Baluchi Rugs

Baluchi Rugs

Baluchi rugs are handmade in Balochistan, an area of land between eastern Iran and Pakistan. Baluch nomads belonging to the groups Sulaimani and Makrani, were the first to create Baluchi rugs (also referred to as Balouchi, Baluch, or Beluchi carpets). 

Baluchi tribes continue to live the nomadic way of life up to now. As such, they maintained the style of their traditional rugs comprised of a whimsy hallmark, bright unexpected colors and exuberant patterns.

Baluchi rugs are often used as prayer rugs on the Eastern Hemisphere, but have also adapted to decorative area rugs following the trend of tribal rugs in living rooms, dining rooms, etc. 

If you're looking for some playful patterns to decorate a very simple area, we highly recommend adding a Pakistani Baluchi rug in your living space! 

Baluchi Rug Specs

  • Type of knot: Senna
  • Knot count: Over 200 knots per square inch
  • Material: 100% Wool 
  • Dyes: All-natural vegetable 
  • Region: Pakistan/Iran
  • Handmade by expert rug weavers