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Extra 5% Discount Code: 5FORYOU

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘modern’? Trendy? Up-to-date? Fashionable? That’s exactly what modern rugs are. They include abstract, bold, geometric and free-flowing patterns, influenced by modern artwork.

Modern Rug Collections On Rugknots

A typical rug collection ranges from sophisticated geometric rugs, contemporary rugs to fancy coastal ones and so much in between. If that’s too much to chew on, modern area rugs can characteristically be identified as ‘being more Western’.

Don’t let the name fool you though because just like their traditional counterparts, most of the modern carpets are woven in the Middle East and Asia. Understandably, prices of these rugs vary from one location to another given the variation in material and labor cost. Economic conditions over the years have meant that Pakistani rugs are cheaper in comparison to Middle Eastern ones.

Why should I buy Modern Rugs?

Rugs can help bring an otherwise dull room to life. This statement holds truer for modern outdoor rugs than any others because they excel at bringing a room together. Their sleek, free-flowing pattern regulates the flow across the surroundings. They do this by creating a contrast of pattern across the room which is pleasing to the eye.

For quite many individuals the beauty of modern aesthetics outweighs traditional artwork. Traditions and folklore of culture seem a bit overwhelming to a few. Vibrant colored and aesthetic, modern sisal rugs offer an alternative. They perfectly complement modern, informal, fashionable apartments with stylish floors, incorporating modern flair.

While modern ombre rugs are known for their blend of bold color choices and free-flowing unusual patterns, they include subtle designs too. These designs fit seamlessly with furniture and décor.

 Unlike traditional ones, modern cowhide diamond rugs offer a variety of designs. Modern design can either be soft or hard with a stark contrast of colors. The diversity of the style ensures that the customer has a huge collection of all modern hand-woven rugs to choose from. Compare that to traditional rugs offering a handful of designs, and you have one reason why modern dining room rugs are better than traditional ones.

All in all, while traditional rugs may be a bit more classy and may have a higher resale value, they offer limited variety. On the contrary, Modern ones tend to be more diverse, a bit funky, sleek and chic. All this while maintaining some classiness of their own!

1 - Modern Rooms Rugs

The best feature of modern area navy rugs is that they are well suited for use anywhere and everywhere. Intend to add a bit of sophistication to your living room? or do you have a furniture rich bedroom that just doesn’t liven up?  even worse, does your hallway look outright dull? Don’t worry, we have a huge collection of modern sheepskin rugs for sale-all available with free shipping and 30-day returns!

2 - Modern Rugs for Hallway

Runner rugs at entryways can potentially save you the embarrassment caused by a dull hallway. The first impression is often the last impression! Hence the least you intend to do is to leave your hallway unadorned.  Aesthetics aside, rugs add to the comfort too. Imagine returning home to your feat’s comfort on the feathered surface.

A hallway can be a mess given the foot-falls and you better be looking to snap up some dark shaded rugs to save you the trouble. It's even better to have a rug that is resistant and easy to clean.  Rugknots’ collection features extensive designs as far as modern runner rugs go by.

3 - Modern Carpets for Living Room

Talking of foot-falls, not many areas of your apartment out-rank the living room. A certain quote goes by, ‘buy as expensive and as large a rug as you can afford’. This holds truest to the living room. Owing to visits and family gatherings, the living room better is as sophisticated as possible. Rugs help!

You do, however, need to consider a few points while searching for your ‘perfect’ rug.

  • The size of the Living Room- The least you want is to have a small area rug surrounded by furniture. Spacious rooms have it easy in here, the cozy environment ensuring that the rug is pulled under the furniture. If you, however, have lesser space in there, you may want to consider a small area rug (something like 5 X 7). Circular rugs are one heck of an alternative!
  • Material that suits you- given the foot-falls, you may be looking for material that is hard-wearing and easy to clean. If that’s so, you better check out our Polypropylene collection. If you have children, you may need a softer rug. Nothing matches our shag rugs!
  • Pattern- People tend to choose modern new arrivals rug over traditional ones due to the variety they offer. Nothing matches the variety of our modern rugs on sale. Are you looking for an elegant, sleek design to pair with your décor? Why not go with our geometric collection? Are you in search of something plain and simple, yet dispensing sophistication? Our braided jute collection doesn’t fall far!

4 - Modern Bedroom Décor

Foot-falls aren't worried as far as the bedroom is concerned. While choosing a rug for your bedroom, you can rule out almost all the factors mentioned above. You don’t need to worry about the quality, durability or even the shade of the carpet. In case, for example, you prefer a natural, serene atmosphere, you can go with our braided jute collection and even our coastal collection. You can get Contemporary ones if you prefer your room a bit funky and energized with a small space. If you intend to create a more bohemian bedroom, our Boho Chic collection will do just that.

That having been said, you need to account for is the space you have. In case your bedroom has furniture in abundance, you don’t have a huge void to fill and can go with small rugs. If it’s the other way around, you will need a larger carpet to prevent a feeling of emptiness!

5 - Kitchen Rugs

Kitchens can be messy! Hence you ought to wise while choosing your kitchen rug. Dark-colored, hard-wearing rugs help. Plus, they pair well with the kitchen furniture. We at Rugknots understand your needs and so have compiled a collection of durable contemporary wool rugs for the kitchen rugs.

Things to Consider While Buying Modern Rugs

Thanks to the variety of Modern area rugs, you have thousands of options to choose from. Unfortunately though, the greater the variety at your disposal, the tougher it is to find your perfect rug. 

