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Wall murals are becoming increasingly popular as a way to add visual interest, colour, and character to an otherwise dull room. Whether it's a mural of your favourite city skyline or a mural featuring intricate works of art, wall mural artwork is popping up in homes around the world. One important factor when considering mural installation is its location – this decision should be made with thought and care. The mural should look best in its surrounding environment and draw people's attention to the wall itself instead of blending into the surroundings. If done correctly, a mural can become an incredible focal point for guests, who will be sure to marvel at the artist's handiwork. Wall murals are all the rage right now and for good reason. They provide a unique and creative way to transform an otherwise dull or boring space into something unique, breathtaking, and special. Wall murals come in a diverse array of designs, colors, textures & finishes that can be tailored to fit any style or aesthetic. And they don’t just look great on their own – they also help draw focus to existing artwork or furniture items in your room! Not only can they help boost creativity and inspire positive thinking, but they also make great conversation starters when entertaining guests.There is no limit to what type of wall mural you can create - from abstract art to realistic scenes, it’s entirely up to you how you want your walls decorated! So without further ado – here are 10 amazing wall mural ideas that will give your home interior some major wow factor!

1. artgeist Tropical Island Wall Mural

Introducing artgeist's Tropical Island Wall Mural – a vibrant and beautiful addition to any home or office. This colorful mural is hand-crafted in Europe and offers an easy, peel-and-stick installation process. Each of the seven self-adhesive strips creates an eye-catching pattern that is scaled to match the chosen size. In addition to being easy to apply and remove when necessary, artgeist's Tropical Island Wall Mural is incredibly durable as it is made of high quality materials that are both washable and abrasion-resistant. It is also odorless, making it safe for bedrooms or children's rooms. Welcome to the secret garden – an escape from reality brought to you by artgeist’s tropical island wall mural. This incredible mural is a beautiful blend of street art and wallpaper trends, giving your walls a unique look. Our wall panels are designed by artist duo Paulo Ro and Mirela Mustacevic, as a way to add an extra layer of beauty in any space. Blending contemporary urban vibes with botanic visuals, our tropical island mural will transport you to another world right in the comfort of your own home. Let the mesmerizing design draw you in as each panel transports you through a stunning scenery featuring intricate foliage patterns, varied textures and soothing colors that will create an eye-catching backdrop for any room. The wall mural features unique tropical themes that will add a touch of coziness and style to any interior space. Plus, each wallpaper is handmade after purchase, making it truly unique! So don't wait – upgrade your wall with artgeist's stunning Tropical Island Wall Mural today!

artgeist Tropical Island Wall Mural


2. Peel and Stick Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

Stay ahead of the trends with Peel and Stick Self-Adhesive Wallpaper! This revolutionary product offers an easy way to transform boring walls into stunning visual statements in the blink of an eye. Spray paint has quickly become one of the hottest interior design trends over the past few years, thanks to its of-the-moment vibrancy and modern flair. With Peel and Stick Self-Adhesive Wallpaper, you can seamlessly create colorful designs with a great sense of depth in your very own space. Whether you’re inspired by Keith Haring’s iconic graffiti or prefer a more monochromatic design scheme, this wallpaper allows you to customize your interior design while adding that extra dimension you’ve been craving. Plus, it’ll stick when it needs to — until you want it to come off! Just peel and stick them on any flat surface, including walls, ceilings or furniture, can even be applied on slightly textured surfaces! The Tropical #01 design is a sure winner if you're looking for an easy way to add subtle decoration to your bedroom or living room. The vibrant colors come alive against the fabric substrate, creating a picture perfect nature theme. Its waterproof construction repels moisture and makes it ideal for unforgiving rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. It's also incredibly durable since its made with eco-friendly materials that are designed to last for years. And when you're ready for a new look, these wallpapers are easily removable without leaving any damage behind.

