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Jute Rugs


Rugs made from hemp, bamboo, and seagrass have taken top seed when it comes to designer’s choice. But another popular style of rugs is Jute Rugs. Obtained from Corchorus plants, Jute is a natural fiber used in home décor accessories. Silky in nature, the best jute producers in the world are India and Bangladesh. Some also refer to jute as a golden fiber owing to its brownish golden hue.

Jute Rugs are the new black. The tinge of golden reflecting off the silky fabric of Jute Rugs gives them an exotic feel and helps blend in easily with the rest of the décor. Browse through RugKnots collection of top-quality Jute Rugs for Sale and purchase our exclusive pieces at affordable prices.

Easily affordable and eco-friendly, Natural Jute Rugs are recyclable and biodegradable.  You can easily clean these rugs using a vacuum cleaner. For more thorough cleaning, wash them with a bar of mild soap and water. In this article, we’ll give you the best tips to help you pick your favorites from our Jute Rugs Sale.

What Are Jute Rugs?

Is your home too modern for your taste? Looking for a touch of natural and homely comfort? Bring in Jute Rugs! Made from dried plant fibers, Jute Area Rugs will give your home a cozy and casual vibe. These long-lasting rugs will give your eclectic home décor a beautiful and decorative accent.

Jute is the fiber used to make burlap. This fiber has a natural brown and golden tone. Some weavers let the jute keep its original color but some also dye the fiber into their colors of choice to make Colorful Jute Rugs. Jute is soft so when you walk on a Jute Rug barefoot, it won’t feel harsh or rough beneath your feet. This fiber comes from the stalk of the plant. Hence, it is softer, flexible, and more comfortable than sisal.

How Are Jute Rugs Made                                       

Grown and harvested in abundance in Bangladesh, India and surrounding countries, Jute is a soft brownish fiber obtained from the stem of the Jute plant. Once the crop is ready for harvest, the farmers cut the stalk, bundle up the bunch, and let them soak in water for some weeks.

Jute is famously known for its strength and durability. Different industries utilize jute in burlap fabric, ropes, and rugs of a variety of different shapes and sizes. Of all the rugs made from natural fibers, Jute is the softest and most pliant. It is softer than sisal rug which many people mistake for a Jute Rug. It is the perfect rug for rooms where you often walk barefoot. Owing to their durability and incredible life span, you can place Natural Jute Rugs in areas that receive heavy traffic.

The Size and Texture of Jute Rugs

5 x 8 Jute Rugs are a perfect size and rug material for kids and pets. These rugs are in earthy tones and it is comfortable to lie down and play on them for hours. Jute Area Rugs 8 x 10 is a perfect size for your living room or if you have a spacious bedroom. For dining rooms, we would recommend Jute Area Rugs 9 x 12 so you can place them under the dining table. They give the room a relaxed and cozy feel.

The chunky texture of Jute runners works especially well for hardwood floors. Their natural tones stand out against dark hardwood and marble floorings. From firsthand experience, I can promise you that Red Jute Rugs work incredibly well with gunmetal grey hardwood flooring. Since Jute is a natural fiber with varied hues of golden brown, these fibers when woven together come out to make a distinctive and exotic rug.

Jute has a perfectly imperfect texture and coloring. The material is thick, sometimes uneven, very chunky, and soft. It gives off a very modest and relaxed vibe. Placed in the middle of the most modern and sophisticated décor, Soft Jute Rugs can add a world of cozy comfort to the setting. They also complement rustic settings like wood cabins and beach houses with wood floorings.

How to Care for and Maintain a Jute Rug?

Here are a few ways how you can care for your Jute Rug and keep it in top condition for a long time.

  • Jute Rugs while highly durable collect dust really quickly. This is why these rugs require frequent vacuum cleaning sessions. You can vacuum these rugs from different angles and use an attachment to dig up the grime and dirt from the base of the rug.
  • To maintain the life span of the rug, you must avoid over-cleaning the borders of the rug. Only vacuum until they look clean. Digging up dirt at the edges will ruin the rug.
  • If the room gets a high exposure of sunlight, shift the angles so that the rug fades evenly from all sides.
  • Do not steam clean your Jute Rug. Steam cleaning and spot cleaning can discolor the rug fibers.
  • Spillage is easy to hide on a Jute Rug. You can easily wipe the rug clean using a dry cloth to absorb the moisture in the rug. Wait until the rug is dry. If the stain is still there and visible, contact a rug professional.

What Is the Difference between Jute and Sisal Rugs?

While Sisal and Jute rugs, both are natural and organic décor accessories, they are some defining difference between the two rugs. They may be similar when it comes to the overall outlook, but they also differ in texture, softness, cost, and durability.

Made from dried agave leaves, sisal grows in arid climates in countries like Mexico, Central and South America, and Eastern Africa. Sisal, while durable, is highly coarse. Jute grows on the opposite end of the earth in Bangladesh and India. It tends to grow in monsoon climates and is obtained from the stalks of the Jute plant. Jute runners and carpets vary in texture and softness from sisal rugs.

When it comes to Jute runners, comfort is the ultimate priority. You can walk on them barefoot or in socks. Sisal runners and carpets, on the other hand, are notoriously coarse.

What Are the Best Qualities of a Jute Rug?

Beautiful Texture

Jute runner rugs and carpets provide beautiful texture and a soft feel. Also called hessian, weavers made these rugs from natural jute fibers. These fibers give the rug a stylish, raw, and organic texture that reflects in your home décor.

The chunky knit weave, the smooth braid, and the natural woodsy complexion complement any and every type of interior from eclectic modern styles to more traditional and cozy home designs. Jute rugs also act as a base for other colorful and patterned rugs.

