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Mascaras are the number one way to bring life to your lashes and dramatically enhance the look of your eyes. Lighter formulas with nourishing ingredients, such as jojoba oil or vitamin E, are great for everyday wear. For dramatic occasions, waterproof mascara will stay put for hours under any condition and won't run even when you cry tears of joy! With so many unique designs, including bristles of different shapes and lengths, mascara can be tailored to achieve a personalized look that enhances any eye shape. Whether you want lashes with plenty of volume or more length and definition - you can have it all with the perfect mascara combination!When it comes to makeup staples, mascara ranks near the top. After all, few products can have such a dramatic effect on one’s overall look as quickly and easily as a swipe of mascara across their eyelashes. Though there is no shortage of options when it comes to mascaras, finding the right formula for you can be daunting. To help narrow your search for that perfect tube, this blog post will highlight what many consider to be the 12 best mascaras currently available on the market today! From wand type and formula type to volume-building benefits and price points — we've rounded up everything you need in order to find your ultimate go-to product for beautiful lashes. So if you're ready for lusciously long and voluminous lashes — keep reading!

1. Covergirl Lashblast Fusion Mascara

Tired of trying mascaras that just don't quite make the cut? You no longer have to worry, for Covergirl Lashblast Fusion Mascara is here! Developed with advanced volumizing, lengthening, and thickening technology, this mascara is sure to stand out lashes enough to give you a show-stopping look every time. This very black tone complements every skin and hair color, making it the perfect choice for any occasion.Tired of the same-old mascara routine? Upgrade your makeup game with Covergirl Lashblast Fusion Mascara! This revolutionary two-in-one formula has it all - volume and length, in one simple step. With its combination of a super volumizing brush and fiber stretch lengthening formula, your eyelashes will never have looked so good. The biggest brush we've ever had helps thicken and extend individual lashes with ease, while our most lengthening formula adds serious body to give your lashes that wow factor. Now, you can rock an amazing look with just one incredibly simple application tailored to accentuate your individual style.Surrender your lashes to this amazing product by Covergirl that provides full coverage and a buildable effect. You'll never worry about messy smudges or running lines with this waterproof formula. The convenient tube packaging makes it easy to find in any makeup bag and to use while on the go. Trust us - your lashes won't be lacking when you incorporate Covergirl Lashblast Fusion Mascara into your daily beauty routine.

Covergirl Lashblast Fusion Mascara


2. Essence False Lash Effect Mascara

If you're ready to maximize your lash look, it's time to try essence False Lash Effect Mascara! This best mascara on the market is waterproof, lengthening and curling, making your lashes dramatic and gorgeous. Just one coat of this tubing mascara is enough to give you straight, lifted lashes all day long that won't smudge - no touch-ups necessary. Different from other mascaras, its ultra-black formula works with just a few swipes and enhances even the smallest lashes at your lash line. With a price tag like this, how could you go wrong? Enriched with nutrient-rich shea butter for moisture, this great everyday mascara is perfect for thin or short lashes that need an extra bit of help. And don’t forget about the lower lashes! Essence False Lash Effect Mascara makes sure every single lash looks amazing. Celebrities everywhere use it because of its unbeatable results - approved by a celebrity makeup artist! You too can have beautiful long lasting eyelashes for any special occasion or a casual night out with friends. Get ready for compliments every time you walk in the room wearing Essence False Lash Effect Mascara – come on ladies let’s give our eyes that drama they crave!

Essence False Lash Effect Mascara


3. Maybelline Washable Mascara

Make sure your eyes make a big statement with Maybelline’s Waterproof Mascara! This vegan, super-volumizing mascara is the perfect addition to your makeup routine. Whether you have short stubby lashes or long voluminous ones, this curling mascara formula will be sure to come through and help you achieve the look of false lashes without any of the fuss. Not only does our formula allow for intense volume and definition but it’s also perfect for those with sensitive eyes due to its water-resistant properties. You can apply our waterproof mascara on both bottom lashes and inner/outer corners with confidence knowing they won’t be running away on you later. With Maybelline’s Waterproof Mascara, there’s no limit to how bold you can go. Look no further than Maybelline waterproof mascaras. Our lash blast volume formula will take your lashes to fluttering heights, while the best volumizing mascara formulas will help to create gorgeous curves and give your eyes the added pop they need. For a dramatic and dramatic look, the inner and outer corners of your lashes will be coated evenly with our innovative lash mascara technology for a perfected finish. With Maybelline waterproof mascaras, your lashes will look as if they’re fluttering even in rain or tears - perfect makeup that won't run. So forget about searching for sex-proof mascaras - maybelline waterproof mascaras offers you peace of mind knowing that you can look amazing all day long with one simple application!

