Bokhara Rugs


Bokhara Rugs

A Bokhara (sometimes spelled as Bokhara or Bukhara) oriental rug is a specialty Pakistani hand knotted rug made by expert Pakistani, Indian and Afghan artisans featuring intricate oval or diamond shaped motifs and complex traditional designs. Our Bokhara rugs are lavishly soft and made from 100% ethically sourced New Zealand Wool. Check out below the best Bokhara Rugs for sale. Up to 50% off on Bokhara Rugs!


The RugKnots Bokhara Rug Collection

These Pakistani Hand Knotted rugs feature:

  • 100% New Zealand Wool
  • Natural Vegetable Dyes
  • An Amazing 0.75 Wool Pile Height
  • Variety of Colors
  • Range of Sizes

Everything You Need To Know About Bokhara Rug

The History of Antique Bokhara Rugs

Bokhara Rugs get their name from the city of Bukhara, Uzbekistan, a country in Central Asia near Turkmenistan, Turkey, Iran, India and more. This is the place where they were first made. Years ago, Bokhara Rugs were referred to Tekke Bokhara Rugs due to the head empire Turkoman tribe, Tekke. Emperors and high-class people were known to indulge in Bokhara Rugs, which were considered a luxury. There are two types of Bokhara Tekke Rugs:

  1. Royal Rugs - typically deep red rugs with symmetrical octagons along with the entire rug
  2. Princess Rugs - prayer rugs often used for the 5 daily prayers in the Muslim religion

Refugees of Afghanistan were taught of Pakistani art of weaving. While most of the Afghan rugs look like Turkish rugs, many of those are Bokhara oriental rug designs.

We sell royal Bokharas in many deep red colors, but we also have very rare colors as well, such as green, pink, and grey.

How to Care for a Bokhara Rug

When you think of a Pakistani Bokhara, you can almost think of it like a shag rug because of its thick, deep pile. You definitely will not want to vacuum your Bokhara rug too often because it will begin to damage the softness of the pile. Therefore, you may want to consider placing your Bokhara rug in middle-to-low traffic volume areas. Areas such as bedrooms, dining rooms, and offices are perfect for luxury Bokharas. Once you feel the silky softness of the fine New Zealand wool, you will want to place a small Bokhara rug right below your bedside so it’s the first thing you feel when you get up every morning! For accidents and spills, we recommend our natural and easy cleaning solution of 8 parts water, 1 part white vinegar, and a small drop of mild dishwashing detergent. Simply dab the affected area of the rug with this solution. Prevent yourself from scrubbing or rubbing any stain/spill!

Our Current Obsession: 6’ x 9' Rose Bokhara Rug

Add instant class and luxury to your space with this charming, wool, area rug from Pakistan. Velvety softness, durability and repeating, oriental patterns come together to form this gorgeous, 6x9 Bokhara rug- available with free shipping. This hand-knotted wool rug will impress guests with its intricate border and soft, neutral color palette featuring blush pink, baby blue, beige and brown.