Bokhara Rug Review

The small yet bold Bokhara rug makes a perfect accent piece to your room. When choosing the exact oriental rug for your needs, the decision can be tough.

This rug fits in your room, your wallet, and your decor. It’s a versatile accessory and I broke it down to review the size, colors, durability and price points of the 2x3 Bokhara Rug.

This review is specifically about the 2x3 rug.Please read more information about all Bokhara rugs in our definition post.

Size Where It Fits

The compact 2 feet by 3 feet size makes this rug perfect for offices, bedrooms, and small spaces.

It is a rectangle, so it can make a small space appear larger if you place the longer side out. To get an idea of this rug size, think of a large coffee table - it is comparable to that size.

I have heard it compared to a large matt - even though it is much more elegant and valuable than a common matt. The small size makes it easy to carry around from room to room as you change your decor.

If you have a small coffee or end table that needs a rug, buy a 2x3 Bokhara for your accent piece today.


The 2x3 Bokhara rug comes in 5 main color schemes: Beige, Red, Blue Grey, Rose, and Grey.


The muted beige rug is perfect for a room with a bright decor that you don’t want to detract from.

The beige background with rose accents fits in with any light-colored rooms.The best thing about this color is how the dark threads pop off the light background.


If the background of the rug matters more, you will love the red Bokhara. The deep crimson threads make a serious statement!

As opposed to the beige rug, you see the background more than the print on this one. In fact, the reds and golds resemble royalty. So for a small rug that makes a big impression, go for red.

Blue Grey

Our blue grey Bokhara rug is a popular choice and sells out quickly. The background is a shade of blue that goes well with any other color in the room.  

And the other accent colors on the rug - rose, black, gold - make it vibrant and beautiful.The blue grey rug is a safe choice if you want a rug that stands out but isn’t as bold as the red rug.


The rose Bokhara is a lighter shade of the red rug. It has a more modern feel to it.  However, this shade is unique and will take some planning to fit it into a room’s decor.

The best colors to decorate with if you choose this rug are going to be neutral tones such as greys, whites, and dark greens.  Be adventurous and choose the rose rug for a room that you want to have a different look and feel.


We sell 3 shades of grey in our Bokhara rugs: Blue Grey, Grey, and Light Grey. The blue grey (mentioned earlier) is a darker, more vibrant color.

Grey is the middle ground color. It fits in every room and is a dependable choice.  Light grey is much more muted.

If you want the rug to fit into the background of the decor, choose this one.Overall, any grey rug is going to be an easy, no-brainer choice for every room. They all compliment every color scheme.


You can always pick out a Bokhara rug because they all have symmetrical patterns. These patterns are made up of repeated oval or diamond shapes.

The diamond or oval shapes are woven inside stunning borders around the outside. The identical shapes on the top and bottom of the rugs set off their beauty.


Not just made from wool, but the best wool. Bokhara rugs are extremely durable. They will last for many generations of heavy use.

We purchase directly from rug artisans overseas. Rolling your hands across the rug you will be able to feel the difference in the wool. They are weaved with wool imported from the hills of New Zealand.

Flipping the rug over, the 126 knots per square inch are clearly shown. You can also see the double pile - extra thick wool weaved with long strands.


When you shop directly from RugKnots, you automatically save money. We sell our rugs at factory-direct prices. You will find Bokhara rugs ranging in price from $78-100 each.

These are some of our most affordable rugs. At this price point they make a perfect house-warming gift or personal little reward.

Keep an eye on our store. Since the 2x3 Bokhara rugs are so affordable, they sell out fast. Even though we restock often you won’t want to miss your favorite colored rug!

The larger rugs are a bigger investment. You can set a room’s majestic tone with a vibrant red 8x10 Bokhara for $1,226. This is $1,000 below retail!

Bokhara Rugs In Rooms

For some added inspiration, browse the following pictures.  As you can see, the 2x3 Bokhara rug can go in every single room. There aren’t any design rules to follow.

It is such a small rug that you can place it anywhere and it will look beautiful.

With a small round table on top of the rug, you can create an elegant reading nook. I love the contrast of the round table on top of the rectangular rug.

See how this rug fits perfectly underneath the piano bench? The small size is the same as the bench. I love how this grand piano has a grand rug to go with it.

Another added bonus of the rug under the bench? Noise cancellation! It’s a fantastic way to absorb the sound with hardwood floors.

See how this rug ties the 2 chairs together into one space? And the best part is, you don’t have to lay the rug directly between them. By tiling the rug slightly off-center, it creates movement and unity.

You don’t even have to place the rug under any furniture at all. A 2x3 Bokhara rug is perfect right next to the bed.

It makes a warm place for your feet as you wake up.Since the bed is the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, having a colorful rug right next to it is a smart design choice.

Conclusion: Editor’s Pick

Our pick for best 2x3 Bokhara Rug is the following 2x3 red Bokhara rug. At only $88, it is affordable enough for you to buy enough for multiple rooms.

We like the classic red color. The dark hues fit in with any color scheme. And the 3 diamond shapes in the center are eye-catching.

This rug is also our favorite because of the thick wool pile. It will last for decades! Grab one today!

Ask A Designer

If you would like to see the 2x3 Bokhara rug in your home before you buy it, Ask A Designer.

Our one-of-a-kind service works directly with a room designer to help you. Once you send them a picture of your room, they will send the picture back with a photo of the rug in it. It’s so easy and a great help for new buyers.

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