Maybelline Washable Mascara


4. IT Cosmetics Volumizing Mascara & Lash Serum

Are you looking for a mascara that offers all the dramatic and voluminous lashes you’ve been dreaming of? Look no further than IT Cosmetics Volumizing Mascara & Lash Serum, your one-stop shop for the best volumized lashes. Our gentle formula works on both upper and lower lashes, leaving them both nicely lengthened with more volume. Plus, this affordable mascara will give eyes watery protection so that your mascara won’t stick to your eyelashes. With our extreme length mascara lash primer, you can even take it one step further and get maximum extended lashes that make sure you stand out in both photos and IRL! Every baby lash is supported by our best waterproof mascara so you don't have to worry about smudging or fading throughout the day. Finally, your search for The One has come to an end! This innovative mascara gives you the dramatic, volumizing results you desire. With a single coat of IT Cosmetics Volumizing Mascara, your lashes will be visibly longer lashes thicker and fuller. Even better? It won't clump or flake - no more sticky skin around your eyes when wearing this product! The special brush design ensures even application for full-bodied lashes every time. And it won't irritate sensitive eyes—perfect for those with watery eyes who don't want to worry about clumpy eyelashes after applying mascara! Perfectly accentuate your beautiful eyes with this unique product from IT Cosmetics. Indulge in hours of bold, full looking lashes without any irritation or mess - perfect for everyday wear! Try this top rated mascara today, and you'll never look back!

 IT Cosmetics Volumizing Mascara & Lash Serum


5. L'Oreal Paris Original Volume Building Mascara

Are you looking for full, voluminous eyelashes? Look no further than L’Oreal Paris Original universal volumizing mascara! With this product, you will achieve fluttery lashes that look thicker and more defined. Its curved brush shaped to fit the contours of your eye reaches even the innermost lashes and complements a lash curler perfectly. But that’s not all – this amazing mascara is formulated with castor oil to condition your lashes and keep them healthy. Plus, its rubber bristles are specifically designed to provide ultimate volume without clumping. So, you can even apply mascara with multiple coats without worrying about spidery lashes. So what sets the L’Oreal Paris Original universal volumizing mascara apart from its competitors? Well, it is completely waterproof and smudgeproof so you can go out all day or even hit the beach and still look great with natural-looking lashes. In short, it is your go-to mascara! Try it today and unlock beautiful fluttery lashes anytime!

L'Oreal Paris Original Volume Building Mascara


6. essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

With essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara, you can get the bold and beautiful lashes of your dreams without ever having to pick up a pair of falsies. This amazing mascara defines, separates and provides dramatic volume for an instantly lush look that will hold steady all day long. The conic shape fiber brush ensures that there are no clumps or globs for a professional finish, free from fading or flaking. Plus, essence cosmetics is certified by PETA as a cruelty-free brand – no animal testing here! Look good and feel great with essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara – safe in the knowledge that you’re only using products made out of kindness and love.

essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara


7. Honest Beauty Natural Lashes Lengthening Mascara

Introducing Honest Beauty's Length Clean Mascara + Lash Primer! This award-winning, best-selling two-in-one mascara and lash primer comes in a new package that looks even better than the old one, but with the same amazing formula. Get ready for ultimate length and lashes volume, when you pair up this prized combo! And because we care about your health and the environment, our Mascara and Lash Primer is made without parabens, paraffins, synthetic fragrances, silicones, mineral oil, and was tested by ophthalmologists to make sure it's safe for your eyes. Plus, our product is EWG certified and uses a 100% tree-free paper carton - so you can feel gorgeous without feeling guilty. The secret to why this amazing product works so well? Jojoba esters! So don't wait another minute - buy Honest Beauty's Length Clean Mascara + Lash Primer now! With no compromises on results or safety needed – what are you waiting for?

