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Rugs are a dynamic part of every home. As per our beliefs, rugs should be placed everywhere and anywhere! It doesn’t matter if it's indoors or outdoors, rugs can work anywhere! They can make your space look ethereal. Not only are they incredible for home decorating but are an essential home item as well. Considering their decorative benefits, a right rug can either make your area look never before or completely dull its sparkle. There are numerous benefits and advantages attached to rugs that include the protection, safety, noise reduction etc. benefits. Not only are they significant for indoors, but carry great importance for outdoors, too. People don’t really realize the necessity of placing rugs outdoors and we can understand why. They think that it’s very naïve to place rugs in their outdoor spaces as they will deteriorate and get damaged within no time. However, this idea that most people have is a cliché and at the same time; wrong. You’ll know why once we head further into the blog post. We tell you all the reasons why you need a patio rug. You must have been wondering what exactly a patio rug is, well, don’t worry as we’ll tell you that too. As a guide, we will tell you about what material, sizes, colors etc. work best as patio rugs. All you gotta do is to just keep reading as we answer all your questions regarding patio rugs.


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What is a Patio Rug?

The idea is very simple, as the name suggests; these rugs are especially designed and constructed to be placed in patios. We assume that almost all of you are aware of what a patio is but the ones who don’t, we can tell you what they are. A patio is generally referred to as a courtyard of a house. In other words, it’s an outdoor area without a roof or surrounding walls. The absence of surrounding walls and roof basically distinguishes it from a common courtyard or balcony etc. patios can either be attached or detached from a house. The rugs that are to be placed at these areas known as patios are called patio rugs.

Reasons Why You Need a Patio Rug

Whenever you are buying something, you always want to ask and know yourself; why buy this? And it’s pretty understandable and justified why you would ask this question. There are many reasons why you should buy patio rugs. There are many benefits attached to buying one that we will be listing down for you to read and decide for yourself as to why you should buy one!


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1. They Protect You and The Floors

One of the most important and celebrated advantages of not just patio rugs but any rug is the fact they protect the floors. Any sort of form of flooring, whether a hard chip floor or tiled floors, can get damaged overtime due to standard and constant use. Also, because of the high traffic, the floors can get greatly damaged due to constant beating. But with a good patio rig going through your way, you don’t have to get worried about all this. Your rug will act as a protective layer for your floors and ensure their safety.

2. The Fashion Factor

The most obvious purpose of a rug is the decorative feature that they possess. If you had been planning to give your patio a major style update, then patio rugs are at your rescue. You can place rugs to help decorate your space without even spending too much. Rugs are a great way to add style and sparkle in any area.

3. They Act as a Great Cover Up

We can imagine how technical a patio can be at times. You can cause great damages to an outdoor area because that’s how they tend to behave. But, you don’t have to worry when you have a rug as they are there to cover it up for you.

4. Provide Comfort

Whenever you are outdoors, you don’t necessarily feel very comfortable and it’s very obvious why. When you have a patio rug at your outdoors, it will provide you all the homey feel and comfort as indoors. Whether it’s you, your kids or your guests, everyone will go gaga over the rug effect!


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What Materials are the Best for a Patio?

As patio rugs are supposed to be placed in patios, that are outdoors, not every other rug material is suitable for them. There are certain qualities and specifications that a rug has to have in order for it to be called a patio rug. An outdoor rug should be made up of long lasting materials. Obviously, a rug that is supposed to be placed outdoors has to have high resistance to wear and tear, should be weather resistant, should be able to take sunlight etc. These among others are some of the most foremost features required in a patio rug. So without any further ado, let’s dive into it!

1. Polyester Material

Rugs made up of polyester are ideal for outdoors. They work best in dry climates as they are extremely durable and long lasting. Not only that, they are fade resistant. However, they are stain resistant but are very hard to deal with when it comes to oil based stains.

2. Nylon Material

Nylon is by far that “all rounder” rug material that we all need in our lives. They won’t fade when exposed to sunlight but can get hot in feeling, and are extremely stain resistant. They are found to be very durable and best for high traffic areas.

3. Polypropylene Material

Polypropylene is the most popular and best material for outdoor rugs and patio rugs. It’s like; they were made to be placed outdoors. They are the most weather resistant material out there which goes perfect with outdoors and open areas. They are extremely durable and strong which makes them best for high foot traffic. Not only that, they won’t fade when exposed to direct sunlight and are found to be very stain-resistant. The best part about them is that they are easy to clean and are considered best for humid, rainy or damp climatic conditions. They provide you the same kind of feeling and comfort as a natural fiber rug but at a cheaper investment as they are constructed that way.

