing your style. Thanks to its sliding doors, this beauty will keep dirty clothes out of sight while still being stylishly open enough to showcase your favorite wall shelves and other decorations. And, as an added bonus, this cabinet won't take up too much space—you'll be able to store all your items without taking away from a room's aesthetics. So save yourself some worry (and some space!) with the Keter Storage Cabinet today!

Keter Storage Cabinet


Here Are 6 Tips For Purchasing The Laundry Room Cabinets

Laundry room cabinets are an ideal way to save valuable space in any cramped home. Not only can they be used to store laundry supplies and hardware, but extra items from other rooms like kitchenware, seasonal decorations and more can also be stored in them, keeping your other living spaces feeling larger and more organized. Choose versatile sizes and shapes for all your storage needs, and make sure the doors have a good seal so that your items stay dust-free. With strategically placed shelves, you'll be able to keep lots of items tucked away every time you close the door.

If you're looking for laundry room ideas to spruce up a laundry area, cabinets are the perfect way to bring form and function into your laundry room design. With laundry room cabinets, you can create an everyday storage solution that allows you to store laundry and other items neatly in their own space. Not only do laundry room cabinets allow you to organize your laundry items, but they can also help save you space as well. Think outside the box when it comes to laundry room ideas and consider adding cabinets as a stylish yet practical addition. Laundry room cabinets are a must-have for any homeowner who wants to create an organized, efficient, and attractive laundry space. With so many options available on the market today, it can be difficult to decide which style, size, and color of cabinets best suit your needs. Here are 6 tips to help you choose the perfect laundry room cabinets for your home.

1. Measure Your Space

Before you begin shopping for cabinets, it is important that you measure your space accurately. Knowing the exact measurements of your space will ensure that you buy the right size cabinets and avoid buying ones that don’t fit in your laundry room. Make sure to measure both the height and width of your walls before making a purchase.

2. Determine Your Storage Needs

Next, consider how much storage space you need in your laundry room. If you have a large family or do a lot of washing each week, then you may want to invest in larger cabinets with more shelves or drawers. However, if your family is smaller or does not require as much storage space, then smaller cabinets may suffice. Consider what items will be stored in the cabinet (e.g., detergent bottles, fabric softener bottles) before selecting a cabinet with enough space for all of them.

3. Select A Material

Once you have determined the size and amount of storage needed for your laundry room cabinets, it’s time to select a material for them. Wood is by far the most popular material used for these types of cabinets since it is durable and reliable; however, there are other materials like laminate or plastic that may fit better within your budget or aesthetic preference. Choose a material that fits both these factors when selecting laundry room cabinets.

4. Think About Aesthetic

The look of your cabinets should also be taken into consideration when making this purchase decision; after all, they will be visible in one way or another while doing laundry! Try to match them with other elements in the room such as countertops or flooring so they blend nicely together without overwhelming each other visually—this is especially true if purchasing multiple sets of cabinetry for a large area!

5. Consider Additional Features

Some cabinetry comes with additional features such as built-in shelves or even drawers that can make life easier when doing laundry! Built-in shelves provide extra storage space where detergents and fabric softeners can be kept close at hand while drawers allow easy access to clothespins and other items commonly used around the washer/dryer area. Additionally, some models offer locking mechanisms which keep children out of harm’s way when unsupervised near hot appliances during operation!

6. Compare Prices

Last but certainly not least is price comparison! Shopping around allows homeowners to find high quality yet reasonably priced options from trusted manufacturers at competitive prices—so don’t forget this important step when looking for new cabinetry!


Purchasing new cabinetry can be an intimidating process but following these six tips should help make this experience simpler and more enjoyable! Whether shopping online or visiting local stores in person—try gathering samples first if possible—measuring accurately beforehand will ensure that only suitable options are considered during this process while also providing peace-of-mind knowing exactly what type/size/color/etcetera purchased products will look like before leaving home (or clicking “buy now”). Allowing ample time to compare prices between different vendors ensures owners get exactly what they want at prices that fit within budget constraints too—so remember these six steps when embarking on this journey toward beautiful new cabinetry

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