Peel and Stick Self-Adhesive Wallpaper


3. Signwin Beach Seascape Walls Mural

Are you a fan of art and looking to spruce up your living space? Our Beach Seascape Walls Mural is the perfect addition to any wall. This new trend will create an airy, beach vibe with its whimsical design. You'll be in awe of the drama it can bring to any room—a perfect option for artists and admirers alike. Bring a touch of life's beauty to your home with the Beach Seascape Walls Mural! This hand painted mural adds the perfect peaceful ambience to any interior. Inspired by the life of the city and nature, this tribute to the sea showcases an idyllic beach seascape that will turn any house into an enchanted hideaway. The warm golden sunsets and graceful figures on this stunning mural create a masterful atmosphere, making it perfect for adding a cozy and calming decorating piece to your home. With its inviting design and enchanting imagery, you won't be able to resist this aesthetically pleasing Beach Seascape Walls Mural. This stunning mural features a painting that brings nature's beauty into your space. Our designers have captured the world around them in a stunning style, lined with coral and blues that breathe life into any wall they grace. From the ocean hues to the alcoves filled with starfish, our experts have crafted a mural that will instantly transport you to a serene shoreline anytime you enter your space. Use this unique piece to energize your home décor and be inspired by what nature has to offer!

Signwin Beach Seascape Walls Mural


4. wall26 Removable Wall Sticker

Are you wanting to add some decorative flair and personality to the walls of your home? wall26 Removable Wall Stickers are a great option! With innovative designs, textures, and patterns, our wall stickers are sure to inspire creativity. Whether you’re looking for a fun decoration piece or a unique way to complete the look of your home, wall26 offers something for every taste. Our wall sticker collection is designed for effortless application so that even novice decorators can make their space come alive with these new pieces. Not only are they easy to hang, but also easy to remove should you change your mind or want a different color scheme in your room. Each removable wallpaper will go up in no time — they’re perfect for renters and people who might not be able to paint their walls or have restrictions such as home owners’ associations. Don’t settle for dull homes when you can spice things up with wall26 Removable Wall Stickers! With thousands of shop designs — from florals to geometric patterns – there will always be something perfect for creating the atmosphere you desire. Look beyond those boring white walls and liven up your neighborhood with an eye-catching design from wall26!

wall26 Removable Wall Sticker


5. wall26 Dripping Paint Graffiti Wall Murals

Looking for a creative way to bring fresh energy into your space? Look no further than the wall26 Dripping Paint Graffiti Wall Mural! Transforming any room into an edgy urban oasis, this mural is artfully composed to bring your walls to life. The community pattern of vibrant paint gives off a bold and iconic presence that radiates in its overlapping elements - forming a gorgeous landscape for you to draw artistic inspiration from. No two pieces are the same; exploring each individual piece’s unique texture is like going on an exciting exploration through the depths of an artist’s imagination. If you’re ready to break away from traditional decorating rules, the wall26 Dripping Paint Graffiti Wall Mural offers a bold and daring aesthetic that will add a touch of modern flair to your home. Transform your walls with the wall26 Dripping Paint Graffiti Wall Mural and escape to the world of the street artist’s creative vision. This energy-packed piece of art gives any room a fresh, bold look, full of color and life. The iconic images featured in this mural represent a sense of daring and artistic expression, allowing you to feel empowered in adding unique style to your home. Whether you choose to spice up an office with vibrant colors, refresh a playroom with vibrancy, or reinvigorate a living space with excitement, this graffiti wall mural will make all the difference. Add one powerful burst of brilliance today—it's time to redefine your space!

wall26 Dripping Paint Graffiti Wall Murals


6. Fall Forest Stream Removable Wall Mural

Bring a unique and dramatic impact to your space with the Fall Forest Stream Removable Wall Mural! This vibrant mural was created by acclaimed street artists, offering you the best of contemporary street art in your home or business. With four intricately painted panels, the mural spans up to 70ft and can be placed anywhere from floor to ceiling. The vibrant colors and detailed depictions of trees, forests, rivers, and nature evoke a peaceful atmosphere, creating a cozy yet eye-catching addition to any room. Installing is easy – this one-piece wallpaper features a special adhesive backing that won’t damage interior walls. Invite nature into your living space instantly with the Fall Forest Stream Mural! Transform your wall into a powerful piece of nature with Fall Forest Stream Removable Wall Mural. With subtle hues of fall foliage and a powerful stream cutting through it, you'll bring an instantaneous richness to your home. Our street art mural is carefully designed to feature the beauty of nature in its finest form, and make an impressive statement even from four stories up. The removable wall mural allows you to add a dramatic effect to any living space or office—instantly! Let the calmness of a rushing stream relax your senses and transform any area. Whether you need something for a large corporate building or your small apartment, this removable wall mural will give you the best street art experience that no other product can emulate. Bring nature's beauty home today with Fall Forest Stream Removable Wall Mural.

