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When it comes to organizing your bathroom accessories, one of the most essential items in your home is the medicine cabinet. A medicine cabinet provides an easy and effective way to store all sorts of medical supplies, from medication to bandages, in one conveniently located place. Depending on your individual needs and style, you can pick a basic surface mounted unit or a fancier recessed version that has plenty of interior space and adjustable shelves. Both look great and come with adjustable hinges for maximum flexibility when setting up your cabinet so you get the perfect fit for your bathroom. With a storage solution like the medicine cabinet, not only will you have quick access to all your supplies but also peace of mind from knowing they are safely tucked away. All in all, this unit sure comes handy!Are you on the hunt for the perfect medicine cabinet to store all of your everyday essentials? Look no further! We've compiled a list of fifteen of the highest-rated and most popular medicine cabinets currently on the market, complete with key features and reviews from satisfied customers. Here, we strive to help ensure that you find just what you're looking for in terms of both form and function. So whether it's a single door carved out white wooden one-door cabinet or something more modern like aluminum stainless steel triview led medicine cabinet, this comprehensive list has got you covered! Keep reading to discover our top picks in each category and make sure that your medical supplies are neat and organized without disrupting any existing decor.

1. Decadom LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet

Get ready in style and convenience with the Decadom LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet Recessed or Surface, complete with Defogger, Dimmer, Clock, Room Temp Display, 3x Magnification Mirror, plus Built-in Outlets & USBs. Now your morning routine will be a breeze with this beautiful and innovative all-in-one mirror! This modern design features a lighted LED mirror you can position flush to the wall or surface mount as you choose. You’ll have access anytime to a powerful line-up of must-have tools, like defogger settings that heat up your mirror at the touch of a button. The dimmer allows you to find the perfect brightness for any activity. And when it's time to check on appointments or meetings throughout the day, just look up to see useful information such as the date and temperature. Plus a 3X makeup mirror helps ensure that your look is flawless every day! To maximize your convenience even further there are built-in power outlets and USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at once without having to run cords all over your bathroom. The Aura 24x30/L model features an attractive polished stainless steel trim for an elegant finishing touch! Indulge in luxury and productivity each morning with the Decadom LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet Recessed or Surface today!

Decadom LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet


2. Kohler Aluminum Single Medicine Cabinet

Experience the perfect blend of convenience, functionality, and style with the Kohler Aluminum Single Medicine Cabinet. Its sleek anodized aluminum construction is highly resistant to oxidation and rust, meaning it will last for a long time without compromising its look. Additionally, its two adjustable tempered-glass shelves and two-way opening hinges make it easy to access the contents inside. For a truly modern touch, this medicine cabinet features a full-overlay mirrored door and mirrored interior for total coverage. You can also easily ourface or recess mount this single medicine cabinet with its included side mirror kit for added versatility. With overall dimensions of 15”W x 26”H, it offers ample storage space without taking up too much room in your bathroom or vanity. Add sophistication and user-friendly convenience to any area with the Kohler Medicine Cabinet today.

Kohler Aluminum Single Medicine Cabinet


3. Tangkula Mirrored Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Introducing the Tangkula Mirrored Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinet, the perfect storage solution for any bathroom. This beautiful cabinet is made out of high quality engineered wood and it comes in a sleek grey finish that will fit into any bathroom decor. With its 6"D x 20"W x 26"H dimensions and wall-mounted design, this medicine cabinet offers ample storage space and also helps to save on floor space while adding a touch of modern contemporary style to your restroom. Inside you'll find adjustable shelves with plenty of room for all your medical supplies, towels, paper rolls, and other essentials. And with a mirrored door, your items will stay secure and discreet while also keeping unwanted dust and humidity away. Don't wait to give your bathroom a stylish update - transform it with the elegant styling of Tangkula's Mirrored Medicine Cabinet today! An affordable choice that leaves an unforgettable impression, this recessed medicine cabinet is also great for adding extra storage in smaller bathrooms and maximizing space when you're short on square footage. Add practicality and elegance to your bathroom today with the Tangkula Mirrored Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinet!

