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The best hand-knotted rugs online that you will find on store shelves are not all attractive rugs. Beauty and unique features characterize these hand-knotted rugs. Hand knotting is a centuries-old art, that has been a generations-long tradition in some parts of the world, like Pakistan. They immediately catch the eye of anyone entering the room where you put these rugs. There are several reasons to get one of the hand-knotted rugs that are unique to RugKnots. Below are the key reasons for their fame in the past decade and present era. These reasons also explain why you would turn to a RugKnots hand Knotted rug to buy area rugs online.

High-quality Hand-Knotted Rugs

Hand-knotted rugs are designed for durability thanks to the high-quality materials used to make them. Not only do these rugs have a sentimental value for owners, but they are also a substantial investment as they become more valuable over time.

The Trending Style of Hand-Knotted Rugs

Hand knotted rugs are never out of style. Most owners would want to change the looks of their living spaces as often as the season changes. With hand knotted rugs, you do not need to worry about frequent changes. Placing a hand-knotted rug is an excellent idea because, in each rug, you will see the high quality and attention to detail. These characteristics make them a remarkable décor accessory. Therefore, they do not need to be changed or deleted often, or one may not need to change them at all.

Complicated Designs

Making these intricate handwoven designs requires a lot of time and care. In the end, they are very appealing to the eyes and can set the tone for a room of any size, function, and almost any style theme.

Content Quality

Woven wool hand-knotted rugs feel very soft and comforting, even for babies and pets. The materials used to make silk hand-knotted rugs and wool hand knotted rugs are very special. Our artisans only use the best of them available in the market. More importantly, we only use cruelty-free wool. Wool hand-knotted rugs are expensive because they are a mixture of wool and silk. This increases its value over time. Machine rugs, on the other hand, are made from harder synthetic materials and are not as soft as hand knotted rugs are.

Respect for Nature

Some people have the misconception that over time, hand knotted rugs become toxic. This is not true. They do not release toxins because they are made of natural materials, including all-natural dyes. Besides, unlike other rugs that are highly flammable and that can release volatile organic compounds (VOC), carpets made with wool, cotton, and silk release fewer allergens.

Unique Interior Décor

Many rug store owners, designers, and home decorators recognize the best hand-knotted rugs and appreciate their uniqueness. Hand-Knotted Rugs shows that the artisans have spent time, effort, and quality on the sustainable design, which affects the general atmosphere of your home.

The Appealing Designs and Art of Hand-Knotted Rugs

The Appealing design and artistic handiwork of the hand-knotted rugs from India and Pakistan make them antiques and ever more appealing with different colors and prints. They are also called as Oriental rugs. At RugKnots, we have something special for every kind of home color scheme and room of the house. Whether you want a carpet for the bedroom, guest room, bathroom, kitchen, kids’ room, or hallway, you will get something unique to buy here.

Add a Splash of Awesomeness to Your Home with Rugs

Your best option to add a splash of color is a shiny hand-knotted rug and especially a hand-knotted rug from India. One of the many benefits of choosing a rug from RugKnots is that there is a wide range of patterns and sizes available - and all you must do is roll it out and enjoy it. We have reduced this year's summer trends to four main topics:

1. Art, Patterns, and Shapes

Art Decor is making a comeback in the world of interior design, especially rugs, modern rugs, to be specific. We recommend that you buy geometric pattern rugs because they give a sense of dimension and order to your room.

2. Encaustic Tiles

If you want to improve the geometric pattern of the floor in your home, you should buy a rug with complex patterns that complements the flooring of your home.

3. Textured Wool Rugs Other Natural Rugs

Textured wool or other natural fibers are essential this year, especially for rugs. Its neutral shade creates a perfect indoor/outdoor atmosphere and softens stronger colors or stunning pieces.

4. Vintage Rugs

When it comes to decorating your home, minimalism is always a good option and stays in the spotlight for a while. However, the main theme of this season is to add color to your neutral room, and a handmade piece is excellent for any room. Kilim rugs are a great way to change your neutral zone and give it a vintage look. Whether you fancy the neutral and modern design of the house or the traditional look, there is no doubt that a touch of color will bring your home alive.

Business people Say “Hand-Knotted Rugs Will Be A Comeback Trail in 2020-2030”

According to some sellers in the home furnishings market, after a decade of low but constant sales, hand-knotted rugs are likely to have little return in the spring. Buyers now have a wide range of different prices, ranging in price from less than $1,000 to $5,000 in 5x8 or 6x9 sizes. Nobody says hand-knotted rugs will take the lead in the market because other rug types also rule the market. Nonetheless, some retailers and high-end furniture designers are looking for better quality rugs to complement their high-end furniture. The future is promising!

Prices May Be High but with Increased Sale

With a $ 5,000 sofa, you cannot show a $ 600 tufted carpet. It kills the carpet completely. The truth is that price wars have reduced the cost of handmade and machine-made products by 6 to 9 to less than $500. As a result, there is a vacuum at the upper end of the market. To fill this gap, some providers reaffirm the visible construction of old knots.

Hand-knotted Rugs from India is the Best Choice in Asia

Hand knotted rugs from India is the best choice in Asia. Still, according to the owner of RugKnots (Mrs. Naheed Mir), the online rug store is increasing the capacity of its hand-knotted rugs at its manufacturing facilities in the US. Hand-knotted rugs are becoming more important in the United States. Instead of introducing cheaper products, a selling strategy is to develop a series of Hand-knotted rugs from India with varying numbers of hand knots. This is one way to differentiate them in the market, and are now covering a full price range of handmade rugs.

Characteristics of Hand-woven Carpets

1. All edges are equal. No natural bangs.

All four rugs have a simple all-round finish on all four edges. These rugs are cut along the edges, and sometimes have glue on the edge to try to keep them together.

