Buy Bokhara Rug Online – Traditional Hand Knotted Rugs | RugKnots

oriental RugsAlessandra Santos
When it comes to choosing a rug that is not only the best fit for your living room but that also complements your décor, you could never go wrong w...
Pakistani Rugs#

Pakistani Rugs: An Investment You Can Walk On

Oriental RugsAngelo Chongco
Are you searching for the best rug for your home? If yes, Pakistani rugs are an investment of a lifetime. They are exceptional and long-lasting. Pe...
Bokhara Rug#

Improve your Interior with Bokhara Rug 8x10

Oriental RugsAlessandra Santos
Bokhara rug 8x10 has become one of the most desired rugs among people. Before moving forward, let’s discuss what Bokhara rugs are. They are also kn...
Bokhara Rugs#

Know What are Bokhara Rugs-Here Is Why You Need One in 2020

Oriental RugsNaheed Mir
Are you looking for the perfect Bokhara Rugs to buy? Are you looking for a Bokhara rug that would fit your home and lifestyle? However, you cannot ...
Persian Rugs#

Persian Rugs vs Oriental Rugs: Everything You Should Know

Oriental Rugsali hassan
Persia is the birthplace of not only the ancient art of hand-knotted carpets but also civilization, as we know it! Read this complete guide written...
Everything You Need to Know About Prayer Rugs

Everything You Need to Know About Prayer Rugs

Oriental RugsRyan Henry
It is not uncommon to see Muslims kneeling and prostrating on prayer rugs or for the carpet to be used as décor ornaments in a Muslim household. On...

5 Big Difference Between Jute And Sisal Rugs

Oriental RugsRyan Henry
Humans have been a great fan of 'Nature' since ever. They tend to choose everything that has 'pure' or 'organic' ingredients, be it their food choi...
Round Rugs#

An Intensive Guide on Round Rugs

Oriental RugsRyan Henry
As we know there are several types of rugs. Some of them are big and others are medium or small. With the rug size comes dimensions, colors, design...

What are Chobi Rugs And Why You Should Buy?

Oriental RugsRyan Henry
Interestingly, there are many types of rugs but not every kind makes to the pivot point. Some leave the hall of fame because basic traits or qualit...
Overdyed Rugs#

What makes Vintage Overdyed Rugs so Special?

oriental rugsAlessandra Santos
The best part about owning a vintage overdyed rug is knowing that you are experiencing world class quality, and one-of-a-kind rarity.  At Rugknots,...

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