Tangkula Mirrored Bathroom Medicine Cabinet


4. Tangkula Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Introducing the Tangkula Mirrored Medicine Cabinet – an absolute essential for any modern bathroom! Crafted from high-grade materials, this recessed cabinet features a mirrored door to add depth and style to your bathing space. The adjustable double-sided mirror lets you store all your bathroom essentials with ease. Inside the cabinet, you’ll find three adjustable glass shelves that are perfect for organizing toiletries like shampoo, soap, and lotion. Whether it’s installed in a drywall or surface mount, this decorative and luxurious medicine cabinet will no doubt give your bathroom an elegant upgrade. With two different adjustable shelves, you can easily keep your personal items neat and accessible. Our modern medicine cabinet adds extra storage plus a touch of sophisticated style to any bathroom. Its mirrored door opens up to reveal three adjustable glass shelves and two additional adjustable shelves that provide plenty of space for all of your bathroom essentials. The decorative cabinet features will leave a lasting impression on anyone who enters your restroom. Whether it is wall mounted or surface mounted, theTangkula Mirrored Medicine Cabinet fits any decor with its sleek design and double sided mirror door. You can easily adjust the glass shelves for a customized look or stack items for optimal organization within the recessed medicine cabinet. With multiple installation options available, you won't have to compromise on storage solutions ever again.

Tangkula Mirrored Medicine Cabinet


5. Mirrors and More Medicine Cabinets

Treat your bathroom to a modern upgrade with Mirrors and More's medicine cabinets. This cabinet makes the perfect solution for all your storage and mirror needs in one place thanks to its durable aluminum construction, hinged door, and two adjustable shelves. Enjoy additional convenience with the soft close hinges that ensure the cabinet won't shut harshly and disturb you while getting ready in the morning. The rectangular mirrors provide a touch of style and an extra storage space for makeup and other accessories. With many medicine cabinets to choose from, you're guaranteed to find one to fit your bathroom wall perfectly. Our rectangular mirrors offer ample viewing space, so you can have peace of mind that you’ll look your best every time you walk out the door. Each cabinet also includes a door that swings open effortlessly with clean lines and a recessed installation for easier access. And, complete mounting hardware is included for an easy installation you can do yourself. These modern medicine cabinets are perfect for small bathrooms where space is limited but style is important. You won’t find yourself sacrificing any of one or the other with our products. With integrated LED lights and an aluminum frame, the perfect combination of aesthetics and utility come together in harmony. With Mirrors and More, it’s easy to enliven your bathroom with style and luxury!

Mirrors and More Medicine Cabinets


6. Umbra Modern Medicine Cabinet

Introducing the new Umbra Modern Medicine Cabinet - the perfect medicine cabinet for adding classic decor and style to your bathroom. With its sleek design and beveled edges, this is an eye-catching piece that will stand the test of time. The integrated lighting, crown molded top, sturdy construction and magnifying mirror provide more than just aesthetic appeal – they also make it functional enough to fit all your needs! This beautiful piece is also versatile enough to be mounted surface-mounted or recessed, giving you even more options when it comes to placement. Featuring four shelves, plenty of storage space and surface space provides you with a great spot to store all your medicines and toiletries. Plus, unlike other cabinets on the market, this one features an electrical outlet in the back – making it easier than ever to plug in electric shavers or razors! Not only do you get a product made with quality craftsmanship but you can also rest assured knowing that Umbra's customer service reports are second-to-none if you have any questions or need assistance with installation. Invest in quality today and purchase the Umbra Modern Medicine Cabinet!

Umbra Modern Medicine Cabinet


7. Zenna Home Cottage Wall Cabinet

Add a touch of stylish storage to any room in your home with the Zenna Home Cottage Wall Cabinet. This contemporary design has modern straight lines and beveled edges, with rounded corners and a sleek style that adds trendy styling to any decor. This wall-mounted cabinet has two shelves and is functional as well as visually pleasing, making it the perfect choice for home storage. There's even recessed models available for a different look, plus you can choose surface mounting for mounting this wall cabinet directly on your wall. And best of all, customer service reports show how much people love this quality piece of furniture! So don't wait - add timeless style to your home by incorporating the Zenna Home Cottage Wall Cabinet today!

