Modern Rugs

Modern Rugs

Mid Century Modern Area Rugs are uniquely bold and abstract. Designed with geometric patterns and lines, these contemporary area rugs can be paired with a eclectic decor or more subtle neutral decor. This collection incorporates colors, patterns, and modern flair that gives off a retro aesthetic we love!

RugKnots Modern Area Rugs Collection

This thoughtfully selected collection incorporates rugs that we believe will complement any modern home decor. Our collection features the following rug styles:

  • Contemporary 
  • Boho Chic
  • Shag
  • Ikat 
  • Jute
  • Neutral 
  • Coastal
  • Geometric
  • Southwestern
  • Kilim Dhurrie

Modern Rugs for Rooms

Kitchen Rugs

Believe it or not, the retro 50’s kitchen style is coming back! This trend of red toasters, black & white tile, and diner bar stools is so much fun, but if you don’t want to fully transform your kitchen back to the 50s, consider adding a modern kitchen rug! At RugKnots, we know that the kitchen can be a messy place, so we’ve made an entire collection of durable contemporary wool rugs for the kitchen- all available with free shipping and 30-day returns! 

Modern Bedroom Decor

When searching for bedroom area rugs, there are several things you should keep in mind:

  1. Furniture- do you have a lot of furniture or a little? If you’re bedroom only consists of your bed and maybe a nightstand or two, you may want to consider a large area rug to fill voids in your space. If you have a bedroom with furniture for a sitting area, you should consider a relatively small area rug to compliment the layout of your room.
  2. Traffic Volume- is there a significant amount of foot traffic in your bedroom? If so, you’ll want to choose rug material that is durable. Our Jute Rugs and our hand-tufted rugs are a fantastic option for high volume bedrooms. If your bedroom is not flooded with footsteps, you may want to consider choosing a soft area rug, like our large shaggy rugs.
  3. Pattern & Theme- how do imagine the perfect bedroom? Do you want your bedroom to be serene and peaceful or do you picture your room being fun and energizing? For a more subtle and calm bedroom style, we suggest our affordable collection of neutral area rugs. If you want to create a more bohemian bedroom, our Boho Chic Rugs will do just that!

Modern Area Rugs for the Living Room

You might be wondering how to choose a living room rug. There a few things to consider: the size of your living room, how much furniture you have, and traffic volume. Large living room rugs can make your space feel much more cozy and intimate because you can put all of your furniture on top of the rug. However, for a small room, you will want to consider a small area rug, such as a 5x7 rug. By keeping all furniture off of a small living room rug, your space will feel like it has expanded. We also recommend small rugs to compliment living rooms with multiple sets of furniture and coffee tables. Lastly, be sure to choose a living room rug with material that suits your needs. Perhaps you need an extra soft rug, like our modern shag rugs, for your baby to crawl on. Maybe you need a rug that can withstand pets, such as our polypropylene modern geometric collection. Or you may want a rug that adds elegance and the sophistication that only our modern wool rugs can provide.

Modern Runner Rugs for Hallways and Entryways

Not only do runner rugs serve as comfort for your feet, they also serve as stylish decor for your home. RugKnots collection of modern runner rugs features 2x8 runners that perfect for hallways and entryways.