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Oriental Traditional Rugs - Recommended cleaning in Sacramento, California

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In June of 2006, Marion Anson and his son, Joshua, acquired ownership of Artistic Associates. Since that time, they have been striving to maintain the same quality of care and expertise on which Artistic Associates was founded. Marion has vast experience in building and maintaining a business, and has specialized in customer service and supervising quality control for over 35 years. He grew rapidly in his technical expertise through professional classes and on-the-job training. As Production Manager, he oversees virtually all business operations. Marion has held IICRC certifications in carpet, upholstery and fabric cleaning, carpet repair and reinstallation and water damage restoration.

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Joshua worked for several years in tile installation and repair. When his father took over ownership of Artistic Associates in June 2006, they joined teams, continuing the warm, trusting, family feel that Artistic Associates had built over three decades. Working side-by-side, they build upon the strong reputation Artistic Associates has maintained since 1970. Joshua is IICRC certified in Carpet Cleaning and keeps on top of the latest cleaning technologies with classes and seminars for restoration professionals.

All of your genuine hand knotted area rugs are hand washed. This enables the company to give your valuable investment the personal attention it requires. Here is a summary of the steps they follow:1) Detailed inspection 2) Dye Bleed Testing 3) Dusting 4) Dye Lock treatment (if necessary) 5) Wash 6) Rinse 7) Dry 8) Detail fringes and 9) Thorough post-treatment inspection.

Artistic Associates

4300 82nd St b, Sacramento, CA 95826

Phone: (916) 483-7400

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