Zenna Home Cottage Wall Cabinet


8. Iwell Black Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Introducing the Iwell Black Bathroom Cabinet - the perfect organizational and storage solution for any bathroom. This contemporary and chic cabinet is made with a black wood-style finish that adds both modern vibes and elegance to your space. Its soft closure hinges control the slow closing of the compartment, so you’ll never worry about startling yourself in the morning or wake up family members while opening it. With three adjustable shelves, this cabinet lets you customize storage as needed, from holding everyday items like toiletries and towels to buy medicine cabinets and other smaller items that need concealing away for a neat and organized look. With such customizable options at hand, you’ll feel like a master of organization. The Iwell Black Bathroom Cabinet is durably crafted for lasting use; each shelf can hold up to 11 pounds of weight to maintain order within your home. A combination of style and functionality makes this cabinet an ideal fit for any bathroom; once you add it to your space, you won't regret it!

Iwell Black Bathroom Wall Cabinet


9. LVSOMT Wall Mounted Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Introducing the LVSOMT 24" x 28" Wall Mounted Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Mirror. If you're looking for a stylish and modern way to keep your bathroom organized and tidy, look no further! This chic marble black medicine cabinet makes any bathroom look sleek and on-trend while providing ample storage space. This spacious medicine cabinet features four shelves and three towel hooks, providing plenty of storage for all of your bathroom essentials. The shelves come in handy for grouping items into categories, such as hair care supplies, medicine bottles, first aid items, and more! With its waterproof aluminum frame construction, this medicine cabinet is also extremely durable and can stand up to water spills and humidity. Plus, the mirrors on both sides offer an elegant touch in addition to providing extra light and visibility when you need it most. No more clutter or mess from scattered items in your bathroom. With the LVSOMT 24" x 28" Wall Mounted Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Mirror, everything has its place - making cleanup much easier! Plus, the included makeup bag keeps all of your makeup in one convenient spot without taking up shelf space. You'll be organizing with ease in style thanks to this fashionable accessory that will add a splash of sophistication to any bathroom. Get yours today!

LVSOMT Wall Mounted Bathroom Medicine Cabinet


10. Blossom Recessed Medicine Cabinets

Introducing the sleek and modern Blossom Recessed or Surface LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet with Lights. Innovative and stylish, this unique product is perfect for transforming any bathroom into a luxurious oasis. Boasting bright LED lighting with a dual dimmer switch, you can adjust the lights to your desired level of brightness. Not only this, but the addition of an energy-saving defogger means that your mirror will remain sparkling and functional even after a good hot shower! Designed to offer maximum efficiency and convenience, this medicine cabinet also features a 3X integral makeup mirror, providing you with greater clarity when applying cosmetics. There are also two 100W outlets as well as USB chargers so you can keep things powered up while getting ready. Made from long-lasting aluminum alloy and premium stainless steel materials, this 30x32/Zoom Mirror medicine cabinet has everything you need in one convenient package. Upgrade your bathroom today and get ready in luxury with BLOSSOM!

Blossom Recessed Medicine Cabinets


11. Space Saver Storage Kitchen Medicine Cabinet

Are you looking for a clever and efficient way to store your bathroom and kitchen items? Look no further than the Space Saver Storage Kitchen Medicine Cabinet! This 17x21” Barndoor Bathroom Wall Cabinet is the perfect solution for homeowners who want to maximize their space in stylish, sophisticated fashion. This piece of furniture comes with an adjustable shelf that offers plenty of room to store everything from extra paper towels to medicines. It's constructed with thick, durable pine wood and finished off with a beautiful white color stain which will help make any bathroom or kitchen look amazing. Plus, it comes complete with an added towel bar along the side which makes it easy to keep your items neat and organized. But that's not all. The Space Saver Storage Kitchen Medicine Cabinet also has a sleek barn door design on its front which adds a bit of farmhouse charm to any area in your home. This charming feature is complemented by chic brass handles that will add a hint of glamor and sophistication as well. Who says storage can't be visually appealing too? Not only does this product offer great design features, but it is also incredibly useful for keeping things organized in tight spaces. Whether you're looking for an efficient way to store kitchen or bathroom appliances or need an extra bit of storage for small knick-knacks, this wall cabinet has got you covered. Forget about clutter - this Space Saver is here to simplify your life!

