10 x 15 Rugs

Change the look of your room with one of our beautiful 10 x 15 rugs. A well-chosen Oriental rug transforms any space. Search out traditional styles to give you room a classic look, or if you’re looking for a real focal point, look for a bold, contemporary design or a strong geometric pattern. Read More

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Why Choose a 10 x 15 Rug?

It’s a big rug for a big space. You get fantastic floor coverage from a 10’ x 15’ area rug. If you want to create a large, sociable area in a living room, that allows you to arrange your couch, chairs and coffee table together in an intimate grouping, this generously sized rug is ideal.

Or, if you need to cover most of a bedroom floor to create a warmly welcoming feel, this is an excellent size of area rug to go for. Just make sure that you’re leaving a pleasingly-sized border of about a foot around the perimeter of the room.

It’s also a good size to fit under your dining room suite. If you’re after a rug for your dining room, you need to make sure that you get the right size floor covering, otherwise your dining chairs will be uncomfortably half-on and half-off the edge of the rug.

It’s also important to choose an area rug that’s the same shape as the table. This is the perfect rug to go with a large rectangular dining table. A typical banqueting style table measures around 120” x 30”, and a 10’ x 15’ rug is the right proportion to work with it.

10 x 15 Area Rugs: Great Size & Great Quality

A 10 x 15 size is a large rug, and so is a real investment. You need to make sure that you’re committing to an area rug that will stand the test of time. If you have to change a large rug because it has become worn or badly faded, it’s a real upheaval, as well as false economy. If you’re buying a large rug, back sure you consider its quality, as well as the quantity of coverage you need.

We use a combination of the best rug producers, the most tried-and-tested techniques, and the finest wool from New Zealand to ensure that our rugs are made to last.

Hand Knotted 10 x 15 Area Rugs

Our 10’ x 15’ area rugs are hand-knotted by expert artisans, who usually come from whole families of talented rug makers. The highly skilled process of hand knotting involves the rug being made on a specialized loom, with each knot tied by hand, hence the name. You can imagine how much time and effort goes into producing a rug of this size! The resulting rug is of excellent quality and is extraordinarily durable.

Of course, even the most skilled manufacturer still needs to work with the best materials, so we use wool from the renowned New Zealand sheep. These happy sheep have a great life, grazing on green fields, and are world-famous for producing exceptionally fine wool.

Our area rugs are so special thanks to generations of knowledge, care and expertise. If you choose one of beautiful and durable Oriental rugs from our collection, it will be appreciated by generations of your family, too.

Key Features of Our 10 x 15 Rugs

  • A fantastic size for whole-floor coverage or for filling larger spaces
  • Authentic hand knotted manufacture, made by skilled specialists
  • High knot count per square inch
  • Best quality wool imported from New Zealand
  • Wool sourced from responsible farmers
  • Colored with organic vegetable dyes
  • Fully hypoallergenic
  • Carefully washed by hand for a luxurious soft pile