Boho Chic

Bohemian decor is inspired by a care-free, hippie lifestyle with patterns and textures that create an eclectic interior design. Combined with our own touch of shabby chic, the Boho Chic Collection is one of our best yet. Shop these bold, beautiful Boho area rugs today!  

Boho Chic Collection: Gypsy, Trendy, and Radical

With the Boho Chic Collection, we wanted a distinctive new design that combined contemporary and old-school vintage styles. The neutral beige background colors on some of these rugs represent our touch of shabby chic, while the bold pastel pink and turquoise colors bring out that quirky, electric vibe from the '70's. We know you'll love these subtly elegant, trendy area rugs from RugKnots! 

Why It’s Great To Be A Bit Boho

“Boho” is short for “Bohemian”, and refers to the hippie-chic look inspired by the free-spirited styles of the 1060s and 1970s. When you’re talking about clothes, the boho (or “boho-chic”) trend is characterized by mixed colors and textures, ethnic prints, floaty fabrics, and nature-inspired patterns. With interior design, it’s similar. We’re looking at natural colors and quirky designs. Fabrics and furnishings don’t have to match, but their similar vibe (see, we’re even adopting hippie-speak!) blends into one, beautiful boho whole.

It’s a wonderful look if you’re after a relaxed and inviting feel, with a touch of individuality. The area rugs in our Boho Chic Collection have a cool, muted palette, and their simple designs allow you to mix different patterns in your interior scheme without everything becoming too chaotic.

Area rugs are an ideal way to add a bohemian feel to your home, as you can use them to mirror the layering style so popular in women’s boho fashion. Start with a large area rug (say, an 8’ x 10’ if you have the space), and layer a contrasting smaller rug on top (a 3’6” x 5’ 6” size, perhaps). This instantly gives that rich, vibrant boho appeal – with the added advantage of being really comfortable to walk or sit on! Layer bolder and more detailed designs together for a fantastic hippie-chic result.

Or, try a selection of rugs from our Boho Chic Collection placed separately. A series of smaller rugs with different designs scattered around your home gives that 1960s mix-and-match look, as well as delineating separate areas in larger rooms.

Fresh, natural, and lively, we love this style – and it works beautifully across your whole home.

The Boho Chic Collection: Key Features

  • Made using modern weaving techniques in India
  • A beautiful palette of calm, modern colors
  • Available in many different sizes
  • Easy to look after