Handknotted Rugs Under $500

Our finest quality mid-priced handknotted rugs under $500 with all the care you would expect from the skilled artisans at RugKnots - yet all of this collection are extremely affordable at just $500 or less. You will not find genuine handknotted rug quality at this price anywhere else online. Read More

$500 Handknotted Area Rugs: All The Quality At Competitive Prices

When you choose a 100% handknotted rug from RugKnots, you're making a commitment to a purchase a quality family heirloom that will serve you well for a lifetime.

As with all our top standard area rugs, our mid-priced range are crafted by skilled hands that have been creating authentic Oriental carpets for generations.

Manufactured using 100% New Zealand wool and using only organic dyes - our hand knotted rugs are not only attractive and durable - but their production process is kind to the environment too.

High Quality Hand Knotting Heritage

Situated in the heart of the Pakistani rug making region, our well paid, experienced team enjoy excellent working conditions that help them craft some of the most exquisite rugs to ever grace your home. At RugKnots we firmly believe that quality counts - and this philosophy extends to the staff we employ and the products we create. That's why when you select one of the beautiful pieces from our collection - you can be assured that our whole company has taken pride in its creation.

Free Shipping On All Handknotted Rugs under $500

So if you want to invest in a genuine handknotted rug for $500 or under, browse the range on this page and make your choice today. Our top standard quality control means you will be purchasing an heirloom of the finest quality - at a price our competitors just can't match.