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Extra 5% Discount Code: 5FORYOU

Geometric Rugs

Geometric Rugs bring with them a more neutral and simplified theme. Due to minimalist contemporary fashion, the often monochromatic combinations of Geometric Area Rugs are more popular than ever before. These rugs feature different shapes, linear patterns, polygons, and abstract but scaled designs that add to the modern contemporary look trending these days.

Most Geometric Pattern Rugs feature a sleek and minimalistic look, couple with usually contrasting color combinations. So if you have an eclectic interior décor missing a touch of comfort, RugKnots Geometric Rugs Sale is the ultimate choice.

What Are Geometric Rugs?

Geometric Rugs, either subtle or vibrant, can fill the room with unbridled energy. The patterns of these rugs are a combination of lines and shapes in bold blocks of color. When placed in living rooms with neutral shades, these rugs make décor pop. Their vibrancy keeps a room from looking entirely dull and make the furniture stand out.  

These rugs have been a true favorite of rug lover for decades now. They look modern, lively, and because they don’t originate from a single tribe or city, they have a timeless feel to them. The evolution of Geometric Patterned Rugs into bold intricacies and unique aesthetics has reinvented minimalistic décor. These rugs can go from subdued and neutral to bold and brash. The market demand for geometric rugs has been steadily rising for a few years.

The first geometric motif dates back to 5000 years ago. The true roots of geometric patterns are a few hundred if not thousands of years old.

What Is the History of Geometric Rugs?

Even though we see Geometric Area Rugs everywhere today, these patterns on these rugs are hundreds of years old. The Ancient Greeks and Moroccans used geometry in their rugs and architectural creations. Right alongside Persian and Caucasian rugs, Geometric Rugs have continued their descent into the Modern era.

These rugs were especially popular during the 1970s. This decade introduced geometry into furniture, architectural designs, and rugs. But today, striped geometric rugs have become the front runners in rug fashion. Today, you will find geometry in some of the most beautiful statement pieces in minimalistic style home and office schemes. From bold cubic prints to diamonds, overlapping triangles, and round medallions, these rugs have truly transformed rug fashion. They add color, comfort, warmth, and a sense of depth to today’s simple décor.

How to Choose the Best Geometric Rug for Your Home?

When you go to a rug store for a Geometric Rug, there are usually so many options that you feel confused about which one to choose. If you’re one of those indecisive folks, then get on the bandwagon and read through our guide about how to choose the best Geometric Rug for your home.

Know the Demand of Your Furniture

It is very important to know what your furniture demands of home décor accessories. Is it simple and subdued and needs a rug with brash colors? Is it loud and antique and needs something more outdated? Your rug must compliment your décor aesthetic.

Pick Your Focal Point

It is necessary that you pick your focal point. Is the centerpiece going to be the focus of your décor? Is it geometric rug you will place in your living room? Prepare answers to these questions before you shop for rugs.

Pick Your Color and Style

If you are relying on the rug variety at the store to help you with choosing a color and style for your geometric rug, you’re in for a long haul. It is best to decide the colors and styles you want before you browse through the collections. You can bring color and fabric swatches with you so you already have a clear idea of what type of geometric rug you want

Never Compromise on Quality

The last thing you should compromise is the quality of the rug. Don’t buy a bad quality rug because it looks pretty or is easy on the pocket. A good rug can go a long way for you paired up with different furniture items in various settings. Cheap rugs have a shorter life span and after the first cleaning, they look worn out and faded.


What is a Moroccan rug?

Moroccan rugs were first made by people of the Beni Ourain tribe in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. Surrounded by braising sheep at high elevations, the people began to use sheep wool to weave these rugs, which were actually originally used as blankets to keep warm. Moroccan rugs have always been decorated with abstract designs and they recently received popularity among interior designers worldwide.

Do You Sell Modern Wool Geometric Rugs?

Yes, we do! We have a lengthy collection of 100% wool geometric rugs for sale! One of our favorites is our Navy Indian Geometric Modern Rug that is available in multiple sizes, including a runner size and an 8’ x 10’ rug size.

Where to Buy Geometric Rugs?

RugKnots has a fantastic collection of the widely trending Geometric Rugs on the market. Check out RugKnots Geometric Rugs on Sale for quality rugs at affordable prices. You can also visit us and bring home a piece of vibrant and lively Geometric Patterned Rug to brighten up your home.

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