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Contemporary Rugs


Contemporary Rugs have a free-form style, sometimes morphing into geometric patterns and elegant swirls. The range of colors is stunning from stark contrasts of bold and vivid shades to subtle tones and pastel colors. However, these rugs look nothing like traditional or transitional rugs many of you may already have at your homes.

Contemporary fashion is different. It’s more minimalistic, less extravagant, and more mellowed. If you are in search of something grand and antique – Contemporary Area Rugs are not for you. However, you may find some Contemporary Rugs featuring retro designs. These rugs nod back to the elemental arts and crafts periods that constitute the history of rug making. Whilst contemporary runners and carpets may give you a peek into the past, they are far from anything traditional.

RugKnots houses one of the biggest collections of Contemporary Rugs on Sale at affordable pricing. Shop at our Contemporary Rugs Sale and buy a rug that matches your style and budget. Before you view our exciting collection of Contemporary Rugs for Living Room and bedroom, let us first tell you about Contemporary Rugs and why you need a rug at your home at all!

What Are Contemporary Rugs?

A Contemporary Rug is an art in itself. It does not follow the traditional designs established centuries ago. It follows no specified color schemes, no chosen patterns, but each piece still comes out beautiful and unique. The best thing about Contemporary Runner Rugs is that they take something from each of the different types of traditional rugs on the market.

Modern Contemporary Rugs are what you would call a looser fit. They are distinctive and easily stand out from stacks of rugs. These rugs are more sophisticated, but still a lovely blend of playful, fun, and romantic. For today’s interior living décor, Contemporary Area Rugs have become a must-have!

What Are the Characteristics of Contemporary Rugs?

The roots of contemporary rug design stem from various art periods. Most of these creations are an inspiration from the first carpets made in the Art Deco architectural style during the late twenties and the fifties. The designers of these carpets also take from some of the renowned abstract painters like Picasso, Miro, Mondrian, and Klee. The early Scandinavian Rugs have also made ample contributions to the design of Contemporary Modern Area Rugs.

Contemporary carpets, by most definitions, are different. They do not resemble any design you may have seen on a rug before. Some use bold colors and geometric patterns but some have retro patterns and subdued shades. Sometimes, Contemporary Floral Rugs even feature flowers (one or a bunch), and other still life to match modern décor.

How to Choose the Best Contemporary Rug for Your Home?

Contemporary carpets come with a variety of options despite being one of the newer releases in rug fashion. Round Contemporary Rugs are the rage these days. They come in all sizes; most of them are 5 x 8 Contemporary Area Rugs for modern living spaces. A lot of homeowners, when presented with too many options, do not know what to choose. Some have a good size, some match your furniture, while some are simply pretty to look at.

Standing in a store full of rugs and trying to pair one with your minimalistic furniture and eclectic home décor can be daunting. Modern Contemporary Rugs always bring something fun and exciting to the table. And sometimes, that’s exactly what homeowners and interior designers are looking for. But how to choose that perfect rug?

We have a few tips for you to keep in mind when you go rug shopping. Here’s how you pick the right Contemporary Rug for your home.

Pick the Right Size

Contemporary Rugs 8 x 10 is the best pick for a living room. When rolled out into the center of your living room, under a table or in a master suite, these rugs become the focal point of attention and beauty. If placed under a piece of furniture, the rug gives the impression of being larger than it is. So, if that’s the look you’re going for, a large size is going to work best for you.

However, contemporary area rugs 5 x 7 are a better option for smaller rooms. Large area rugs in smaller rooms can make them look cramped, and that’s the last thing you need in a smaller space.

Don’t Cover the Rug Entirely

Contemporary Rugs are an expensive investment. You did not put that dent in your bank account only to hide the rug under a piece of furniture. Seriously!

When you go out to buy a Contemporary Area Rug, think about the furniture you have at home. If the furniture is bulky and huge in size, we would recommend that you go for a rug that has a pattern running all over it. This way you will still be able to see the rug pattern when placed under the furniture.

If the furniture is minimalistic and occupies only a small space, you go for a rug with a more singular design. Furniture items with exposed legs are perfect for rugs with simplistic patterns because they give off a more airy vibe. This way you can witness the beauty of the rug and not have the furniture cramp its style.

Don’t Shy Away from Mixed Patterns

If you have furniture with prints and patterns, don’t shy away from adding a rug into the equation. The trick is to buy a rug that has prints of a size that is different than the size of prints on your furniture.

If you buy a rug with smaller patterns, the rug will act as the background while the furniture stands out. If you buy one with larger patterns, the rug will stand out and the furniture will serve as the background. Striped rugs work well with most printed furniture.

Do You Replace Furniture Items Frequently?

It is easier to replace a rug than it is to replace furniture items. Usually, people keep their furniture items longer and replace rugs frequently. This is a plus because rugs are comparatively easier to switch out for a makeover or to refresh the room setting. But if you are someone who frequently changes the furniture and loses interest in furniture items fast, then we recommend you pick a style you can stick with before you invest in a rug.

Reasons Why You Should Add a Rug to Your Home Décor

A rug is an ensemble of fashion and comfort. It is a decorative piece which also defines your living space and adds to the beauty of your furniture. Rug also comes in handy for noise control in a wooden house with echo problem. Rugs are the perfect floor covering for hardwood floors and carpeted floors alike. Here’s what a beautiful rug brings to your home’s interior décor:

Gives Your Space Character

If you have a spacious living space with minimalistic furniture, Contemporary Runner Rugs can give definition to your home. A rug can define an open concept design and give character to each area of your space.

Makes Your Space Look Larger

If you do not worry about cramming, then a large rug could do the trick to make your home look larger than it actually is. The larger the rug, the larger your space will look. This way, your space can come across as expansive and roomy.

Complement Your Interior Décor

If you feel like something in your interior space is missing, then a rug might be what you need to complete the look of your room. Add a Contemporary Modern Area Rug to your room and achieve a complete and unifying look with your interior décor.

Gives Your Space a Makeover

Rugs can be expensive, but you do not have to necessarily buy one that costs you a kidney. You can browse RugKnots Contemporary Rugs for Sale to purchase rugs at cheaper prices.

For the right price, you can give your room a good makeover without having to spend too much. To add to this, you can switch out a few accessories, change the setting, and there you go, you just gave your room a fantastic makeover!

What’s the Difference between Modern vs. Contemporary Rugs?

Often, about interior design and fashion, people use the words modern and contemporary interchangeably. But are they really the same? The answer would be no. Even though contemporary and modern area rugs refer to creations from the recent eras, they are not entirely the same.


The Modern era lasted from the twenties to the fifties. Most refer to this era as the mid-century modern era. This era brought with it all the elements of modern style including open floor plans, minimalist layout, and the use of wood. This is the era that is trending all over the world today.


Contemporary does not refer to a period and does not conform to a single time or style. Contemporary is the substitute for trending or mainstream. Whatever the latest fashion is – even if it is a combination of a variety of trends – is what we call contemporary. Contemporary fashion changes with time and morphs into a new style and design as new trends replace the old ones.


The reason why most confuse the Modern era’s style with contemporary fashion is that in this age, the modern era is what is trending. Our style today is an influence of the style and caliber of the mid-century modern. Since the mid-century modern is currently popular, we regard it as contemporary. If the styles for Caucasian or Kilim rugs swoop back it, they will become the next contemporary.