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Aren't house renovations and remodeling your interiors really satisfying? We certainly believe it at RugKnots! But what if you run out of creative ideas about how to design your new home or draw attention to specific areas? We're here to help if you're stuck in a creative rut when it comes to home decor. The Circle rug is our solution! We'll take you on a journey to uncover the Circle rug in this blog article. But don't worry, there won't be any confusion or anxiety on this trip; only "Ohh" and "Wow" moments! We'll tell you more about Circle rugs and provide you some helpful hints for the next time you're thinking about purchasing one for your own area. By the end of this blog post, we hope to have persuaded you that circle rugs aren't terrifying at all - they're actually a pretty cool way to stand out from the crowd and add extra charm to your house. You're probably more interested in trying Circle rugs now that you've seen how popular they are. But if you're still undecided or curious about how Circle rugs might help you create a beautiful atmosphere in your house, we've got you covered! Here are seven ways to use round rugs to improve your home's decor. You'll never see a Circle rug in the same way again. So, are you ready to discover everything there is to know about Circle rugs and how to decorate them? Let's get this party started!

1. Measure Your Area Before You Begin

The diameter, or widest section of the circle, is used to measure circle rugs. Take a look at the basic Circle rug sizes and work with them in mind. The first step is to put your furniture in your space, which will depend on the size of your room, what you want to emphasize, and how much floor space you want to cover. Make certain you've considered all of your options. Once your furniture is in place, use an easy-to-remove piece of tape to define the boundary of the space you'd like your rug to cover. You can designate the different-sized rug possibilities with different-colored tape. This procedure is simple and quick, and it improves visualizing and measuring accuracy. A 6-foot Circle rug can help define the space and create a vignette or focal point if your living room is open plan or large enough to accommodate an additional furniture grouping. Place your Circle rug behind the furniture you want to highlight.

Measure Your Area Before You Begin

2. Circle rugs add depth and softness to any space

Rectangular objects, walls, and furniture pieces in our houses have a surCircle effect on us, especially if our home is styled in a modern, industrial way. Something that would skillfully soften the space and make any place feel more private, deep and personal is required in such homes and apartments. That's a job that Circle rugs excel at. It's not just for aesthetic reasons that you want to soften those harsh edges. Energy flow, in fact, follows a circular path. Circle rugs allow energy to flow into your area, resulting in a pleasant atmosphere in your house freely. Who doesn't appreciate a home that is warm and inviting? Yes, we thought so. However, all of these rich textures, depths, and warmth aren't always easy to achieve. That's when a Circle rug comes in handy. Place your Circle rug over your ceramic, tile, or laminate flooring to bring warmth and texture to your space. This will definitely brighten up your space and keep you warm during the cold months!

Circle rugs add depth and softness to any space

3. Circle rugs give a room a unified impression

Do you have a room with a lot of circular things that look disjointed? A Circle rug, on the other hand, can bring them all together in a unique way that isn't overwhelming. It does an excellent job! Choosing a custom Circle rug in fresh, vibrant colors to match your individual demands might be a genuine jackpot for such rooms and places. It acts as the room's focal point, successfully connecting all of the furniture, lighting, shapes, and general architecture to create a harmonious living space.

Circle rugs give a room a unified impression

4. Circle rugs can dress up a corner

If you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, the traditional design style is likely to appeal to you. Interior designers at RugKnots prefer to adorn a room's corner, which is known as the "one-corner" approach. We feel that a Circle rug can help you achieve this successfully! To obtain the "one-corner" look, start by adorning one of your room's corners with your favorite armchair or table, then placing a beautiful Circle rug beneath it to draw attention to the region. A soft shaggy rug is a good choice. You'll feel as if you're walking on a cloud with your bare feet! When the room's architecture or an element within the architecture is curved, the most straightforward and optimal situation for employing a Circle rug is. A "more is more" method that generates a powerful harmony and elevated effect is pairing a circular ceiling detail, a curved set of windows, or a Circle room with a Circle rug. Curved furniture, such as a round dining table or coffee table, a curved sofa, or a Circle bold statement chandelier, all allow a Circle rug to compliment, unify, and truly make the entire area pop. To achieve symmetry and alignment, the rug should be centered on the Circle feature in both of these cases.

