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Toilet paper holders are a necessary accessory for many bathrooms, providing easy access to toilet paper and creating an attractive look. Whether you're using old-fashioned spindle holders or modern dispensers, the options for stylish designs are endless. From traditional brass to sleek chrome, there is something for every bathroom decor. Modern versions often feature innovative designs such as auto feed systems, which effortlessly dispense one sheet of tissue at a time without having to replace a whole roll. Whichever type or style you choose, make sure it's strong enough to hold up against moisture and regular use!Toilet paper is a necessity of life, coming in countless different varieties, sizes, shapes and colors. However one thing remains the same; it has to be stored somewhere! Throughout this blog post we will share our top 10 picks for toilet paper holders that combine functionality with style so you can find the perfect solution to keep your bathroom tidy and looking great. From contemporary designs with sleek lines to classic storage solutions in warm wood tones - we've got something here for everyone no matter the theme or decor of your bathroom space. Read on to discover just what these fantastic products have to offer you.Whether you’re searching for something elegant and decorative or just need a reliable holder that does its job well – we've got you covered! Keep reading for all the information and tips on choosing the best toilet paper holder for any restroom.

1. Amazon Basics Modern Euro Toilet Paper Holder

Introducing the Amazon Basics Modern Euro Toilet Paper Holder, crafted with sturdy zinc and finished in a stunning oil rubbed bronze. This eye-catching piece is wall mounted and features an arm finished in matte black. The versatile design allows you to fit any style whether in the bathroom or out on the patio. With dimensions of 7-inches (17.78 cm) wide and 3.13 inches (7.95 cm) projection, it easily fits into any décor and provides easy access for your toilet paper needs. This toilet paper holder boasts a robust weight inclusion of 11 lbs (5kgs). Constructed with top quality materials plus mounting screws, brackets, and drywall anchors included, this model promises a secure and installation process that requires nothing more than a 1/8-inch (3.17mm) slotted screwdriver—not even included!—for effortless setup. As always with Amazon Basics products, our Modern Euro Holder is backed by an Amazon Basics limited one-year warranty ensuring your peace of mind that you’re purchasing a reliable product at affordable price points so you can shop confidently knowing you are getting great value for your dollars spent.

Amazon Basics Modern Euro Toilet Paper Holder


2. SunnyPoint Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder Stand

Add some sparkle to your bathroom with the SunnyPoint Free Standing Toilet Paper Stand! Our stand is designed with a brushed brass finish to make any bathroom look beautiful. It stands out from other toilet paper holders with its modern, chic look. This free standing stand is perfect for larger rolls and extra rolls of toilet paper. Instead of relying on an older, wall-mounted holder, you can keep your all of your tissue paper handy in one convenient place. It has a secure adhesive that attaches it to the bathroom wall while still allowing it to move up and down without slipping down, so you can store your extra toilet paper rolls either individually or in a bundle – whatever works best for your needs. The perfect solution to store and access extra toilet paper rolls, the SunnyPoint Free Standing Toiletpaper Stand is the best option when you have multiple family members and guests using different types and sizes of rolls. Plus, it's strong enough to work with jumbo rolls like they should be! Whether you need a stylish touch or an efficient way to store toilet paper, this holder will do it all – we bet you won't find better quality in any other tissue paper holders!

SunnyPoint Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder Stand


3. Nolimas Brushed Nickel Toilet Paper Stands

Are you looking for a reliable, stylish bathroom toilet paper holder to accompany your bathroom décor? Look no further than the Nolimas Brushed Nickel Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder! This wall-mounted standing toilet paper holder that offers immense convenience while adding an elegant touch to any bathroom. It can fit up to three rolls at once and is designed to accommodate jumbo rolls of toilet paper as well. The brushed nickel finish will surely add a modern feel to your bathroom space and is sure to turn heads in admiration! Additionally, this product comes with all of the necessary hardware so you won’t need to go out and buy it. And with its wall-mounted construction, this solution requires absolutely no floor space which gives your bathroom that extra ‘airiness’. Whether you use single sheets, tissue paper rolls or mega rolls in the bathroom, the Nolimas Brushed Nickel Toilet Paper Holder has got your back! Get yours today for an easy way to spruce up your bathrooom décor as well as accessorize it with unmatched convenience.