 Incredible Durability

Woven from thick fibers and made to withstand pressure and rough handling, Jute Rugs offer unparalleled durability to homeowners. They can withstand heavy traffic, and their tight weave holds up well in busy places.

When placed in low traffic areas, these rugs can hold up even better and longer and can last for many years. These rugs do not require everyday care and due to their natural brown color, the stains are hardly noticeable.


Jute grows fast, is recyclable, and does not harm the friend. What more could you want? Not only are these rugs affordable, but they nothing to negatively affect the environment. To protect the rapidly deteriorating climatic conditions is the ultimate goal for most of us. Conveniently, Jute rugs bring beauty to your home and protection to the climate. They are excellent for our environment and cost-effective when compared to other eco-friendly options.

These biodegradable rugs help improve your décor and make living comfortable.

Easy Fit

The best thing about Jute Rugs is that they fit into any and every home décor. They complement all styles and furniture and will hardly give you grief about looking out of place in a room setting. These rugs inspire an outdoor feel and a wild aesthetic. Jute Area Rugs are one of RugKnots best-sellers due to their easy match with all types of home décor and affordable pricing.

So whether you love vintage fashion or a contemporary design, Natural Jute Rugs are your ticket to achieving an exquisite interior design look.

How to Decorate with Jute Rugs?

 Place Them in High Traffic Areas

Jute rugs are your best option for high traffic areas at your home. You can place them in the living room or the foyer without having to worry about shedding. These rugs withstand wear and tear very well.

However, Jute does not absorb odor very well. So be careful with your pets. A better alternative, in this case, will be to use sisal rugs or seagrass rugs.

Go for Patterned Rugs

Most Jute Rugs come in earthy tones, but now designers and retailers are selling Jute runners and carpets in colorful designs and patterns. Some of the most popular Jute patterns are chevron and stripes. They give the room an outdoor vibe while giving the rug touch of contemporary fashion.

Patterned jute rugs add personality and texture to a room and make them look more vibrant and lively.

Layer Up

While jute rugs have coastal rug aesthetic, they complement a variety of different types of home décor. They sit well with designs that are over the top contemporary but also work with a more traditional home interior. To make your living space look exotic, you can pair up a Jute Rug with another rug. If your jute rug is simple and plain, go for a patterned and colorful rug that will complement the solid feel of jute runner and give additional coverage.

Why Should You Buy a Jute Rug?

The reason why people prefer to buy Jute Rugs is due to its incredible durability and organic feel. The rug adds a blend of nature and comfort to any room you place it in. If you love earthy tones, an outdoor feel, and casual comfort, then you will love Jute Area Rugs. For a home with pets and kids, a Soft Jute Rug is a must-have. Kids and pets love lounging on a rug and play around or watch TV. Jute Rugs and their organic feel is the perfect home décor accessory for this purpose.

If you’re not into a natural and organic feel, you can buy Jute Rugs dyed into different shades and colors. Striped Jute runner rugs are very common these days. Since people usually have a monochromatic color scheme in their homes nowadays, they prefer rugs and upholstery of color. You can purchase Colorful Jute Rugs and mattings with patterns to add a pop of color and funk to your home décor. Round Jute Rugs are also extremely popular amongst interior designers and rug lovers.

Best Area Rug Pads or Jute Rugs

When you buy a jute rug, most of them come with an attached underlay. But sometimes, especially when you have toddlers at home, an underlay is not enough. Due to heavy foot traffic, the fibers wear out over time and the rug loses its lifespan.

This is why we think, a rug pad is important for a rug that receives heavy traffic. Not only will a rug pad protect your hardwood flooring, but will also increase the lifespan of your jute rugs. This way the rug will last longer, remain soft and provide better insulation and sound absorption.


I’m wondering how to clean a jute rug?

Depending on the size of your rug, an effective and easy method for cleaning is to simply shake your rug outside. However, for large rugs, we do recommend vacuuming. Be sure to turn off the vacuum bristles bar before hand. The bar could possibly damage the jute fibers accidentally. For spot cleaning a jute area rug, use water and a scrub brush.

What are seagrass rugs?

Many people wonder what the differences of jute vs. seagrass rugs are and there are actually quite a few. The seagrass rugs originated in India as durable material that is made into many different decor pieces other than rugs. Seagrass often grows near coral reefs or shallow waters where there is plenty of sunlight. To create the seagrass material, the plant is picked and dried. Once weaved into a rug, seagrass adds more dimension and texture than jute. Seagrass is very durable and tough, making seagrass rugs perfect for high-traffic areas.  

How big are your jute area rugs?

All of our jute rugs are available in the following sizes: 2' x 3', 2' x 8' runner, 4' x 6', 5' x 7', and 8' x 10'. Our largest size would be an 8' x 10' jute rug- perfect for the living room or dining room. We can also create custom rugs that can be made into larger sizes. 

Is there a difference between sisal and jute?

Sisal is created from the leaves of cacti plants. Sisal rugs are slightly more durable than jute. However, jute area rugs are softer than sisal rugs and easier to clean. Sisal fibers are naturally absorbent, making them prone to stains. 

Where to buy jute rugs?

Shipped straight from our rug warehouse in Pakistan to the one outside Baltimore, our Jute Rugs are durable, comfortable, and made free of synthetic fiber. So grab your phone, dial us today, and book your next visit to our warehouse and for the hands-on feel of beautiful Jute Rugs.

Where else could you find an extensive collection of the most exotic Jute rugs but at RugKnots? Browse our Jute Rugs for Sale and come across patterned, colorful, and plain textured Jute Rugs sold at extremely convenient pricing.