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Top Hand Tufted Wool Rugs for Sale at RugKnots

oriental rugsMona Sharif
Have you ever heard of Hand Tufted Wool Rugs? These are great rugs that can brighten up your house areas. However, if you are not aware of these ki...
Match Oriental Rugs

Tips on How to Mix and Match Oriental Rugs

Oriental RugsAlessandra Santos
Can two Oriental rugs coexist in the same room? We are so glad you asked! We love the look an Oriental rug can add to any room, and matching pair...
Oriental Rugs

Oriental Rugs: A Buyer's Guide

Oriental RugsLogan Funk
As a busy homeowner it can be difficult to find time to enhance your home... Even when you just know a hand-crafted rug will add timeless charac...
Oriental Rug#

10 Reasons You Should Buy an Oriental Rug

Oriental Rugsali hassan
Oriental rugs add real elegance to any space, and their unique hand-knotted character makes them stand out. We’ve listed our top ten reasons for ...
Blue Oriental Rugs

The Cool Effect of Blue Oriental Rugs

Oriental RugsAlessandra Santos
Today's decor can be summed up in one word: neutral. Every wall is grey or white. Furniture is varying shades of the same. This is why bringing in ...

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