2. Easy to stretch. Extended marks in the field.

If you take a corner of those rugs, you can slightly stretch the rows and columns of the alignment. If the carpet has been lying on the floor in recent months, stretch marks and wrinkles will appear on the carpet.

3. You cannot completely roll flat "hand-woven" rugs.

These mats have a very heavy basic wire that extends in length or width, so you cannot roll them in one direction. It looks like a mat that can only roll in one direction. A hand-woven fairing can be rolled either end or side.

4. “Smile” the hand knotted rugs with an open pile to see the big loose tracks.

Smile the length and width of the carpet from the front to see if you can see the coarse thread of the foundation. You can use tweezers, even your nails, and easily move and pull the best wires. If the stability of these rugs is extremely poor, Pedestrian traffic will displace these wires and cause the rugs to appear stripped and tightened.

5. Easy to remove V-shaped tubes.

You can easily remove a handful of wool from the carpet by noting that it has the shape of the letter "V." These tufts are pressed in place in the same way as tufted rugs, except with tufted rugs, glue on the back to keep them in place. It is necessary to mention that nothing holds these tufts in place except the pressure of the adjacent threads, and when they stretch and move apart, these areas loosen by losing those tufts. Hand-Knotted rugs for sale are available at RugKnots. You can buy the best hand-knotted rugs from us right now at affordable prices.

Unrealistic Expectations of Customers

Often, carpet dealers receive calls from people who have unrealistic expectations about the value of their grandmother's old carpet. They know that they bought the carpet years ago and think it is worth much more because they saw a similar carpet that was for sale at that price. Although old or overdyed rugs are heirlooms, selling them will not be worth as much as a new rug. Size, dyes used in manufacturing, and design play a role in determining the rug’s value. Additionally, carpets that look the same can be very different upon closer inspection.

Antique Hand-Knotted Rugs for Sale

As with all antique hand-knotted rugs for sale, the sale price differs from the dealer's asking price. For this reason, appraisers use comparable actual sales price as often as possible when valuing values. If you do not have access to information about selling old carpet, it is difficult to determine the value, even if you know the exact origin and age. Besides, you need to understand not only the composition of the carpet but also the current market for rugs always to make a fortune. Hand-knotted rugs from India is the best choice in Asia. So, you can easily buy these carpets at RugKnots.

The Comparison of Hand-tufted vs. Hand-knotted Rugs

If you have new rugs, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the three types available. Some types of carpets are much more valuable and desirable than others are, so it is important to be able to distinguish between them. Comparison between Hand-tufted vs. Hand-knotted rugs is also based on the material used. Most of the wool hand-knotted rugs and silk hand-knotted rugs are made of silk and wool or a combination of silk and wool. Both are durable materials.

The Best Way to Check Your Rug Investment

Back of the mat:

Turn it over and examine the hand-knotted carpets. For handmade rugs, a latex coating is present on the back of the carpet to hold their tufts in place. The functional coating is then covered with another layer of fabric, which is generally canvas material. Because the difference between the backs of these rugs is so obvious, sliding the carpet is the easiest way to identify.

Symmetry and design:

The best Hand-knotted rugs online would have symmetrical designs or patterns of weaving front and back. Hand-knotted rugs are unique in design, as they are all handmade to be completely original and not mass-produced. This makes a uniquely beautiful work of art for hand-knotted rugs.


The ends of the knots on the back of the hand-knotted carpet are slightly uneven and not completely flat. On a machine-made carpet, the ends of the knots are completely flat. Although the machining process is much quicker than tying knots by hand, it is not as long-lasting. With hand-knotted rugs, the knots that hold the carpet together are extraordinarily tight and have been known to last for centuries without ever falling apart or unraveling.

Carpet Edge:

When a hand-knotted rug is made, each knot on the carpet is tied to a warp thread that naturally forms the edge of the carpet. Hand-knotted rug edges are essential for building the rug. If the edge of a carpet seems sewn and is not a natural part of the carpet design, it is a machine-made carpet.

Carpet thickness:

The quality of knots alone makes hand-knotted rugs much more durable than machine-made or hand-knitted rugs. In the last two, the carpet tufts are likely to be ripped from the base of the carpet. In the case of hand-knotted rugs formation, the wool and fibers are held in place by tightly woven knots that do not loosen over time.

Hand-Knotted Rugs the Best Choice

Machine rugs are made of synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon. Although these materials are cheap, they are a little more prone to breakage than plastic and are. We professionals know that such materials can withstand only a few hundred bends during the tests. Due to the strength of the carpet, the uniqueness of its design and the quality of the materials used, hand-knotted carpet is by far the best choice if you are looking for a beautiful, functional piece of art that will last for generations.

Best Vacuum for Hand-Knotted Rugs

The best vacuum for hand-knotted rug could be one of the following high technology devices:

  1. Kenmore Elite 21814 Vacuum
  2. Miele Classic C1 Vacuum Cleaner
  3. Shark Rotator Powered Vacuum
  4. Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  5. Electrolux EL4021A Vacuum
  6. Oreck Magnesium Bagged Upright Vacuum
  7. Cirrus Bagless Corded Stick Vacuum

RugKnots is among today's biggest sellers of handmade Pakistani carpets in the USA. Our goal is to make our product beautiful and diverse. We believe that our Pakistani Premium Handmade Rugs collection is really what you need to bring comfort and character to your living space. People can visit our store and buy the best hand-knotted rugs with ease. Our goal here at RugKnots is to make your shopping experience as comfortable and easy as possible. Hand Knotted rugs for sale are available at RugKnots. Our many customers buy the best Hand-knotted rugs from us. That is why we guarantee free shipping and free returns—order as many of those as you can.

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