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Overdyed Rugs - Recommended cleaning in Orlando, Florida

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Like New Carpet Care is a family owned and operated local business that emphasizes a quality customer experience. Hence, the foundation of Like New Carpet Care is providing each customer with an enjoyable and comfortable service experience. They pride themselves on their emphasis on open communication and keeping their customers informed throughout the entirety of your service!

Their carpet cleaners  will be treating your home as if it were their own simply means that they will take all available steps to protect and maintain the integrity of your unique living space.

The moment a technician enters your home, shoe covers are placed over their shoes to prevent any further dirt contamination of your floors. After a pre-inspection walk through is completed, the technician will place corner guards throughout your home to protect your walls and baseboards.

Once the company is ready to begin the cleaning process, they place a door cover in the frame of the door that their hoses run through. This vinyl door cover will prevent the inconvenience of leaving an entryway door to your home open during the entirety of the cleaning process. As they move through your home, they place air movers in the areas cleaned to help reduce your overall dry time. They finish with a post cleaning inspection to verify customer satisfaction with the service. Make sure to watch some of their video demonstrations that is available on their website! 

These are just a few steps in their process that will make your experience with Like New Carpet Care stand apart from the competition!

Be sure to check out their excellent 5-star reviews on Yelp! 

8108 Annatto Cv, Orlando, Florida 32817




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