4. Sunbrella Material

Sunbrella, as their name suggests are perfect for sun directed areas. You can place them at direct sunlight for hours but they won’t fade and that’s what makes them different from other materials. They are also very durable and hence, can be placed anywhere.

5. Jute and Sisal Material

The most amazing and best part about jute and sisal rugs is the fact they are biodegradable and eco friendly. They are very affordable but are not very easy to clean. They are not weather resistant, too.

So, these were all the main materials that work best in outdoor patios. Make sure when buying patio rugs, that your rug is one of these materials. It can be very difficult to spot the authenticity of a material yourself so always consider doing the required research.


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What about the Sizing?

The right rug sizing is a very important part of any rug buying journey. The most common mistake people commit is to fetch the wrong rug size and then they are baffled for the rest of their lives. Normally, people tend to fetch a smaller rug which eventually looks awkward when placed anywhere. Speaking in a standard tone, for a small patio; a 3×5 rug works best. And, for a relatively bigger patio, a 5×8 size rug should look best. However, we totally understand the distinct sizes that different patios have. We never really tend to give the exact size ultimatum without realizing the distinguishing patio sizes. If you are planning to place a patio rug around the dining area, then consider covering the entire dining set that includes; the chairs and the table. Don’t ever leave any part out as that would leave uneven seating arrangements which looks horrible. Use a rug of the size that satisfies all these requirements once and for all.

Pro Tip: One really helpful technique to get the idea of the exact size of the rug, you should use the taping technique. You need to tape the entire area you want the rug to cover and then measure the dimensions i.e. the width and length of the area. This way, you can get the exact and accurate size of the rug without having to go through much hassle. Moreover, let us just tell you that getting the wrong rug size is real pain. And it’s even painful to then ship the rug back and forth.


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Where to Place them

The right placement of the rugs is also very important. You can’t be just placing your patio rugs out there randomly without having a vision. So, it’s really important to have a clear vision in terms of what you want when placing the rugs in patios. Let’s take a general idea of what a standard patio setting looks like. We can normally see dining areas in patios. So it’s best if you place a patio rug around the dining area, preferably, under the table. Another very common patio setting is the ‘sofas around table’ setting. You should consider placing rugs around the table and sofas i.e. in the center. Or you can even place them beside the whole sofa area. These areas are the most common ones where you can try placing a rug.


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How to Maintain your Patio Rugs?

Maintaining your rugs is as important as buying your rug in the first place. Taking care of your rugs is essential especially when we talk about patio rugs. One standard way to keep your rug in a good condition is to use the age old patting method. All you need to do in this method is to hold your rug and pat its back. You will be surprised to see the amount of dust and dirt coming out of your rug. Especially a rug that’s placed outdoors tends to go through extensive wear and tear so it’s always a good idea to use this method. Moving on, to clean your rugs every now and then is very important. It’s a great idea to clean your patio rugs every month (if not twice a month). Start by rinsing the rug and make sure that your entire patio rug is wet. Then put the detergent onto it and brush the rug. Once you are done with brushing, rinse the rug with water. Make sure that all the detergent has come off of the rug. Let the rug dry for some time and it's ready to be placed back!

And that’s all for today! We hope you found this blog post helpful and informative. We really just brought all your queries regarding patio rugs into one blog post so that you don’t have to wander around searching answers to your questions. Go through the entire blog post to get a know-how of patio rugs. These rugs can sometimes be difficult to deal with but with our guide, you’ll never be left astray when we are there. We are always at your rescue. Also, when working with rugs, make sure that you use your own sense of fashion and style as well.

If you are wanting to buy patio rugs, then RugKnots is the ultimate destination for you! We have the best area rugs for you to choose from available in widest collections. We have rugs present in various sizes, shapes, colors, designs etc. you can choose from our various collections and won’t be left disappointed. You can even get a custom rug at your doorstep from us. We will make all your dreams come true in terms of rugs. If you have any queries, you can ask us and we would love to answer you. Don’t hesitate to ask anything from us. And don’t forget to comment down below how you liked the blog post and what you want us to write next! 


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