Fall Forest Stream Removable Wall Mural


7. wall26 Foggy Pin Forest Wallpaper

Are you looking to add a dramatic and cozy touch to your home? wall26's Foggy Forest Pin Wallpaper is the perfect way to do just that! Let our stunning 4-story mural transport you away from everyday life while bringing a beautiful, natural vibe inside. With elements of street art and abstract textures, this piece will truly set your space apart. Crafted with high-quality materials, you can rest assured knowing you are getting the best of the best. Plus, it’s simple to install and easy to maintain – it won't fade or deteriorate over time like many other wallpapers! Transform any bedroom into a relaxed oasis of cool, calm woods. Ideal for those moments when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our Foggy Pin Forest wallpaper infuses any dull walls with the peacefulness and serenity of a vibrant green forest. Crafted from premium vinyl material, this self-adhesive single-use wallpaper is designed to last while adding a touch of sophistication and style. The perfect way to make your bedroom feel like an exotic paradise without having to leave the comfort of your own home. With its rectangular shape, this wallpaper creates an enveloping atmosphere that rejuvenates and calms. Go ahead make yourself [feel] at home: wall26 has got you covered!

wall26 Foggy Pin Forest Wallpaper


8. Dark Brick Background Wall Mural

Make a bold, stylish statement in your home or office with this beautiful Dark Brick Background Wall Mural from Wall26. This mural is cut into six pieces, each measuring 100"x24", for an overall size of 100"x144". Installation is so easy – just PEEL and STICK! It won’t leave any residue behind when repositioned, because we believe that you should be able to experiment with the perfect style without worry. Plus, our unique, exclusive designs are sure to make your space stand out from the rest. Whether it’s for indoor use on walls and doors, or outdoor areas like porches, patios and yards, you can count on this mural to freshen up any area you choose. Create the perfect canvas to showcase your modern-industrial style with this stunning Dark Brick Background Wall Mural from Wall26. This rectangular self-adhesive mural has a complex, yet elegant black-brick finish that is sure to command attention in any room in your home. It’s also incredibly durable and permanent so you can be sure that it will stay in place without fading or cracking over time. Ideal for adults, this Wall26 mural will add texture and visual interest to any wall in your living space. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing theme or create an entirely new look, this dark brick background wall mural is sure to amaze and draw the admiration of friends and family alike. Transform your home today with the vibrancy of the Wall26 Dark Brick Background Wall Mural! Transform your space today with this eye-catching wall mural – you won’t regret it!

Dark Brick Background Wall Mural


9. Waterfall Removable Large Sticker Foil

Introducing Waterfall Removable Large Sticker Foil; an eye-catching, unique wall decoration that will elevate the look and feel of any interior. Measuring approx. 294x231 cm and featuring six self-adhesive strips to easily adhere and remove as needed, this wallpaper is ideal for bedrooms, children’s rooms, or even any other space you desire! Our sticker foil is safe and odourless, so you can be sure it won’t be interfering with your health in any way. It is abrasion resistant too – meaning it will stay looking brand new, even with regular cleaning. Plus – assembly is as easy as pie! You simply choose whichever pattern from our range of unique themes that speaks to you the most and attach it to your wall in no time. This truly one-of-a-kind wallpaper is handmade for each individual customer after purchase. We take our time creating each piece, so you never have to worry about ending up with a mass-produced item made in bulk. With Waterfall Removable Large Sticker Foil, you can guarantee a unique piece every time!

