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What is a Kilim Rug? Kilim Rugs are wool flat weave rugs that are lighweight, yet extremely durable rugs. We recommend Kilim Rugs as the best area rugs for kitchens or as entry rugs. Although all Kilim Rugs have a low rug pile height, our Kilim Rugs Collection is made with 100% New Zealand Wool so they are still very soft rugs that your feet will love!

3x5 Gray Multicolored Kilim Rug


$404.00 $202.00

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Sold Out
5x6 Multicolored Diamonds Kilim Rug


$692.00 $346.00

Sold Out
5x7 Gray Kilim Rug


$763.00 $381.00

5x7 Multicolored Geometric Kilim Rug


$763.00 $381.00

5x7 Red Multicolored Kilim Rug


$768.00 $384.00

Sold Out
5x7 Sunset Geometric Kilim Rug


$770.00 $385.00

5x7 Tan Multicolored Tribal Kilim Rug


$780.00 $390.00

4'10" x 6'9" Orange Diamonds Kilim Rug


$782.00 $391.00

What is a Kilim Rug?

The word ‘Kilim‘ comes from Turkish origins, and has less fiber density and can be created in several different flat weave techniques. For instance, this 7x10 Multicolored Gray Kilim Rug is a great example to show you typical Kilim rug design. Our Kilim Rugs Collection is made in India using traditonal weaving techniques and 100% Wool.

What are Kilim Rugs made of?

Kilim rugs are made out of wool and typically also use a cotton canvas. Kilim rugs are a flat weave rug so the pile is shorter than most area rugs. Kilim Rugs are the best rugs for pets, for famalies with kids running around, or anyone who needs a rug in a high traffic area.

How do you wash Kilim Rugs?

Sense Kilim Rugs are flat-weave rugs, we actually recommend sweaping a Kilim Rug with a broom as opposed to vacumming the rug. We discourage using any type of cleaning mixture on the entire rug. For spot cleaning, we recommend using a simple household cleaning mixture for wool rugs. We have found that one of the best ways to clean Kilim Rugs is to shake it outside and hang it up in the sun. Just be sure that it is a dry day with low humidity- the sun and fresh air will naturally clean out odors.

What is a Kilim Dhurrie Rug?

Kilim Dhurrie rugs used to be two separate rugs, Kilim and Dhurrie, from different regions. However, the two names are interchangeable or combined as Kilim Dhurrie. The designs of Kilim Dhurrie rugs tend to favor bold patterns and geometric shapes, and they come in a great range of colors. Genuine Kilim Dhurrie rugs are also hand knotted rugs.

The RugKnots Rug Sizing Guide

Pretty Little Thing: 6' x 9' Living Room Area Rug

A 6x9 living room rug is a great choice for smaller living rooms. We highly recommend 6x9 rugs to style small apartment living rooms. In order to make the room seem bigger, keep all furniture legs off of the rug.

Above Average: 8x10 Living Room Area Rugs

It's no doubt that 8x10 area rugs are very popular, and for good reasons too. Offering functionality and style, 8x10 area rugs great for average sized living rooms. We suggest placing funiture half on and half off. This can be a great option for including attractive flooring in the design.

Oversized Area Rugs: 10x12 Living Room Rugs

Having all furiniture on an area rug can has many benefits. An oversized rug will make your room size look much bigger and spacious. We suggest a 10x12 area rug for living spaces with muliple furniture pieces.

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