Honest Beauty Natural Lashes Lengthening Mascara


8. Almay Lashes Volumizing Mascara

Are you looking for a mascara that will add incredible volume, length, and thickness to your eyelashes? Look no further than Almay Volumizing Mascara! This hypoallergenic, fragrance-free mascara is formulated with aloe and vitamin B5 to nourish your lashes while maximizing its volumizing power. It's ophthalmologist tested so you know it's gentle on delicate skin. And best of all, it comes in a rich black shade that gives gorgeous definition and defined lashes from root-to-tip. Create glamorous fullness effortlessly with Almay Volumizing Mascara—you won't wanna use anything else!It’s time to get dramatic with Almay Volumizing Mascara! Not only is it designed to deliver dramatic volume and the look of lash extensions, its hourglass brush makes applying the mascara a breeze! From root to tip, each lash will be thicker and longer-looking, as if you’re wearing your own personalized set of princess false lashes. Or, if you’re looking for more control while applying, you can even talk Push Up Lashes technology, which separates and rebrushes lashes after application for an extra level of definition. With this mascara, movie star glamour is just one coat away!

Almay Lashes Volumizing Mascara


9. Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara

Experience the thrill of luxurious lashed with Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara! Whether you are hitting the party scene or day-to-day life, achieve your desired dramatic lash effect with Japanese olive oil, Vitamin E, and rice proteins for extra strength, elongation and shine. Let Neutrogena help you tackle longer lashes that will take you from desk to dance floor. The specially formulated black 02.21 ounce intensified mascara formula easily builds volume without clumping resulting in full coverage of those tiny corner lashes. Experience definition without flaking or smudging throughout the day from a brush designed to separate and define each lash. From individual strands to full on glam look – create any look that expresses how you feel and fits in your busy lifestyle. Get beautiful length with added shine and a just touched-up precision as soon as it's applied and sealed in with our unique lock-in formula that won't let you down no matter what stressors come your way. Be confident knowing it is hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, ophthalmologist tested, safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers can use it too! So go ahead girl, have fun playing with fabulous length that brings out the best of you all while keeping your lashes healthy makeup remover- Cheers!

Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara


10. Wet n Wild Mega Length Mascara

Fill your lashes with beautiful definition and length with Wet n Wild Mega Length Mascara. This vegan mascara is formulated for maximum impact, so you won't have to worry about sparse results like traditional mascaras. Its specialized brush offers full and even coverage that gently coats even the shortest of lashes, leaving them looking lusciously long and voluminous to glam up any look. You'll love the intense black pigment that helps to amplify your eye color while making your eyes appear wider and brighter - perfect for those special occasions! Our mascara is also gluten-free, sulfate-free, and most importantly cruelty-free so that you can trust knowing that no animals were harmed in its production. This mascara wand helps achieve extra-long and luscious lashes without having to spend a fortune. It is specially formulated with brown mascara that adds length, fullness and volume in one coat. Say goodbye to those uncomfortable curlers because this mascara has got you covered! With Wet n Wild's Lash Blast Volume Mascara, you can achieve gorgeous sex-proof lashes at an economical price. Its waterproof formula ensures your beautiful look won’t run or smudge and lasts all day long – even through sweat, tears or rain! Get ready to flutter those mega-long eyelashes with Wet n Wild Mega Length Mascara. Don't wait, grab yours today and take your glamorous look up a notch for sure!

Wet n Wild Mega Length Mascara


11. Clinique High Impact Mascara

Say goodbye to dull and short lashes, because Clinique High Impact Mascara is here to jet propel your lashes! This fabulous formula delivers maximum volume and length, giving you bold and dramatic results that won't budge in any weather. It provides true color intensity with its rich black pigmentation, for a look that stands out from the crowd – even all night long. Enriched with Vitamin B5 derivatives and made to nourish your lashes, this 100% waterproof mascara is sure to become a staple in your makeup bag! Best of all, it comes in a convenient tube form that makes application easy-peasy. This mascara wand is the perfect way to get lush, straight lashes with an added touch of sexiness. The brown color of the mascara enhances natural beauty, while the special formula provides lash blast volume like never before. Plus, it’s waterproof so you won't have to worry about smudging or running no matter how wild you get! We spent countless hours perfecting this formula so that you can show off stunning, flawless lashes in seconds. And did we mention it retails at a fraction of the cost of other high impact mascaras currently on the market? Don’t waste another second on lackluster lashes – grab your Clinique High Impact Mascara today and see results that feel too good to be true!



