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Wedding Rugs – A Vow To Love Forever

"Walking down the aisle," is an amazing journey of love and adventure. That is the reason why many couples choose to stand upon a Wedding Rug that will stay with them throughout a lifetime.

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When a bride and groom take their first step upon the aisle runner, or Wedding Rug, they step upon a new and exciting journey into their future.

As the couple stands upon the Wedding Rug and recites their vows together while joining hands, they recite a promise to weave their separate lives together.

A Wedding Rug becomes a stunning daily reminder after the ceremony, of the promises they have vowed to keep.


Wedding Rugs - A Vow To Love Forever

The beginnings of a wedding aisle and a wedding aisle runner can be traced back to ancient days when roads were unpaved. The bridegroom and bride along with their guests would arrive at the church with soiled feet. The wedding aisle runner was used to protect the bride’s hem of her dress.

Of course, today outdoor trail dust is no longer a factor, but many couples love the tradition of an aisle covering to create a "regal" feeling as the step upon a path to join their lives together.

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Symbolically, a Wedding Rug is an emblem to denote that a newlywed couple should have prosperity, and not poverty represented by an earthen floor.

Keep in mind too that a wedding aisle runner creates a photographic memory. Often times an aisle runner becomes a prominent feature within wedding photos. This is why many brides do not want their photos to contain a plastic or paper runner and opt for the elegant look of a beautiful Oriental rug to guide their pathway.

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Because most Oriental hand knotted rugs are made of pure wool, they resist moisture and create a beautiful backdrop for any type of wedding ceremony.

Because they are hand knotted one knot at a time, they are a perfect symbol of a couple who wished to tie the knot together, and vow to love each other for a lifetime.

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Those couples who might have a marriage of a blended family, might like the idea to include children, by using a Wedding Rug at the beginning of a wedding ceremony. Wedding Rugs are a great way to symbolize the beginning of a new family.

While aisle runners create a beautiful path for such a special occasion, and define a wedding aisle, they can also create a formal feel for the ceremony, and create a safe path for the bride and her bridesmaids whose heels might otherwise, punch through the dirt or an uneven pebbled surface.

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While Wedding Rug might have its beginnings at a wedding, couples can continue to use the rug during other special celebrations such as vow renewals, or anytime vows are spoken.

Often times wedding rugs are passed on and are given to children for a future wedding ceremony as the “something borrowed”.

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Using a Wedding rug at the ceremony is very special, but using many Oriental rugs to create elegant settings for a wedding reception is also a beautiful idea.

Your wedding day isn't commonplace, and neither are Oriental rugs. Because true Persian rugs are hand-knotted wool rugs, each rug is considered to be one-of-a-kind.

Because these rugs contain beautiful symbols and meaningful colors, each tells a story and creates a fairytale backdrop for your day.

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If you know a couple that is planning a wedding, the gift of a hand knotted Wedding Rug can be a most treasured gift. With the understanding that a Wedding Rug will become a cherished family heirloom, passed down through future generations, many parents order a handmade custom rug to commemorate a child’s wedding.

A couple's wedding date or initials can even be hand knotted into the rug pattern.

Wedding rugs can be created in any color schemes and in any sizes. A gift of a Wedding Rug need not be the first and only gift to a couple. Custom Oriental rugs can commemorate any special event in a lifetime such as births, anniversaries, new jobs; whatever is a special memory you want to preserve for generations.

Do you wish you had a Wedding Rug at your wedding many years ago? Why not create one to celebrate your next Anniversary?


At RugKnots we have been creating custom-made Oriental rugs for over three generations. Depending on the size of the Wedding Rug you order, we can finish a custom order in 4- 6 months’ time.

Sometimes, our Wedding Rug customers wish to purchase a gift certificate to give the couple, allowing them to select their colors and motifs. The staff at RugKnots is happy to create such a special rug in whatever way is perfect for the couple.

Feel free to contact RugKnots about a custom made rug. Our on staff designers will be happy to talk with you and help you through every step of the process. Call us today at 877-989-5505.



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