Space Saver Storage Kitchen Medicine Cabinet


12. Yaheetech Mount Medicine Cabinet

With the Yaheetech Mount Medicine Cabinet, you'll never have to spend another afternoon rummaging through a cluttered bathroom cabinet ever again. Constructed from engineered wood and a metallic iron frame, this durable medicine cabinet is designed for style, stability, and longevity. The contemporary white finish will look great in any modern-style bathroom, adding a crisp and clean feel that can instantly update your decor. The 13.78" width provides plenty of room to store all of your important medication and first aid items - plus beauty products! With its wall mount installation, no drilling or additional tools are required; simply mount the cabinet above the sink or vanity for convenience. At 8.27" deep and 21.65" high, you get maximum storage without compromising space. Get organized with the Yaheetech Mount Medicine Cabinet!

Yaheetech Mount Medicine Cabinet


13. Krugg LED Medicine Cabinet

Introducing the Krugg LED Medicine Cabinet – the perfect balance of style, sophistication and storage. This top-of-the-line medicine cabinet offers all of the features you’d expect from a luxury piece of furniture, plus some unique bells and whistles. From its elegant design to its advanced functionality, the Krugg LED Medicine Cabinet is the ideal addition to any home. First, this 24” x 36” beauty is incredibly versatile. Its clever design allows for either a recessed or surface mount installation, so it fits seamlessly into your existing décor. Plus, there's a handy defogger and dimmer setting so you can adjust the illumination in any room at any time. Inside, you'll find ample storage space along with three mirrors – one on the outside and two on the inside! The Krugg LED Medicine Cabinet stands out from others thanks to its added amenities. An integrated electrical outlet is included so you can charge up your electric razor or other grooming items without having to leave the bathroom - or even open another drawer! And if that wasn't enough convenience, there's also a USB port conveniently located within reach. Finally, Krugg doesn't sacrifice style for substance - this stunning piece looks as good as it functions. The smooth tempered glass finish and stainless steel trim means this medicine cabinet will look sleek in practically any room in your house.

Krugg LED Medicine Cabinet


14. Design House Ventura Misc Cabinet

Transform any room of your house with the Design House Ventura Misc Cabinet. This attractive wall-mount cabinet is a stylish storage solution for almost any area. Built from sturdy wood and available in an eye-catching espresso finish, it’s sure to add a touch of sophistication to your interior design. Measuring 16 inches by 30 inches by 5 inches, this multi-purpose cabinet has two adjustable shelves that are capable of holding whatever items you need to store away and free up some space. Pre-assembled and ready to install, the Ventura makes it easy to get organized quickly and efficiently. You can take comfort in knowing the cabinet surface is resistant to chipping or fading due to everyday use, but should you ever find yourself needing maintenance, there is an easily accessible Touch-Up Repair Kit available (sold separately). This kit includes a marker, fill stick, and plastic scrapper - so minor blemishes are just a touch away from being long gone. With its sleek and modern design, the Ventura will remain trendy in your home for many years down the road.

Design House Ventura Misc Cabinet


15. Zenna Home Prism Beveled Medicine Cabinet

Give your bathroom an instant upgrade with the ultra-modern Zenna Home Prism Beveled Medicine Cabinet. Perfect for adding a touch of elegant minimalism to your space, this chic cabinet features a frameless beveled mirror front and a white powder coated steel body for a sleek look. The hidden piano hinges provide an uncluttered look that fits any décor, while its reversible design allows for both left and right handed opening. Whether you choose to surface or recess mount it in a 13.25” W x 23.25” H opening, the Zenna Home Prism Beveled Medicine Cabinet will upgrade your bathroom with its modern style. At 4.5” D x 16” W x 26” H, it is the perfect size for holding your daily items and keeping them secure and organized without sacrificing any of your precious space!