Nolimas Brushed Nickel Toilet Paper Stands


4. TreeLen Best Toilet Paper Holder

Are you tired of looking at the same old toilet paper holder in your bathroom? The TreeLen Toilet Paper Holder Stand is here to give you the perfect solution to your needs! This wall mountable toilet paper holder is designed to fit most toilet paper roll holders and can hold up to one full-sized toilet paper roll, plus multiple tissue paper rolls. Thanks to its sturdy stand design, it will remain firmly fixed even after holding larger toilet paper rolls! The TreeLen Toilet Paper Holder Stand not only adds a modern look to any bathroom interior with its sleek stainless steel body and stylish curves, but it also increases convenience by eliminating the need for cumbersome old-style holders. Easily mountable on any flat surface, it's truly a must have for any home or office. Make your bathroom look more elegant today with the TreeLen Toilet Paper Holder Stand! Get yours now and enjoy its convenient features forever.Not only do they provide a stylish accent to your bathroom, they also help keep your toilet paper safe and in-reach. With so many designs available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

TreeLen Best Toilet Paper Holder


5. KES Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holder

Finally, the perfect solution to all of your bathroom paper storage needs has arrived! Introducing the KES Wall Mounted Toilet Papers Holder! This sleek and modern toilet paper holder is an ideal addition to any bathroom's decor. It comes with all the hardware you need and is made with a durable metal so it will keep up with your busiest days. The wall mounted option allows for five rolls of toilet paper which makes sure no one ever runs out again. But don't worry if you're a fan of freestanding best toilet paper holders too; this KES includes one that gives you quick access to tissue paper rolls and other bathroom fixtures. Plus, this product looks great in any setting, elevating your bathroom chic to a whole new level. Investing the KES Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holder puts an end to days of running out of paper products in your busy bathroom. Get yours today and never worry about running out again!

KES Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holder


6. TomCare Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder

TomCare's heavy duty stainless steel toilet tissue holder is the perfect addition to any bathroom. Thanks to the mounting hardware, it can be easily attached in minutes - and with self-adhesive models available, you can have it up in a flash! Installing your TomCare tissue holder is simple with our detailed instructions and step-by-step process – you’ll have it up and running every time. And because this model comes with a storage space, you won’t have to worry about where to store extra rolls of tissue. The weighted base gives this freestanding, adhesive toilet paper holder superior balance and stability, making it capable of holding larger size rolls with ease. Plus, you won't have to sacrifice style for strength – the high quality metal frame and stylish satin nickel or chrome finish will elevate any bathroom decor. You'll also appreciate the horizontal bar that creates additional vertical space saving opportunities, while still accommodating extra large rolls. Our durable materials ensure long lasting use – so don't be surprised when you find yourself reaching for your TomCare heavy duty stainless steel toilet tissue holder time after time!

TomCare Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder


7. CRO Decor Double Toilet Paper Holder

Introducing the CRO Decor Double Toilet Paper Holder – say goodbye to toilet paper storage problems with this easy-to-use and stylish best toilet paper holder ever. Forget about having just one kind of basic, boring tissue paper roll or single toilet paper holders; this one has it all! The contemporary design allows for up to five rolls of toilet paper storage so no matter how many people come into your home, you’ll always be prepared. The best part? This unique and modern holder is made from a durable material that won’t chip or crumble, making it a great choice for bathrooms big and small. With an extra adhesive roll holder and a convenient toilet paper dispenser, you can be sure that your setup is exactly as you need it to be: reliable, attractive, and just the right size. Invest in the ultimate toilet paper holder today - the CRO Decor Double Toilet Paper Holder!

CRO Decor Double Toilet Paper Holder


8. iDesign Metal Tissue Holder Stand

Embrace the timeless and classic charm of the iDesign Metal Tissue Holder Stand. Crafted from alloy steel with a beautiful bronze finish, this free-standing holder offers both an elegant and functional design. Boasting sturdy and slim construction, it is perfect for any bathroom or RV and can easily fit in even small spaces. It also features a stainless steel reserve canister which can store up to three rolls of tissue and one toilet paper roll each - keeping it always close at hand when you need it. With its rust-resistant finish, the iDesign Metal Tissue Holder Stand looks great doing what it was designed to do! This stylish and high-quality stand is crafted from sturdy steel construction, ensuring it will last through years of use. You'll love its beautiful leaf wire design with bronze finish that will add an elegant touch to any decor theme. It's also conveniently sized at 6.8" x 15.2", making it easy to fit between your toilet and the counter or wall, or in your closet or bathroom. Add instant organization and style with this must-have accessory from iDesign! We combine sophistication and innovation to help you make every day easier with innovative products designed to organize your home with style.

