Contemporary Area Rugs

4 x 6 Navy Blue/Beige Contemporary Rug


$816.00 $408.00 | sku: MAR-3-1-1287

4 x 6 Lime Green/Cream Contemporary Rug


$816.00 $408.00 | sku: MAR-3-1-1286

4 x 6 Beige/Purple Contemporary Rug


$816.00 $408.00 | sku: MAR-3-1-1285

4 x 6 Dove Grey/Beige Contemporary Rug


$816.00 $408.00 | sku: MAR-3-1-1284

What is contemporary interior design you might ask? Merriam-Webster defines “contemporary” as “marked by characteristics of the present period: modern, current”. RugKnots Contemporary Rugs collection is meant to meet all the latest trends in home decor!

RugKnots Contemporary Wool Area Rugs Collection

This selection of consists of trending rug styles that we believe will go with any modern decor. The collection features rugs made with:

  • 100% New Zealand Wool
  • All-Natural Dyes
  • Hand Knotted by expert weavers
  • Bold Color
  • Abstract Patterns

contemporary living room rug

From our blog: How to Choose the Best Rug Color for Your Space

    Contemporary Area Rugs for the Living Room

    If you have a small apartment living room or an industrial-styled space, you may want to consider adding a contemporary wool rug. These rugs combine the elegance and class of hand knotted rugs with stylish, abstract designs. Our modern contemporary rugs are then topped off with trending bold colors like a deep velvet purple, a rose coral, or a canary yellow. When surrounded by modern, minimalist decor, these contemporary rugs truly transform any living space. For full exposure of your contemporary living room rug, we recommend placing all furniture off of the rug and leaving it to be the center of attention. This is especially true for small living rooms and apartment living rooms.

    Modern Versus Contemporary: What’s the Difference?

    You might think that modern styles and contemporary styles are the same. However, while there are many similarities, these two do have unique differences.

    1. Modern design is thought to be light and bright, whereas contemporary embraces more bold and/or dark decor, such as this deep purple contemporary rug
    2. The functionality of all elements in a room is still an important priority within modern design, whereas contemporary styles focus on functionality at a larger scale- often room by room. Think of it like a decorative accent chair- it might not be comfortable to sit in for hours on end, but it serves a purpose to tying the whole room together!
    3. According to The Spruce, contemporary styles have abstract shapes that are whimsical in nature. Whereas modern styles have sharp, strong lines instead.