How do you buy that pitch-perfect new rug? 

For starters, you need to consider quite a few factors while shopping for rugs.

1 - Placement

As earlier established in the article, rugs used across rooms differ on quality, shape, and size. First of all, size matters! The first thing that you need to figure out is the void that needs filling. An easy way would be to arrange newspapers as reminiscent for carpet and taking a measurement. For proportion, you may want to buy a rug that can be tucked under much of the furniture. Another question that you need to ask yourself is ‘What shape suits my purpose?’. Modern area rugs are available across numerous shapes including but not limited to a circle, rectangle, square and irregular. Understandably, you won't want to pair your hallway with a circular rug! In here at Rugknots, we have an array of sizes and patterns for each shape. You may want to look into our modern cotton rugs for sale.

2 - Design

That’s on you to decide. Modern area rugs offer a range of designs-some hard, while others comparatively soft, some dark shaded, while others are bright. You can even choose if you want a more formal of a rug or a bit funkier one. Two things that you need to keep in your mind while deciding upon the pattern of the rug are:

  1. Your Personal Taste-Do you want your room to feel energized? Or are you more of a sophisticated guy? Even better, do you want your room to have a natural feel about it? Our collection includes Boho Chic, Contemporary, Coastal, Neutral area, Geometric, Braided Jute and Flatweave, amongst others.
  2. Décor- Does your décor pair well with the rug? The main purpose of modern fiber rugs is to regulate the flow across surroundings and to liven up the room. Typically, colorful rugs pair well with dull décor and vice versa.

3 - Selecting the Right Material

The selection of the right material depends on the foot-traffic of the room and the nature of the traffic. In case you have children, you would want the surface to be soft. Similarly, if you have pets, you’d prefer your rug to be hard-wearing and easy to clean. That having been said, durability is an important factor regardless. Characteristics of some commonly used materials are listed below:

4 - Modern Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are both soft and durable. They also tend to carry insulating properties. Add that to availability of elegant designs and you know the reason why wool rugs are so popular. These properties ensure that woolen rugs are well suited for high-traffic areas such as your living room. The only downside as far as wool rugs are concerned is the cost. You, though, don’t need to worry about the cost if you are getting them at up to 50 percent off.

5 - Silk Rugs

If you have ever worn Silk clothes, you probably know what to expect. Silk rugs offer uncanny softness and an aesthetic subtle sheen. Such rugs are crafted with unusual attention to detail and are the perfect solution to your bedroom décor tantrums. Delicate, silk rugs don’t fare well in areas with high footfalls. This, however, doesn’t mean that silk rugs are not durable. They very much are!

6 - Cotton Rugs

If you are looking for cheap fashionable and durable rugs, cotton is your thing. Although it is hard-wearing and resistant to chemicals, sunlight, and water, the same cannot be said for flattening. Hence your rug can feel ‘tired’ comparatively quicker. These properties ensure that cotton rugs are well suited to casual spaces, kitchen and children's room. If you are looking to buy one, you may want to check out our dhurrie, kilim, and flat-weave area rugs collection.

7 - Jute Rugs

Coming from natural fibers, jute rugs offer their inherent natural beauty to the surroundings. They are soft, durable and easy to clean. These properties emphasize the use of jute rugs in high-traffic areas. Modern Jute rugs have their limitations too. Crafted of natural fibers, the rugs are quite absorbent and unsuitable for use in damp areas.

8 - Animal Skin Rugs

Modern leather rugs are beautifully crafted and can be a handy décor for your apartment. They come in all shapes, regular, irregular, just name it. Often used as a symbol of power and authority, leather rugs  (just like all leather products) are controversial, to say the least.

9 - Polypropene Rugs

Polypropene rugs are known for their skillful patterns, bright flashy shades, and durability. Not only is the fabric hard-wearing and easy to clean, but it is also resistant to chemicals, sunlight, and stains. They are quite similar to woolen rugs, except that they are water-resistant too and definitely less costly. While polypropene rugs have a point or two up woolen rugs, they don’t possess the same softness. Instead, they tend to feel sticky when touched. 

10 - Who do you Buy From?

No matter how financially stable you are, the least you want is to be robbed of your money. The threat of being scammed increases manifolds when you buy online. Hence, you need to be careful while buying carpets. Here are a few precautions to start by:

  1. Buy from trusted, verified sellers
  2. Don’t look for large discounts because more often than not, ‘Too good a deal is no deal’
  3. Ask Questions! Until you are satisfied. If your gut feeling says no, go by your gut!
  4. Think logically!

Buy Modern Area Rugs on Sale at RugKnots!

Rugknots is one of the best sellers in the market. primarily art for your floor, Modern teal rugs and rug pad are a great addition to urban households. They can potentially transform your house, adding comfort, warmth, elegance and even serenity. In case you want to fill up a void, update your living room, dining tables, coffee tables or even add contrast to your bedroom, Rugknots offers a variety of cost-effective solutions with your definition of style. Our modern Persian collection features top-notch designs woven on quality fabrics to meet your needs. The best part is that most of our exquisite collection is up for grasp at up to 50 percent off on contemporary area round rugs.

So what are you waiting for? Browse through our collection already! In case, you need to know more about our collection, contact us at 240-452-4602 or write to us at info@rugknots.comEven better, you can just talk to our online assistant!.

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