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Do you want some glitz and glam in your life?

Are you addicted to angles,


animal figurines,

exotic prints,

and starbursts?

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ART DECO began in the 20's

extended into the 40s,

and has had several resurgences.

Characterized by technological progress and prosperity,

Art Deco is one of the most luxurious design styles out there.


Art Deco isn't just an interior design trend.

It encompasses jewelry,

art deco necklace


art deco architecture

and art.

art deco art


If you love the opulence,


and glitzy glam

of the roaring 20s...

if you dressed up as a flapper last Halloween,


if you have love in your heart for famous skyscrapers,

chrysler building

and your favorite book is F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, 

"I believe that on the first night I went to Gatsby's house I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited. People were not invited — they went there."

F. Scott Fitzgerald


then it might be time for you to look into



With some simple tips

we'll teach what to include if you want your home

to scream "20's"


and "glitz!"


5 Fundamentals of Art Deco Interior Design

1. Geometric Patterns

The tell-tale sign of Art Deco are geometric patterns.



and chevrons

are visible in almost every Art Deco design.

design 1  design 2  design 3design 4

These angular patterns are reminiscent of the streamlined nature of the 1920s.

The growing technology industry,

along with skyscrapers,

inspire these recognizable geometric designs.

These patterns are used in many different features of art deco design,

from wall decor

Art deco interior - black hardwood flooring in dining room. Gorgeous.:
The mirror on this wall has a beautiful art deco shape!

to chandeliers

art deco lounge

to wallpaper

art deco wallpaper

like this example,

wallpaper 2

And this one.


2. Foreign Influences

Beck in the 20's when Art Deco first became a big deal,

people were rolling in the money.

This was a period of richness and glamor

before the Great Depression.

One of the things that picked up during this time was tourism.

Because people had the money to spend,

the traveled to Africa, Asia, and Europe,

or at least included elements from foreign countries in their homes! 

Art Deco has inspirations

from Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics

and animal skins from Africa.

animals and orientals

This room has two giraffe-print chairs,

mimicing an animal skin feel.

Paired with the intricate oriental rug

and the geometrically patterned curtains,

this space is neutral yet bold,

the epitome of deco!

One of the best art deco uses foreign decor is with statuettes

Art Deco, wild cat:

Used to decorate floors and tabletops,

statuettes like the cat above bring a well-traveled and glamorous feel to a space.

Because the cat looks almost Egyptian,

it is perfectly Art Deco!

The room above

has a horse statue in the forefront

and I can also see a few white and blue china vases

and an oriental rug!

This modern take on art deco is full of foreign influences,

and it only makes the room more beautiful!

Another great way to bring in art deco flavor is with an antique oriental rug.

Bringing in the Asian influence is a luxurious way to add

art deco flavor to your home!

art deco room

This room is a bit too glitz for me,

but the oriental rug stands out as a base,

something to catch the eye...

and draw it away from the confusing mess that's going on around it...

This room is too frou frou but love the green in the painting and also the green rug is pretty cool:

The patchwork rug above ties the greens together,

creating a classic, cohesive design.

Here are some great rugs that would work in an art deco space

green overdyed rug

Like the rug in the photo above,

this green overdyed antique rug

would bring a worldly,

unique feel to an art deco space.

art deco rug

I chose this rug because the gold, coral, and blue

are very art deco. I like the intricate design of this rug,

the organic nature of the pattern.

It would look perfect in Jay Gatsby's mansion!

8 x 9.83' Black and White Ikat Rug

This black and white ikat rug

would fit in perfect with a minimalist art deco design.

Because of the simple pattern

and the bold shapes in this rug,

it would work well in the 1920s!



3. Black and White

Art deco design is fundamentally minimalist

and though bright colors are used in moderation,

the most common palette is black and white.

The wallpaper could make intriguing background design for a modern interior-inspired cake - in the same vein as Stevi Auble's style:

This bathroom pairs a clean black and white color scheme

with gold finishings.

The pairing of black, white, and gold is especially glamorous,

and this wallpaper has so much beautiful texture!


White and black kitchen with two comfortable chairs at island and gold details:

I adore this black and white art deco-inspired kitchen!

This space is very minimalist

and uses bold lines and patterns to create that art deco feel.



Though black and white is the most popular art deco trend,

there are many Art Deco designs that include color as well!

Popular colors to include with Art Deco are green,

peacock blue,

and deep purple.

Interior design | decoration | restaurant design | Song Qi, Monaco’s First Gourmet Chinese Restaurant:

This lounge space pairs the classic black and white with a strong lime green.

The bold black and white floors and the gold toned lines of molding

create a totally geometrical look.


photo shoot 2011 Art Deco Pied a TerreI ...I just love silver leaf:

This room uses a soft purple

and maintains the luxurious feel of art deco design.

With the geometrical, mirror-surface table

the gold accents

and the oriental rug,

this room is a more feminine take on art deco.

Speaking of mirrors...

4. Mirrors and Metallics

One of the most versatile art deco accessories is the mirror.

Art deco mirrors come in various shapes,

inspired by the patters I talked about above.

Mirrored surfaces,

as well as mirrors hung on the wall,

give a diamond-like quality to a room,

adding glitz to the design.

Vintage Large Art Deco Bevelled Edge Wall Mirror or by uulipolli:

This simple mirror is thoroughly art deco.

The shape is recognizable and iconic,

and it would be a great way to add some subtle art deco flair to your space.

Amazing Art Deco mirror . . . a statement piece if ever there was one.:

This huge mirror makes the room above feel much bigger

and more elegant.

I love how the mirror incorporates geometrical patters

and ties into the black in the rest of the room.

5. Glass and Chrome Lighting

One of my favorite aspects of Art Deco style

is the beautiful lighting fixtures.

Many of them are made out of glass and chrome

because chrome was a relatively new material when Art Deco originated.

1 of a kind | Majestic french art deco chandelier:

Art deco lighting fixtures also feature geometrical shapes,

and many of them have the layered look of the light above.

Another layered light,

this fixture uses dark metal to create an art deco design.


Decidedly femme Art Deco pendant lights hung at staggered lengths to stand, en masse, in place of a traditional chandelier.:

These chandeliers are definitely my favorite art deco pieces I've discovered!

I love their layered look

almost like flowers,

but still geometric.

They are very elegant and classy

and look lovely paired together.

6. Large-Scale Furniture

Much of the furniture used in original art deco design

was largely scaled.

People felt like they could afford larger furniture,

so they bought it!

art deco sofa

This high-backed sofa is a beautiful statement piece in the room above.

I love how simple and streamlined the lines and color are.

Even if you're afraid of big furniture,

how could you resist this neutral beauty?

industrial living room

The chairs particularly stick out to me in the room above.

I'm not a fan of the taupe,

but I love the unique, elegant shape of the chairs and sofas.

contemporary living room

These sofas are more retro than the ones above,

but their large scale and the rest of the decor in the room definitely makes them art deco!

Not to mention,

they're totally gold!

(notice the statue on the fireplace?

It looks Greek, right?

Foreign influences!)

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