Kaleen Rug Trends

Kaleen Rugs are hand-knotted rugs from Kashmir, featuring intricate oriental weavers designs. While floral patterns are a specialty, there is much more to these beautiful rugs than just that. Most of the rugs are hand-knotted on pure wool, silk or even wool-silk blends in the vicinity of Srinagar. Owning to the contrasting bold colors, matchless patterns, and exceptional craftsmanship, Kaleen rugs are one of the more sought for artworks by connoisseurs.

Kashmiri Kaleen Rugs 

kaleen rugs

So, what are Kaleen rugs? To drill into it, we need to look into the literal meaning of the word. Kaleen is an Urdu/Hindi word used for carpets. While it's easy to confuse these rugs with an Indian company of the same name, Kaleen is an essential term used for carpets made in Kashmir for home decor. 

Kaleen Rugs feature bright jewel-like bold colors tones and geometric, floral themes. The geometric designs are often reminiscent of the Kashmiri culture, including motifs from the same. More often than not, the design has a story to tell. Even the multi-colors have their significance! Parrot, for example, refers to life. That is another reason for the unparalleled popularity of Kaleen carpets. Multi color rugs provide such beauty and add instant appeal and style to any space. We have multi color modern rugs to style your home and give it a classy look.

Talking of popularity, many folklores refer to Kaleen carpets as the soul of the house. One even goes on to state that a house without Kaleen area rug is no house at all! Unsurprisingly, the carpets enjoy immense popularity in Europe and America too. That's one way to reason for the extortionate cost.

Kaleen Rugs Styled in Your Home 

With their abstract, story-telling patterns, Kaleen carpets can potentially liven up any room across your house. All you need to do is to choose where you want one, get the measurements, and look for the right style to plush your home decor. Yes, we are here to help you nail your selection.

Kaleen Area Rugs in Living Room

kaleen area rugs

The living room is the place where the entire family comes together, and the first thing that a visitor sees. The last thing you'd like to do is to leave the living room dry. You never realize just how much hot rug trends can make your room look cozy. If you have an exquisite room with a wooden floor, add a geometric Kaleen rug. The contrast of texture would add to the classiness. While the same rug would do quite a ravishing job on funky/trendy room, a bit dull doesn't hurt. Yup, you guessed it right! I was pointing to floral designs. Not to discount the comfort of a woolen or silk rug or the reputation that is at stake. Imagine placing your feet on a rigid wooden floor. Done with that? Now imagine carrying your feet through a cluster of woolen fibers; all this while your eyes are fixed on the TV screen.

And while the aesthetics can't be discounted, Kaleen carpets do an astonishingly great job as far as health care is concerned. Not that the rug can cure cancer, but it can surely avert a few allergies. Comfort/ warmth is an added accessory, and so is sound dampening. Did you know that woolen fibers tend to absorb echoes, not only make your experience more pleasant but also preventing damage to ears? That's a handmade rug you ought to have in your living room.

With your reputation at stake, you might want to buy a very qualitative piece. The intricacy depends upon the number of knots and rug size. Any number from 600 to 900 knots per square inch indicates a high-quality heirloom. To find out more about the high quality wool fibre you can check our post on New Zealand wool

Kaleen Rugs in Bedroom


Do you want your bedroom to tell a story? Or do you want your room to divulge any of your thoughts? Even better do you want to spice your space up with some history? Kaleen area rugs specialize a narrating a story through symbolism. Decorate your room with an old Kaleen carpet and tell your story without actually needing to understand one.

It's worth mentioning that Kaleen rugs make for ravishing wall hangings too. One way to do so is a dangling prayer rug. For those who don't realize by yet, a few Kaleen rugs feature the Mihrab also, making them eligible for worship.

If you are against the concept of a hung prayer rug, Kaleen old rugs are what you need. I don't know about you, but I'd love a Mughal scene on my wall! Just be sure of what you need, because such rugs do come inexpensive.

And while we are at it, why are Kaleen rugs expensive? Well, several factors contribute to a costly rug. One of them is the unprecedented popularity of the Kaleen carpets. Who doesn't want a Kashmiri rug? Not surprisingly, the higher the demand, the higher the price. More importantly, though, the cost is concerned with the extensive labor that goes into the creation of an heirloom. Around 600-900 knots need to be knit in each square foot.

Other Areas to Use Kaleen Area Rugs

Kaleen rugs are flexible as far as usage goes. You can also use one in your hallway or entryways. Even better, Kaleen outdoor rugs can liven up the outside of your house. It all depends on durability. Crafted on virgin wool, most rugs are incredibly durable. Yes, the silk ones require extra care, but you owe it to them given how beautifully they adorn your house.

The wool & silk rugs are fine hand-tufted floor coverings rugs in brilliant colors, contemporary designs, and soft textures. You need to be a bit careful here. As we have mentioned earlier, Kaleen rugs can be costly. You may not want to buy such an expensive décor ornament for your hallway. In case you do, make sure to obtain a rug pad. Plus, be vigilant with cleaning and maintenance. More on that following up.

FAQs About Kaleen Rugs 

Wondering how to clean Kaleen rugs? Or where and how to buy them? Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Kaleen Rugs.

How to Clean Kaleen Rugs?

kaleen area rugs

Kaleen Area rugs are just another woolen/silk rug. Yes, the price tag does merit extra care, but the basics are almost all the same. One way to clean rugs is to vacuum them regularly. The cleaning frequency is as important a metric as ways of cleaning, so be careful. Too high a frequency would pluck the fibers out, and too low a frequency won't wipe away the dust and grime. All you need to do is to maintain an ordinary frequency. Another critical factor is the location. A hanging rug needs much fewer cleans.

Just don't beat your Kaleen rug to cleanliness. While it is one of the ways to clean wool rugs, the intricate design can't bear all that beating. In cases of need, shake the rug out.

One of the best ways to clean any Kaleen wool rug is to go the DIY route. Wash the rug lightly to remove the dust. Just don't deep clean it for the fibers may loosen out. It's also insightful to not to try to bypass professional cleaning and to get your wool area rug done by a professional every once in a while.

All these rules hold more valid for Kaleen silk rugs. We would advise you to avoid buying a silk rug for high footfall areas and to get your rug done by a professional every time.

The best way to keep the rugs clean is not to get them dirty at all. A precautionary approach coupled with on the spot cleaning can help you achieve that.

Where to Buy Kaleen Rugs?

Unfortunately, Rugknots doesn't trade in Kaleen Rugs. We neither plan to do so in the foreseeable future. Despite that, we are here to guide you on where you can get one for yourself. Let me be obvious here; we don't endorse any of the mentioned outlets. Nor can we guarantee product quality, neither do we claim that the quality would be comparable to Rugknots'. Those who have bought from Rugknots can vow of the product quality, customer care, and the ease of access. It is just an honest attempt on our side to facilitate our users. 

It is an Indian company of the same name that specializes in such products. Other online stores include Rugs Direct and Houzz.

You can buy Kaleen rugs from any carpet store in your city. While that is still the go-through method nowadays, it isn't convenient. Instead, you can buy one online. In that case, Amazon does feature numerous designs that you could choose from. You can buy directly from Kaleen too. 

To be clear, buy at your own risk!

Kaleen Rugs are one of the most if not the most- fascinating rugs available in the market. They may come out as expensive, but the attention to detail owing to exceptional craftsmanship is all worth it. If you can, do buy one right away. They are classy, trendy, warm, and comforting, all at the same time.

Kaleen rugs

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