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Many new homeowners prefer to decorate their rooms with cheap modern rugs rather than going for the unadventurous style with high-pile antique rugs. RugKnots’ newest modern rugs for sale feature versatile designs and neutral palettes for contemporary décor enthusiasts. It is important to mention that a modern take on rugs means thinking about minimalistic patterns and a palette of solid colors. However, buying modern rugs in the US could be a bit trickier than this. Tricky, because the rug stores in the US are home to one of the most diverse collections of modern rugs in the world. Needless-to-say, buying modern rugs in the US requires a keen eye for the good stuff. Each year, the ‘modern rugs on sale’ signs bring plenty of rug shoppers to rug stores across the US. All these rug enthusiasts are usually looking to buy affordable modern rugs for their recently bought or newly renovated homes. Cheap modern rugs do the trick for most rug lovers these days. They are easily affordable, beautiful, and visible tears in these rugs do not make you want to sob your eyes out. How do we know all this? Usually, the first thing most people do is type “modern rugs for sale near me” to find shops nearby instantly. Well, if you type ‘modern rugs for sale near me’ in the Google search engine, you will find a thousand results popping up on your screen. And that is just near you. This only goes to prove our point; there are too many rug sellers out there, tempting buyers with ‘modern rugs on sale’ signs. The plethora of choices each store offers will eventually make it super difficult to find cheap modern rugs that are also genuine. And that is where we come in! This guide aims to help you find the perfect modern rug for your home. So, let us prep you for an exciting search for the best modern rugs for sale!


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What Are Modern Rugs?

When we talk about buying modern rugs online, we refer to pieces that accentuate the décor and colors of our home. Modern or contemporary rugs usually have a solid color theme, and they bring out the subtle tones in your décor. They protect your floors, absorb the noise, and give you comfort in the confines of your home. Modern rugs for sale give you the luxury and cozy feel of a contemporary rug at reduced prices. High-pile modern rugs keep the chill-out, give you a soft underfoot, and provide comfortable padding for you and your family. You can find sophisticated looking and durable cheap modern rugs for your bedroom and living room at various stores across the US. The most common size in which people buy modern rugs online is 5 x 8. They are usually a perfect fit for bedrooms and living rooms. Another important tip is - whenever you shop for modern rugs on sale, do not grab the first piece you like. Always consider the weave, material, and the design of the rug. As we said earlier, you want to buy modern rugs that complement your interior design and furniture. If you have modern furnishings, buy modern rugs sporting bold patterns. Modern rugs with stripes and geometrical shapes always make good statement pieces. 


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How Do I Coordinate Modern Rugs with My Home Décor?

All you must do is try and match the style of modern rugs to the existing vibe of your home décor. To buy modern rugs online that complement your home, first, check if the tones in your home are predominantly neutral or if they have a splash of vibrant colors. Once you have an idea, get a rug that will make a stellar addition to the existing tones of your home. A deep solid colored modern rug would work perfectly for a subdued color scheme. On the contrary, something bolder would bring out the beauty in the vibrant tones of your home. The only thing to avoid is creating color clashes. When people shop for modern rugs for sale, they pick whatever looks good, without caring if it would go with their décor. Avoid buying modern rugs online that snub the décor and either make it look boring or gaudy.


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What Type of Rug Should I Choose?

Well, it all comes down to what you want your rug to say about your home. Are you looking for a bold and striking rug to play up your interior design? Or do you want a solid colored affordable modern rug to balance the flashy colors of your décor? If you want a statement piece, a high-pile wool modern rug will do the truck. In contrast, if you are trying to keep your décor understated and subtle, a flatweave will give your home that coveted casual yet classy look.

How Can You Decorate Your Home with Modern Rugs?

Interior design trends shift now and then. From plush, high-pile rugs to natural fiber flatweaves, different rug designs come and go out of fashion. Today, rugs with angular lines, shapes, abstract designs, and minimalistic patterns are what we call chic and trendy. They bring out the best tones and features of contemporary interior décor, modern furnishings, and subtle tones in present-day color schemes. Buying modern rugs online that make your home look sophisticated but not too cold or sparse is the key to nail home decoration with modern area rugs. So, how will buying modern rugs help you accentuate your home? Let us find out!