Circle rugs can dress up a corner

5. Circle rugs work well as layering rugs

Have you ever pondered how to put many carpets together in an open floor plan? Mix and match different shape rugs to create a layering effect! See how much of a visual effect you can get by layering a patterned rug on top of (or vice versa) a plain, more neutral palette rug. An oriental rug is the ideal patterned rug to work with that instantly elevate. This perfect rug is stunning and draws attention to its unique design and high quality. A circle rug looks great next to or on top of a rectangular or square rug. In the living space, circle rugs are also a fantastic way to define a statement chair, table, or other pieces of furniture.

6. Avoid placing the rug against the walls

It will also look ideal if the Circle dining room rug floats in the space, not touching the walls. Bedroom Rugs in Circles Adding a fashionable and inviting touch to a bedroom by using a Circle rug to create a nice spot to settle on either side of the bed. The bedroom rug should always be close to the bed, with the bed overlapping the rug by 6 to 12 inches in all circumstances. A small, 3-foot-diameter rug on either side of a twin, full, or queen bed looks great. If your bed is a king, you may wish to increase the rug size to 4 feet to get better proportions. Place the rug approximately a third of the way under the bed so you fall on the rug's fullest area. Instead, you may choose a single huge rug. Try a huge 8-foot Circle rug under a queen or king-size bed in this situation. Scoot the rug down so that it is centered under the bed and provides a soft landing area on the bed's sides and foot.

Avoid placing the rug against the walls

7. Round rugs open up small spaces

If you place a Circle rug in a tiny location, it will provide the illusion of a larger space, regardless of the color and design you choose. These carpets will open up the space and soften the hard edges of your furniture, making it feel more open, light, and spacious. As an added bonus, you and your children will enjoy lying on it all day. Circle rugs are a great addition to nurseries and can be used to create a fun mini play area for your kids (and you!). Like our Circle multicolored felt ball rug, which is comfortable and safe for your baby to roll, crawl, and sleep on because it is made of soft wool from New Zealand! Designers frequently utilize circle rugs to make a room appear larger. The curved line encourages the eye to travel in a flowing motion, preventing you from feeling visually trapped. The Circle rug also serves as a focal point for a section of the room. The round rug presents an interesting contrast to the squared-up walls and tighter space in a smaller room, where it is most effective.

8. Circle rugs focus attention on a certain area

Circle rugs can be used to bring attention to any portion of the space, creating a cozy conversation zone. As a result, they become the space's focal point and add to the room's overall comfort. This is something you'll most likely perform in your living room to impress your guests with a gorgeous antique rug. With a stunning Circle rug in your living room, you'll never have to think about good conversation starters again! A 6-foot Circle rug can help define the space and create a vignette or focal point if your living room is open plan or large enough to accommodate an additional furniture grouping. Place your round rug behind the furniture you want to highlight.

Circle rugs focus attention on a certain area

9. Circle Rugs in Various Locations

Are you persuaded that Circle rugs can revitalize your home? We're sure you are! The roughness of more squarish furniture and angles in your home can be softened with round rugs. They're also useful for highlighting a particular feature or location in your room. And we think they're a terrific way to start a conversation with visitors! So give them a shot and see what happens. We are confident that you will not be dissatisfied. And, once you've found your perfect RugKnots rug, don't forget to tag us on Instagram! We'd love to see what incredible interior design ideas you've come up with and share them with the rest of the RugKnots community! Straight lines and right angles make up the majority of our living and working areas. Our furniture is typically straight, rectilinear, or square, and most of us think along these lines when deciding on a rug size, which is understandable. A Circle rug may give a lot of character and tenderness to our squared-up spaces, which is often ignored. Hopefully, these pointers will persuade you to reconsider using a Circle rug in your home.

