Modern Area Rugs

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Traditional rug making techniques can be applied to a whole range of styles. Don’t feel confined to a classic design simply because you want a hand-made rug. You can give your home a splash of contemporary color with one of our fabulous Modern Area Rugs. Read More

Carol U. The colors were very close to the sample. After a very long search, we are delighted to have this rug in our dining room!! The company is very easy to work with. Highly recommended!!!!!
Ken S. Our whole experience with Rugknots was excellent. The rug is perfect as described and photographed. George was was a huge help before we purchased. They seem to genuinely care about you as the customer at Rugknots. We'll buy there again!
Elaine B. Ordered a second rug after I got the first one as I liked it so much. The price is great, the rug is a good quality rug that looks like it cost a lot more. Good customer service also from the owners.

Modern Rug Designs Made In The Time-Honored Way

These lively designs combine the latest styles with generations of expertise. The result is a range of area rugs destined to become modern classics, inspired by traditional motifs found in Moroccan and Persian designs. The geometric shapes and bold colors lend themselves perfectly to contemporary interior décor.

Many of our modern area rugs don’t have the customary border design, which allows you to play around with furniture layouts. Affordable as well as luxurious, these stylish rugs are a superb - and simple - way of adding warmth and color to a contemporary style space.

Modern Area Rugs: The Perfect Blend of Fashion and Tradition

These modern area rugs may be the latest fashion; however the method of their manufacture is traditional down to the last knot.

All our rugs are made in Pakistan by skilled artisans, many of whom come from families of rug makers. Their grandparents may not recognize these modern designs - but they would know and approve of every stage of the process.

All our area rugs are knotted by hand – and when you think that these pieces have a knot density of 25 knots per square inch, you realize the amount of care and labor that goes into each one.

Our wool also comes from a traditional source – the famous New Zealand sheep. Regarded as producing some of the world’s finest wool, these sheep also have a wonderful life, guaranteeing that all our materials are responsibly sourced.

The resulting rugs are the perfect combination of time-honored techniques, tried-and-tested materials, and fantastic contemporary design.

Modern Area Rugs: At a Glance

  • 100% genuine imported New Zealand wool
  • Hypoallergenic & allergy-free
  • Guaranteed cruelty free wool sourcing
  • Only organic vegetable dyes
  • Organic vegetable dyes
  • Authentic hand knotting by skilled artisans
  • 25 knots per square inch
  • Washed by hand for a famously soft pile