Zenna Home Prism Beveled Medicine Cabinet


Here Are 7 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Medicine Cabinet for Your Bathroom

Stocking up your medicine cabinet can be a lifesaver during an emergency. With the right items, you can easily treat minor medical issues in your own home without having to make an extra trip to the doctor or pharmacy. Some must-have items for your medicine cabinet include first-aid supplies such as bandages and gauze, over-the-counter therapy items like pain relievers, cold medicines and antacids, and essential medical instruments like a thermometer, tweezers and scissors. Keeping all these items readily available can help you provide quick care for yourself or a loved one in case of an urgent situation. Are you in the market for a new medicine cabinet for your bathroom? Finding the right one can be a daunting task, with so many factors to consider, from size and style to functionality and affordability. This blog post will break down seven key tips to help you make the best choice for your bathroom and your budget. Read on to learn everything you need to know to purchase the perfect medicine cabinet for your space.

1. Evaluate your storage needs

Before you start browsing options for your medicine cabinet, take a moment to assess your bathroom storage needs. Do you simply need a small space to store your daily toiletries and medicines? Or do you need a larger cabinet to hold all the skincare products, grooming tools, and medications for the entire family? Knowing how much space you require will help you focus on finding a cabinet that meets your needs.

2. Choose the right style

Select a style that suits your bathroom décor and personal taste. Medicine cabinets come in various designs, from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. Consider whether you prefer a wall-mounted or a freestanding cabinet, as well as whether you want a mirrored or solid-door model. A mirrored cabinet offers the practical advantage of serving as a mirror while taking up minimal space, while a cabinet with a solid door allows for a more discreet storage option.

3. Consider the material

The material of your medicine cabinet is vital for both functionality and aesthetics. Wood, plastic, and metal are the most common materials used. Wooden cabinets provide a classic, warm, and timeless look. Metal options, such as stainless steel or brushed nickel, offer a sleek, modern, and easy-to-clean surface. Finally, plastic medicine cabinets provide an affordable and lightweight alternative. When choosing a material, consider factors such as humidity-resistance and durability.

4. Prioritize functionality

While style and design are essential, don't overlook the importance of the cabinet's general functionality. Features such as adjustable shelves, mirrored door interiors, and built-in lighting can make your medicine cabinet more user-friendly and practical. Additionally, be sure to inspect the quality of the hinges and doors to ensure they open smoothly and close securely.

5. Measure your space

Before settling on a specific medicine cabinet, take precise measurements of the area where you plan to install it. Wall-mounted cabinets require a clear, unobstructed wall space, while recessed cabinets necessitate sufficient depth and stud support within the wall cavity. The size of the cabinet should be proportional to the space available – neither too large nor too small. go with three glass shelves round medicine cabinet.

6. Understand the installation process

Different types of medicine cabinets might require different levels of expertise for installation. For instance, recessed models generally necessitate wall modification and can be more complex to install than wall-mounted ones. It is crucial to understand the installation requirements of your favored cabinet and know whether you will need professional help or if you can handle it yourself.

7. Set a budget

As with any home improvement project, setting a budget is important when purchasing a medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinets come in a wide range of prices, depending on factors such as material, design, and brand. Be sure to factor installation costs into your budget if needed. Once you have determined your budget, stick to it and look for cabinets that match your requirements yet stay within your price range.


Finding the perfect medicine cabinet for your bathroom might require in-depth research and consideration, but following these seven tips will streamline your search and help you make the most informed decision possible. Remember to evaluate your storage needs, pick the right style and material, prioritize functionality, carefully measure your space, understand the installation process, and set a budget for the project. With these guidelines in mind, you'll be well on your way to selecting the ideal medicine cabinet that meets all your needs and enhances your bathroom's aesthetics.

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