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R.R. Redesign: Rugknots featured designer Rebecca Rolfes

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R.R. Redesign is an Interior Design firm based out of Maryland, that offers services that range from interior decorating for your entire home to revamping a room to staging homes to sell. No matter the service, R. R. Redesign’s goal is to decorate and transform your house into a beautiful home at an affordable price.

Rebecca Rolfes first started by working on the interior design in her own home on a modest budget. Her unique ability stood out, and soon friends and family members started reaching out for help within their own homes. As word grew, and referrals returned satisfying and beautiful results, Rebeccas was able to turn her passion into a successful business. Her pillars of a great reputation, excellent customer service, and innovation that is affordable are still the strongholds of R. R. Redesign today.

Services include:

  • Interior Decorating
  • Room Redesign
  • Room Consultation
  • Professional Home Staging
  • Accents and Accessories

R.R. Redesign is unique because they focus on making your dream space affordable by working with furniture, accents, and other items you already have in your home. They love bringing new life into a space by using old or what would have been discarded items and styling or refinishing them. By doing so, it allows them to personalize their client’s spaces with a unique flair--and without breaking the bank.

To learn more about R.R. Redesign and see their portfolio, please visit their website!

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