Circle Rugs in Various LocationsIn a nursery, kids' room, or playroom, circle rugs provide for a fun play area. Choose a large rug for the kids' room or playroom. Make sure the rug is large enough to accommodate your children, their toys, books, and other items, as well as enough space to spread out. The rug becomes a lovely aesthetic feature in the space and a comfortable spot for chilling out once the toys are moved away. Keep the nursery to a minimum. A Circle rug in the nursery is a lovely addition to the cot or a cozy rocker for feeding, reading, and connecting with your baby. This rug doesn't have to be particularly large. The cot or chair should only overlap the rug's edge, leaving the majority of the rug visible. A 4 or 5-foot rug would usually suffice and be a stylish accent to the decor.

A Circle rug would be a nice addition to a large doorway and would set the tone for the rest of the house. It creates a location to land and hides your keys or bag when paired with a console table. A breakfast nook is a natural venue for intimacy. A circle rug defines the space and adds to the intimacy, making for a warm dining experience. A Circle rug in a large bathroom would wonderfully complete the space and provide a warm and soft surface underfoot between the bathing and vanity areas. Adding interest and a splash of color or pattern to your home by layering a Circle rug over a carpet or accent rug is a simple method to do so.

Circle Rugs in Various Locations

10. Let the furniture sit on the perimeter of the rug

A huge Circle living room rug can delineate space in an open-plan setting, creating intimacy as well as a significant design component. Set your coffee table in the center of the rug, then place your furniture halfway around the perimeter, overlapping it to highlight the rug and allow the majority of it to show. It's not necessary to place all of your belongings on the carpeting. You don't want your furniture to be crammed onto the carpeting. Instead, place the rug beneath the most appropriate furniture arrangement for the space. The rug's edges should be straddled by the furniture. Examine what looks best in your environment.

11. The greater the rug's size, the better

Check to see if your dining room rug is big enough. You'll want to make sure your chairs aren't tripped over by the rug. Chairs should be able to move freely around the table. Choosing a rug that is 30 inches larger all around your table is a decent rule of thumb. Under a square dining table, a circle rug could also work. A round table centered on a Circle rug creates a visually balanced look, but if your table is square, make sure the Circle rug is large enough to avoid clashing shapes. Again, a minimum of 30 inches all around the table is recommended, but a bigger round rug would benefit the two shapes interacting. See how big you can make your spa.

The greater the rug's size, the better.

12. Why to Use a Circle Rug

The rectangular rug is, without a doubt, the most popular rug shape. They're in every room: the living room, the dining room, and the tiny corridor. However, there are instances when a wonderful Circle rug is required to complete a lovely composition. Circle rugs go nicely with certain types of furniture and in specific settings, such as nurseries and study rooms. Small Circle rugs are also great for layering or defining a space, such as a reading nook with your favorite armchair. But we'll get into how to style these one-of-a-kind rugs later. Round rugs are gaining more popularity than ever before. For example, as RugKnots, we've noticed an increase in demand for our circle felt ball rugs. These one-of-a-kind handmade rugs from Nepal are available in a variety of sizes, vibrant colors, and stunning designs. You may completely modify them, just like the rest of our carpets, to match your design preferences and taste. Many consumers from all over the world have chosen these Circle carpets as their favorite!

Why to Use a Circle Rug

Frequently Asked Questions About Circle Rugs

What Are The Best Places To Get High-Quality Circle Rugs?