Waterfall Removable Large Sticker Foil


10. High Definition Star Field Background

Welcome to the stars! The Wall26 High Definition Star Field Background immerses you in a stunning display of interstellar beauty with its crisp, high-resolution design. Whether you're daydreaming about outer space or decorating your home, this background adds a majestic touch to any setting. Featuring a brightly colored palette and intricate details, it will bring out the cosmic explorer in us all! The self-adhesive material allows for easy installation on most walls and surfaces. Perfect for adults looking to bring the night sky into their living room or bedroom, this background is sure to create an unmatchable out-of-this-world atmosphere. And with its single-use nature, you won't have any worries when it comes time to remove it; this item can be erased as quickly and easily as it was installed. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the stars in your own space with wall26's High Definition Star Field Background. Our self-adhesive, removable wall mural is 100x144 inches and provides you with a realistic image of deep space that will transform any room into an astronomical wonder. Featuring a high definition image resolution and vibrant colors, you'll be able to see individual stars twinkling in the sky from Earth. The wall mural is made from durable, thick plastic that's designed to last for years. The adhesive holds strong enough to keep the wall covering securely in place without damaging your walls as you can easily peel it off when you're ready for a change. So why not explore the universe with Wall26's High DefinitionStar Field Background? With its captivating visuals and reusable application, it makes an excellent addition to any space lover's collection!

High Definition Star Field Background


Here Are 6 Tips For Purchasing The Wall Murals

Wall murals have become increasingly popular over the past few years, with mural artists popping up all over the world. One mural of particular interest is located in Brooklyn, NY, where artist Keith Haring created a four-story mural. The mural adds an extra layer of drama to the already vibrant streets of Brooklyn, making it a stunning piece of art. Keith Haring only worked on this mural for three months before he passed away, which makes it even more special to his admirers. His vibrant style and bold colors truly pop off this mural and make it worth a visit! Purchasing a wall mural is an exciting and rewarding experience. Not only do they add interest to any room, but they can also be customized to match the individual style of the homeowner. With so many options and styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect mural for your home. To help make the process easier, here are 6 tips for purchasing wall murals that look perfect in any home.

1. Consider Your Room’s Size and Lighting

When selecting a wall mural, you should first consider the size of your room and its lighting conditions. Large rooms with lots of windows will require larger murals that are bright and vibrant. Smaller rooms with minimal natural light may need something more subdued or muted. Knowing the size of your space and its lighting conditions will help you find the right mural for your room's specific needs. So check where should be mural located.

2. Make Sure Your Mural Fits Your Aesthetic

Your wall mural should fit into the overall aesthetic of your home or office space. If you have a modern design, then a contemporary-style mural may be best suited for your needs. On the other hand, if you have a more traditional look, then a classic style may be better suited for you. Be sure to take into account both your personal tastes as well as any existing decor before making a final decision on what type of wall mural would look best in your home or office space.

3. Measure Twice, Buy Once

Before making a purchase, it is important to measure twice and buy once when it comes to wall murals. Measure out the area where you want to hang the mural before ordering so that you know exactly how much wallpaper you will need to cover it completely without any gaps or overlap issues. This will save time and money down the line by eliminating guesswork when it comes time to install it in your space.

4. Think About Maintenance Before Buying

Wall murals require some maintenance after installation in order to keep them looking their best for years to come. Depending on what material you choose (vinyl wallpaper or fabric wallpaper), cleaning instructions may vary slightly between materials so make sure you know what kind of care is required before purchasing one for your home or office space!

5. Choose High-Quality Materials

Choose high-quality materials like vinyl wallpaper or fabric wallpaper instead of cheaper alternatives such as poster paper or paper-backed vinyl wallpaper if possible - this will ensure that your wall mural looks its best over time while also being easy to clean and maintain! The quality of materials used in creating a wall mural can drastically affect its longevity so choose wisely!

6. Do Some Research Before You Buy

Doing research online is always helpful when shopping around for anything - especially when considering buying wall murals! There are many online resources available that can provide helpful tips on how best to install a new wall covering as well as reviews from customers who have already purchased similar products - use these resources wisely before making any final decisions!


Shopping around for wall murals can be an exciting yet daunting task; there are so many styles and options available! However, by following these 6 essential tips – considering size & lighting conditions; ensuring fit with aesthetics; measuring twice & buying once; thinking about maintenance before buying; choosing high quality materials; doing research beforehand – finding just the right one (or ones) won’t seem quite so overwhelming anymore! In no time at all, you’ll have beautiful new artwork adorning all four walls that perfectly complement each other – creating an inviting atmosphere throughout every room in your house.

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