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When it comes to creating magic, every detail matters. Have you ever planned a special event, where every detail went towards creating memories for everyone who witnessed it?

The “Drunk History” Couple knows all about that! See how very detail of their first dance, down to the beautiful oriental rug on the dance floor, played a part in creating the overall ambiance?

Decorating your dream home requires the very same level of planning and care!


When you think of your dream home, do you have every aspect of it planned in your head down to the smallest detail?

If you do, you aren’t alone. Most of us spend great lengths of time imagining not only how our dream home will look, but how it will make us feel.

Will it be bright and colorful throughout the house, or boast a modern and sophisticated theme? Will our furniture be cozy and inviting, or sleek and impressive?

Make Ideas A Reality

Whatever style you imagine your dream house to be, transforming your new home into the space you desire is an essential element in home ownership.

Comfortable decorations that fit your space and style are what make the difference between just purchasing a house, or making your house a home.

Houzz Idea Books Make It Simple

The hardest part about the process is transferring your ideas from your head, and implementing them in your new home.

If interior decoration isn’t your thing, making your vision come to life can seem like a difficult task.

Rug Knots on Houzz is one resource you can use to bring tons of great ideas at your fingertips, with just the click of your mouse.   

Here are a few of our favorite Houzz Idea books to help you start transforming your dreams today!

Global Decor

    What it is: The Go Global idea book allows the avid travel and/or explorer to bring their travel adventure inspirations to the comforts of their own home!

    Why you need it: If you’re the type person that is always planning your next adventure, this idea book is perfect for you.

    If you have a strong interest in different cultures, and dream of having the perfect space that showcases diversity across the globe, you’ll defiantly want to check this out when planning your next space.

    No matter where in the world you’d like to draw your inspiration from, you are sure to find the perfect fit!

    The best part is that these styles don’t have to be expensive. Find savings like the traditional, Pakistani –made Bokhara rug on for below retail price!

    Pairing Oriental Rug Patterns

      What it is: This idea book is for those who want to pair their Oriental Rugs in a way that is trendy and fashionable, not cluttered or busy looking.

      Why you need it: For me, finding inspiration for a new space is only half the battle. The other issue comes in tying everything together in a way that coordinates and compliments.

      Do you find yourself having the same issue?

      You ‘ll want to be sure to check out this idea book, that shares very helpful secrets to pairing some amazing patterns with your oriental rug.

      This will allow you to create the space of your dream, in an elegant and stylish manner easily! Tips include things like how to pair certain colors and patterns, how to combine patterns, and even how to add to give your space a whimsical touch!

      These ideas will allow you to incorporate beautiful and bold patterns like those of the patchwork rugs at into your new space!

      Entryway Oriental Rugs

      What it is: This idea book uses things like the space and style of your entryway, to help you decorate it in a way that will wow guest the moment they step foot inside your home!

      Why you need it: When dreaming of how to decorate our new space, we spend a lot of time thinking of how the living room and bedroom areas will look.

      One space we don’t want to forget, however, is the entryway. This is the first space that people see when they enter your home, and a very important part of your overall décor.

      Your entryway should express your personality, and make your victors feel welcome.

      This idea book will help you come up with ideas that match your style and taste. Oriental rug runners from come in plenty of varieties, so you’re sure to find one that fits you and your space.

      Dining Room Area Rugs

      What it is: This idea book will take your dining room from drab and boring, to those beautiful picture perfect spaces you see in the magazines!

      Why you need it: Once you get settled into your dream home, you’ll want to start showing it off!

      Entertaining in your new home is a great way to invite friends and family to share in your excitement.

      You’ll want to make sure that your home is equipped with a comfortable and inviting area that you can entertain your guest in.

      The flooring in your dining room is important, and this idea book will give you all the resources you need to make yours look show-home worthy.

      Pairing a bare hardwood floor with a beautiful modern area rug gives your home a timeless and trendy look that screams elegance!

      Bold & Vibrant Area Rugs

      What it is: This idea book will help you to pair bold and colorful patterns correctly, to avoid a busy space that clashes.

      Why you need it: Do you sometimes shy away from bold colors and patterns because you aren’t quite confident enough to pull it all together? I do.

      There is a thin line between bold and beautiful, and just downright tacky. This idea book will help you incorporate bold features into your décor, without sacrificing the overall look of the room.

      Bold colors, patterns and bold rugs are a great way to add your own spice to a room

      You’ll be able to incorporate pieces like these overdyed rugs into any room you like, brining new lie to a room with the combination of traditional Oriental design and vibrant modern colors.

      I hope the idea books above show you that no matter how intricate your idea of your dream home may be, it is not out of reach.

      Resources like these look books and will allow you to take your new space and transform it from a plain house, to the home of your dreams.

      We all deserve to live in a space that is comfortable, and that fits our idea of the space we want to live in.

      Be sure to visit to help you develop ideas for patterns, styles, and to get the best deals on oriental rugs for your new home!

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