Many merchants provide rugs from a variety of sources; nevertheless, the primary problem is the dealers' reliability and the authenticity of the Circle rugs in their inventory. You can locate small-time vendors of oriental rugs on Amazon or eBay, but how sure are you that they are genuine? Rugknots is the greatest option if you're seeking a trustworthy rug seller. We've been in the rug business for 30 years, and our Circle oriental carpets are manufactured entirely of New Zealand wool in Pakistan. To ensure longevity and durability, all of our Circle oriental rugs are hand-knotted, and the wool is hand-dyed with natural vegetable dyes. We have big Peshawar round area rugs that will fit your needs perfectly. All of our rugs come with free delivery and a 30-day return policy.

Where Do Circle Rugs Look Best?

A Circle rug is frequently used by designers to enlarge a tiny space, making it great for nooks, workplaces, and children's rooms. We love how the circular form of the rug in this workplace opens up the space while also complementing the room's quirky atmosphere. Because the rug shape is neither rectangular nor square, it becomes a bit too complicated when Circle rugs must be preserved or used. The sense of these carpets in the center of a large entrance, larger rooms like the living room or dining room, and bathrooms, on the other hand, is considered preferable to use them in a small space. This is something that has to be addressed in the mainstream, not simply because of the element of novelty. Circle rugs can be utilized in the bathroom as well as in the outdoors. round rugs are ideal for small spaces such as nooks, workplaces, and children's rooms. The form's curve offers the impression of extra space. If you're looking for open space to fill with furniture, this might not be the greatest look for you.

How Can A Circle Rug Shape Bring Your Tile Flooring To Life?

Have you ever noticed how a rug, even in a tiny space, can create a focal point? A well-placed rug can also draw attention to your flooring. Consider placing one circle rug shape on top of your tile flooring if you're searching for a way to add additional color and individuality to your home. This will give color to the area and showcase the natural beauty of the tiles while also providing warmth and comfort. It's a simple method to get rid of that worn-out carpet or breathe new life into those lifeless white walls! If you're thinking about incorporating a circular rug pattern into your tile flooring, this is the topic for you. This is a guide that will show you how to make a stunning design out of tiles and circles without spending a lot of money or time. Let's get this party started! The first step is to establish whether or not our room requires additional lighting. If that's the case, we'll want to remove some of the dark colors that make it difficult for light from windows or natural sunshine to pass through. We can use lighter colors, one of which is white, to paint all of these walls (or even just those on one side).

How Do You Pick The Right Circle Rug For Your Room?

So you've made up your mind that a Circle rug is the best option for you. The question now is, which size should you get? When it comes to rugs, size really does matter! Remember to go bigger rather than smaller when choosing a Circle rug. All of your couches, sofas, and chairs should sit comfortably on top of the rug (with a few inches to spare) or at least have the front legs on the rug. The round rug should always be larger than the Circle table or any other curving furniture it will be placed beneath. Our Circle rugs at RugKnots are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 20 cm to 300 cm in circumference! In addition, we provide bespoke Circle carpets to suit your specific demands and preferences. Read our popular blog post on how to create your own personalized rug to learn more about this!

Can I Put a Round Rug Under a Square Table?

Yes, a round rug can go underneath a square table. A round or square rug is going to have the exact same appearance on a square floor if it's just flipped upside down. Square tables often have curved corners so some rugs may not be able to sit on all four corners, but still work on the center of one side - this doesn't affect its look from above at all so you can use whichever side of your table allows for the largest space under it. Round tables obviously will always need round rugs and that size won't change at all with orientation and shape of these tables will depend on where in your house you choose to place it!


Area rugs in the shape of circles are quite adaptable and may be used almost anywhere. They can be used for additional sitting in a variety of places, including under a coffee table and inside the living room or dining room. RugKnots offers a wide range of sizes from which to pick. For your convenience, we provide free shipping, delivery, and 30-day returns on our large variety of circle area rugs. Shop our extensive assortment today to get the rug you want at a price you can afford, all while receiving excellent customer care. Let us know how we can help you make your home feel more comfortable and cozy by following RugKnots on social media or contacting one of our experts directly if you have any queries. Please contact us at or (301) 660-7046 if there is anything we can do for you or if you have any questions regarding our goods.

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