9x12 Rugs

Large area rugs help create comfy living rooms and are perfect for houses with hardwood floors. For living room rugs, we recommend placing all of your furniture on the rug to prevent your furniture from sliding. Wondering what size rug goes under a king bed? 9x12 rugs are exceptional large bedroom rugs!

Navy Blue/Beige/Multi Colored Boho Chic Rug — Multiple Sizes


from $59.00 | sku: CASABCAS-2NVY2030

Ocean Blue/Ivory/ Marbled Boho Chic Rug — Multiple Sizes


from $59.00 | sku: LOFT0LO-09BLU2030

Green Egyptian Modern Rug - Multiple Sizes


$49.00 $35.00 | sku: BAJA0BAJ-4GRN1837

Ivory/Black/Charcoal Grey/Light Blue Boho Chic Rug — Multiple Sizes


from $39.00 | sku: BROOKBH-05IVY2030

Beige/Caramel Brown Boho Chic Rug — Multiple Sizes


from $79.00 | sku: DREAMDR-03BGE2030

Sapphire Blue/Peach Pink/ Candy Red Boho Chic - Multiple Sizes


$69.00 $59.00 | sku: MARGEMGX-1RED2030

Ivory White/Aegean Blue Egyptian General Life Style Rug - Multiple Sizes


$49.00 $35.00 | sku: BAJA0BAJ14BLU1837

Teal/White Boho Chic Shag Rug — Multiple Sizes


from $59.00 | sku: MAYA0MAY-2BLU2030

Scarlet Red/Olive Green/Beige Boho Chic Rug — Multiple Sizes


$59.00 $47.00 | sku: GHAZNGZ-05BGE2030

Rust Red/Navy Blue/Yellow Tribal Rug — Multiple Sizes


$59.00 $47.00 | sku: GHAZNGZ-01BLU2030

Sold Out
Rust Modern Ziegler Rug


$5,777.00 $2,888.00 | sku: MZR-A3037

Sold Out
Purple Overdyed Rug


$6,171.00 $3,086.00 | sku: APV-1-12-258


How big of a rug do I need?

When trying to figure out how to choose a rug for your living room, measure your space and leave at least 1-2 feet of exposed hardwood floor or carpet. You will also need to take into account your furniture. Whether you are shopping for a bedroom rug, living room rug, or dining rug, you will need to decide if you want to put all furniture on the rug or not. Putting all furniture on the rug is an easy solution to prevent furniture from sliding and allows you to skip buying a rug pad too. Generally, a small living room rug is a 5x7 rug, a 5x8 rug, or a 6x9 rug. An average living room rug is a 8x10 or 8x12 living room rug. For large living rooms, we recommend a 9x12 rug or a 10x12 rug.

What size rug pad do I need for a 9x12 rug?

Avoid buying a 9x12 rug pad for a 9x12 rug because it will actually stick out. We recommend getting a rug pad that is about 4 inches shorter than the length and width of the rug. So for a 9x12 rug, you would want to buy a 8'8" x 11'8" rug pad.

How big should a dining room rug be?

A basic rule to follow for dining room rugs is to get a rug about 2 feet longer and wider than your dining room table. A typical square dining room table that seats 4 people is at least 3 feet wide and 3 feet long, so it will require a 5x7 rug. A squre table also looks great with our square 4x4 rugs or our 5x5 round rugs. A rectangle dining room table that seats 6 people is normally at least 5 feet long, so it would require a 5x7 or 6x9 dining room rug. For large rectangle dining room tables that seat up to 8 people, we suggest a 7x10 dining room rug. For even more large rectangle dining room tables that seat up to 10 people, we suggest a 8x12 rug or a 9x12 rug. For more info, here's 10 Tips for Getting a Dining Room Just Right.

What size rug do you put under a king size bed?

In the US, a king size mattress is about 6 feet wide and 6 and a half feet long. In order to know how to choose a bedroom rug, you will want to decide if you want your entire bed frame on the rug, plus you may even want to add furniture, such as bedroom night stands or a bedroom bench at the foot of the bed, onto your bedroom rug. If you only want half of your bed on your rug at the end, for more of a visual appearance than functionality, you can get away with buying a 6x9 bedroom rug for your king bed. If you want to step on a soft bedroom rug in the morning instead of hardwood floors, you should buy an 8x10 bedroom rug. If you're interested in an oversized bedroom rug that allows you to have a rug under nightstands, we suggest buying a 9x12 rug or a 10x12 rug.

The RugKnots Rug Sizing Guide

Pretty Little Thing: 6x9 Living Room Area Rug

A 6x9 living room rug is a great choice for smaller living rooms. We highly recommend 6x9 rugs to style small apartment living rooms. In order to make the room seem bigger, keep all furniture legs off of the rug.

Above Average: 8x10 Living Room Area Rugs

It's no doubt that 8x10 area rugs are very popular, and for good reasons too. Offering functionality and style, 8x10 area rugs great for average sized living rooms. We suggest placing funiture half on and half off. This can be a great option for including attractive flooring in the design.

Oversized Area Rugs: 9x12 Living Room Rugs

Having all furiniture on an area rug can has many benefits. An oversized rug will make your room size look much bigger and spacious. We suggest a 9x12 area rug for living spaces with muliple furniture pieces.

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