iDesign Metal Tissue Holder Stand


9. Prodigen Industrial Toilet Paper Holder

Add a stylish and modern touch to your bathroom with this Prodigen Industrial Toilet Paper Holder! Made of durable, rustic wooden shelf and cast iron pipe hardware construction, this toilet paper holder has a vintage industrial look that is sure to spruce up even the most plain or simple bathrooms. The white finish brings a clean and timeless look to the room. With its sturdy design, you won't need to worry about it falling or coming loose. It's also easy to install — all you need is a flat surface and the included mounting hardware. The shelf allows you to store extra rolls size roll of of toilet paper right where you need them most, making it convenient for both everyday use and guests alike. So upgrade your home with the functional, stylish Prodigen Industrial Toilet Paper Holder today!

Prodigen Industrial Toilet Paper Holder


10. KES Rustproof Tissue Roll Holder

Are you looking for the perfect way to spruce up your bathroom? Add a touch of elegance and sophistication with the KES Rustproof Tissue Roll Holder! This modern floor stand tissue right toilet paper holder is the perfect addition for any sophisticated home. Constructed from stainless steel, this rustproof holder can withstand the toughest of wear and tear, ensuring that it won’t succumb to corrosion or rusting. The sleek, brushed finish adds an understated sheen that will subtly upgrade any space while adding convenience and style. Keep one roll of toilet paper easily accessible while maintaining a clutter-free environment in your bath or powder room - conveniently place this tissue roll holder wherever works best for you! With its easy assembly process, you can add this beautiful tissue roll holder to your space in no time at all. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for style anymore - opt for form as well as function with KES Rustproof Tissue Roll Holder!

KES Rustproof Tissue Roll Holder


Here Are 7 Tips to Select the Right Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper holders provide a convenient and necessary way of keeping toilet paper at the ready in any bathroom. A good quality holder not only keeps a large supply of toilet paper with ease but also adds to the aesthetics of the interior. With many different materials, shapes, sizes, and designs available today, it's easy to find one that will fit into any existing bathroom decor. Whether you prefer a classic look or something more modern, there is sure to be an attractive and practical toilet paper holder to suit your needs. Not only are these holders incredibly useful additions to any bathroom, they also show an eye for detail and thought given to the design, making them an essential item for anyone who wants to bring their home decor up a notch. In the market for a new toilet paper holder? It can be difficult to choose the right one, given the seemingly endless array of styles and materials available. From functional to decorative, there’s a toilet paper holder out there that’s just right for your bathroom. Here are 7 tips for selecting a toilet paper holder that will meet all your needs.

1. Consider Your Bathroom Decor 

The first step in selecting a toilet paper holder is determining what type of look you are going for in your bathroom. Do you want something modern or classic? Sleek and minimalistic or decorative and ornate? Knowing what kind of style you want in your bathroom will help narrow down your selection.

2. Choose Durability

You don’t want to have to replace your toilet paper holder any time soon, so it’s important to select one that is durable enough to last. Materials like stainless steel, brass, and chrome are known for their durability and corrosion resistance and are good choices if you are looking for something long-lasting.

3. Determine Your Needs

Are you looking for a single-post holder or one with two posts? Do you need additional storage space near the toilet? Being clear about exactly what features you need from your toilet paper holder will help you make an informed decision when shopping around.

4. Pay Attention to Details

Once you have narrowed down some options based on style and material, take some time to examine each product more closely. Look at photos from multiple angles so you can get a better sense of what it looks like up close. Read customer reviews if they are available as well; they can provide helpful insight into how well each product holds up over time.

5. Consider Price

When it comes to budgeting for a new toilet paper holder, keep in mind that prices can vary greatly depending on the style, material, and brand name of each product. Shop around until you find something within your budget that meets all of your needs and preferences—don’t be afraid to compare prices online as well!

6. Measure Twice

Before making any final purchases, make sure that whatever model of toilet paper holder you select will fit in the space allotted in your bathroom. Measure twice (or even three times) before drilling any holes or mounting anything on walls or doors!

7. Buy Accessories

If necessary, purchase additional hardware such as screws or mounting brackets if they aren't included with the product itself; this way, everything needed for installation is already on hand when it's time to mount the TP holder onto the wall or door frame in its final location!


With these 7 tips in mind, selecting a new toilet paper holder should be much easier than ever before! Be sure to consider both form and function when choosing yours; focus on finding something that is both stylish and sturdy—that way it will last longer while still looking great alongside other elements of your bathroom decor! Good luck!

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