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Samantha Friedman Interior Designs, LLC is an interior design firm that specializes in the planning and design of residential projects that includes the design aspect of living rooms. Based out of Maryland, Samantha Friedman Interior Designs, LLC has served clients in Arizona, New York, Panama City, Panama, South Florida, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Samantha Friedman is the owner of the company and has taken her 15 years of experience to create a custom experience for clients with her flairs of creativity and luxurious solutions for everyday needs-- her experience allows her to create perfect design ideas when it comes to the decor of living rooms. Samantha is passionate about colors and textures and using them to customize a client’s space.

Samantha strongly believes a home should reflect who you are and be true to you. As well, she knows how to utilize her creative skills to create just what you need within your budget. One of her unique skills is negotiating for her clients, which she uses to get the best deals with other vendors and remaining within budget. On top of that, she is resourceful. These characteristics allow her to find hard-to-find pieces that other designers may just forgo.

Services include:

  • Layout, selection, and procurement of furnishings and fixtures for both interior and
    exterior space of your residence.
  • Color and fabric selection.
  • New construction, renovations, and refurbishments.
  • Consultation and coordination of construction for all areas of the home including
    kitchens and baths.
  • Artwork selection and accessorizing.

Samantha’s initial passion for creating for others began in the kitchen. She worked under one of the highest regarded chefs in the country and learned to take a risk while balancing tastes.

To couple her love for the kitchen, she spent four years specializing in commercial kitchen designs, working on projects such as the Philadelphia Eagles Stadium to the Washington D.C. Convention Center to the Madison hotel. Here she was able to master organizational skills with large projects and refine her ability to use her sharp sense to detail.

She has since spent time in various fields in the design industry and has worked on a variety of projects from nurseries to embassy dining halls and kitchens.

Samantha Friedman Interior Designs, LLC is driven by Samantha’s passion and philosophy: your home can be elegant and comfortable at the same time and should always be livable and incorporate you. If you are curious about design rug ideas for your living room, don't hesitate to give her website a visit! 

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