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1.  Use Modern Rugs to Define Your Living Space

Most people are into buying studio apartments or lofts with open floor plans these days. It is all cozy and super comfortable, but giving definition to such spaces is not easy. If you are not careful with setting boundaries, the living room will turn into a dining room, the entryway will extend into your kitchen, and the bedroom will blend into your living room. So, we bring in modern rugs! Modern rugs accentuate boundaries, provide definition to your space, and match your furnishings to your color schemes. This way, no part of your home will be too crowded, and no space will feel empty or barren. Did you recently buy a studio apartment and do not know how to design it? Well, shop for modern rugs for sale and start by defining your living space!


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2.  Choose the Right Pattern

Modern rugs usually feature three very popular patterns:

  • Chevron
  • Stripes
  • Geometric

 A chevron pattern is a repetition of V pattern running all over the rugs. These rugs are especially popular in black and white color. However, you are free to choose whichever color works best f your décor theme. Striped modern rugs work perfectly for minimalist décor. They are understated, yet exhibit unmistakable beauty. Most striped patterns work perfectly in monochrome. But if you are into vibrant rugs, you can look for multi-colored striped modern rugs on sale. The geometric pattern is perhaps the most popular pattern for modern rugs. Most people buy modern rugs for their bachelor pads and starkly modern condominiums. Their motto is the simpler, the better. And what could be simpler than a rug sporting a collage of shapes and angular lines? Besides these patterns, abstract modern rugs are also popular. People with slick and snazzy interiors prefer something abstract to either play up furnishings or compliment the wall paintings.


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3.  Mix and Match Rug Sizes to Create Variety

It can be a tricky task to try and decorate large open spaces with a single large rug. Rugs come in a variety of sizes, but it can be difficult to find one rug that will cover the entire floor space of your home. So, what do we do? We buy modern rugs in a variety of sizes. When buying modern rugs online or at brick and mortar stores, try picking out a single large rug, and a few smaller modern area rugs. This way, you will be able to cover maximum floor space and add some variety to your floor. One mistake many amateur homeowners make is buying modern rugs all in the same shapes and sizes. If you do that, your room will look too divided. Pieces with clashing colors will be obvious because they are all in equal sizes, and no one rug will truly stand out. So, the best trick is to buy a large rectangular rug and smaller round rugs for covering maximum floor space.


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4.  Color Coordinate Down to a Tee

When we say color coordinates, we do not necessarily mean that you should buy matching rugs. We are referring to choosing colors that accent or tie in the colors in your walls and furniture. If you buy modern rugs in the US, pick the ones that will create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere in the room. For instance, if you are decorating for your home office, buy a rug in neutral colors such as white, tan, or ivory. A neutral color will complement your office furniture. We are thinking of a mahogany desk paired with an ivory rug or a tan colored desk with a modern rug in cream color. There could be several exciting combinations! Avoid trying to match the colors. Your goal is to accentuate every feature of the room to its full potential. If a contrasting color scheme does the trick for you, go for it!


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Create Harmony between Your Décor and Rugs

Rugs with clashing colors and warring patterns hardly ever make for relaxed and comfortable home décor. You want your rugs to complement each other and your existing home decor. If there are too many patterns or a plethora of bright colors in one room, it could give a jarring effect and an ostentatious vibe. You want your rugs and decor to harmonize with each other. For this purpose, you must be buying modern rugs that balance each other in color, size, and patterns. If your room already has a bright wallpaper or vividly patterned furniture, buy modern rugs that are neutral in tone and have a subtle look to them. Buying an equally loud and vibrant rug will make your decor look gaudy and unflattering.

RugKnots houses an exclusive collection of modern rugs for sale for rug enthusiasts! If you are renovating your home or have recently bought a new home – especially one that has an open floor space – you must check out our collection of modern rugs on sale! At RugKnots, we encourage buying affordable modern rugs at discounted prices, so all our customers can have a chic and trendy modern rug at your homes!


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