12. Lancôme Monsieur Big Volumizing Mascara

When it comes to an all-day, long-lasting look that won’t budge no matter what, there’s no question that Lancôme Monsieur Big Volumizing Mascara is the one you want. This black mascara is formulated with 12x more volume and up to 24 hours of wear so you can go all day and night without needing a touch up. No flaking or smudging allowed! And best of paraben-free, so you know your lashes are only getting their best treatment. Step out knowing your lashes are nothing short of fabulous with the Monsieur Big Volumizing Mascara from Lancôme.Do you want your lashes to stand out? Then treat them to Lancôme Monsieur Big Volumizing Mascara! This black mascara has been specially formulated to provide you with up to 12x more volume and 24 hours of wear, so that you can flutter all night without needing a single touch-up. It's paraben free, and won't flake or smudge, making sure your visuals stay just as striking as when you first applied it. In addition, the 5.31 cubic inch tube makes for fuss-free application and portability. Embrace bold, full-bodied lashes with Lancôme Monsieur Big Volumizing Mascara – go on and own the show!


Here Are 6 Essential Tips to Consider Before Purchasing Mascaras

Mascaras are a staple in many makeup bags. When used correctly, mascaras can add definition and length to the eyelashes for a dramatic, eye-catching look. Whether you're looking for something with intense color pigment or a tube that adds volume, there is sure to be a type of mascara out there that suits your needs. Don't forget to keep your wand clean and pick one with an appropriate brush head size so you can reach all of your lashes. Makeup experts recommend changing mascaras every three months to ensure long-term safety and freshness. With these tips in mind, mascaras can help you show off the eyeshadow looks you create with confidence and style! Mascaras are a crucial part of any makeup routine. They make your eyes look larger, fuller, and more defined, giving you a captivating look. With so many brands and types available on the market, choosing the right mascara can be overwhelming. The good news is that you can simplify the process by considering a few essential tips when buying mascaras. In this blog, we will discuss six vital factors to consider before purchasing a mascara.

1. Identify Your Lash Type

Mascaras are designed with different brush types and formulas to suit different lash types. Therefore, it is crucial to identify your lash type before purchasing a mascara. If you have short lashes, you may want to consider a mascara with a brush that creates volume and length. On the other hand, if you have thin and sparse lashes, you may want to choose a formula with thickening and volumizing agents.

2. Consider the Mascara Formula

Mascaras come in different formulas, including lengthening, thickening, curling, waterproof, and non-waterproof. When selecting a mascara, consider the formula that suits your specific needs. For instance, if you have oily eyelids, you may want to choose a waterproof formula that can withstand the oil and sweat. check drugstore mascara or sex mascara.

3. Check the Brush Type

Mascaras are designed with different brush types, each having a unique purpose. Some mascaras have a round brush that separates and defines each lash, providing a natural look. Other brushes have a flat and wide shape that provides volume, while some have a curved shape that lifts and curls the lashes. Therefore, consider the brush type that suits your desired look.

4. Read Reviews

Before purchasing a mascara, research online for reviews from other users. You can take advantage of blogs, forums, and websites that offer honest product reviews. Reading reviews from other users will help you to understand how well the mascara performs and if it’s worth investing your money.

5. Check the Mascara Brand

Although many beauty brands produce mascaras, not all of them are high-quality. Therefore, invest in a reputable brand with a good reputation in the beauty industry. The best mascara brands offer high-quality products that are safe, gentle, and effective.

6. Trial the Mascara

Before purchasing a mascara, try it. Many department stores offer mascara samples that you can use to test the product before buying. By trialing the mascara, you can see how well it suits your lashes and skin type, its formula and brush type, and if it provides your desired look.


In conclusion, choosing the right mascara requires some research and considerations. By identifying your lash type, considering the mascara formula, checking the brush type, reading reviews, checking the brand, and trialing the mascara, you can select a mascara that suits your needs. Don’t rush when purchasing, take your time and study the different available mascaras to make an informed decision. With the right mascara, you can enhance your beautiful eyes and get the stunning look you desire.

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