Wall Decor Ideas

26 Unique Wall Decor Ideas in 2020

Home DecorAlessandra Santos
Bare walls are boring, but walls with just a few tiny picture frames are even worse. How can you add interest to your wall decor in a modern, inte...
Boho Chic Decor

Style Your Home With Boho Chic Decor in 2020

Bohemian RugsAlessandra Santos

Combining contemporary and vintage styles, boho chic style is inviting and fresh, with an element of unique individuality. The best part...

Entryway Rug Ideas

Decorate Your Entrance With Entryway Rug Ideas

Home DecorAlessandra Santos
Are you looking to add that “wow” factor to your home? Researching a few ideas for decorating your entryway is a must. Since this is the first are...
Decor Ideas

Our Inspiring Green Decor Ideas

Home DecorAlessandra Santos
If you haven't gathered from the mood board inspirations recently, I'm a huge fan of the outdoors and I love bringing nature inside. Green is th...
White Walls and Space

How to Utilize White Walls and Space For Home Decor

Home DecorAlessandra Santos
Did you know that you don't have to paint your walls to add color to a space? You might be scared of white walls because you've been told t...
How to Add Coziness to a Room

How to Add Coziness to a Room

Home DecorNaheed Ashraf
The Danish call it “hygge,” (pronounced hue-guh), a word there is no direct English translation for, but the concept best translates to coziness, h...
bohemian design

Bohemian Style Interior Design and Home Decor

Home DecorAlessandra Santos
Bohemian design, "boho," or "boho-chic," is a style widely influenced by the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Found most commonly in women'...
19 Small Space Design Tips that will Make your Home Feel HUGE

19 Small Space Design Tips that will Make your Home Feel HUGE

Home DecorAlessandra Santos
If you're looking for a way to make your home feel bigger, to give your tiny apartment a breath of fresh air, to make your corner nook look like p...
creative flooring ideas

12 Creative & Innovative Flooring Ideas That Will Inspire You

Home DecorAlessandra Santos
Creativity is everywhere. January is International Creativity Month, and whether your gaze is out the window, or across the room, there are so man...

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