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Moroccan Rugs


Moroccan Rugs

Inspired by the timeless designs of the skilled Moroccan Berber Tribes, our Moroccan Berber rugs are hand-knotted from 100% imported New Zealand wool and dyed with only 100% organic dyes.

Moroccan Berber Rug Heritage

The tradition of rug making in Morocco - particularly amongst the 17 Berber Tribes that made up the Beni Ourain peoples of the Atlas Mountains - goes back centuries into antiquity.

Used as burial shrouds, blankets, sleeping mats, and saddle blankets, and certainly, a product of their diverse environment, rugs from different areas and tribes of Morocco differed in their coloring, precise design and manufacture.

For example, rugs from the hot Sahara Desert region were characterized by their lightness and flat weaving, while in the freezing reaches of the snowy Atlas Mountains a more heavy, thick pile was necessary.

The major cities of Morocco had their own distinctive rug designs too, with intricate, vibrant designs found in the nation’s Capital City, Fes, which experienced a carpet making golden age during the Marinid Dynasty in the 13th century.

Coastal Rabat had its own signature designs too - with diamond motifs and floral patterns predominating.

Moroccan Berber Rug Styling

Due to the variety of colors, styles and knot densities inherent in Moroccan Berber rugs, it’s possible to find a design to suit every style of home and room in the house.

From light ivory and white backgrounds featuring darker crisscrossed wool lines to vibrant bands of color, diamonds, and traditional tribal elements - there is no one overarching signature look for Moroccan rugs - although the famous red and white linear embroidered intricacy of the Zaiane and Zemmour tribal styles would be instantly recognizable to most people.

As such, our hand-knotted Moroccan inspired rugs - manufactured by skilled artisans in the heart of the Pakistani rug-making regions - have drawn on all these influences to create a collection of style and quality.

100% hypoallergenic and using only organic vegetable dyes and imported ethically sourced New Zealand wool - our Moroccan Berber rugs represent a sound investment for the future.

Key Specification: Moroccan Berber Rugs

  • 100% genuine New Zealand wool
  • Totally allergy-free & hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty-free wool sourcing
  • Organic vegetable dyes
  • 100% Persian hand knotting
  • 80-160 knots per square inch
  • Hand washed for maximum softness