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Moroccan Rugs


At RugKnots, we proudly present to you our collection of exquisite Moroccan Rugs on Sale! We house some of the best designs of quality Moroccan Runner Rugs at affordable prices. Browse through our collection of Vintage Moroccan Rugs Sale, and find a unique blend of supreme quality and affordable pricing only at RugKnots.

Popular for their vivid geometric designs and saturated color, Moroccan Rugs are the hottest trend in the rug industry today. These rugs date back to the mid-19th century. They have survived the test of time in the dynamic realm of interior design.

Let’s discover the world of Moroccan designs and how these rugs have hit it big in the ever-competitive rug industry of today.

What Are Moroccan Rugs?

In truth, all Moroccan Rugs are Berber Rugs made by Berber tribes in Morocco. Due to resurgence in recent years, Moroccan Runner Rugs have become immensely popular amongst rug lovers and collectors worldwide.

Traditionally, these rugs are a work of the tribal women of Morocco. These women wove these rugs for their own homes to cover the floors, furniture, beds, and to use as quilts and blankets in the colder weather. Each distinctive piece of textile was symbolic of the story of the woman who created it. Each rug took about 20 to 30 days to reach completion and every piece stood out from the other.

Stunned by the dense coloration and bold geometry of these Moroccan winners, designers today crave the element of timelessness that Moroccan Style Rugs represent. Passed down for generations, these rugs are different from Persian Rugs and unique in their identity.

The original Moroccan style stemmed from western Turkish Rugs. The patterns that followed always had a deep semblance to central and western Turkish designs. The block-like geometric sketch of Moroccan Rugs is what makes them distinctive and extraordinary.

Types of Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan Style Rugs further expand into different styles. Each style has sprung from the geographical location and cultural background of the tribes weaving them. Whether you are searching for a striking blue Moroccan Rug or one steeped in a host of different colors, when it comes to Moroccan Style Rugs, you will always have plenty of choices. This is because bringing variety to the rug market is what Moroccan weavers excel at.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Moroccan Style Carpets!


Recognized worldwide for their striking colors and flashy appeal, Azilal rugs stand out – quite literally. The origin of these carpets lies in the high Atlas Mountains. These are single-knotted carpets woven from wool and sporting intricate designs and patterns.

Each of these rugs is an image of pure symbolism. The base colors are mostly shades of cream and white woven with tinted wool. Weavers make use of organic, local vegetable dyes for deep coloration.


Boujad rugs are easily recognizable for their signature colors: red, pink, and orange. Red Moroccan Rugs sold all over the world are Boujad carpets woven from the typical weaving techniques of Berber Rugs.

These rugs have tighter knots and typically require less wool. The tighter structure of the carpet allows weavers to design intricate patterns. Boujad rugs are famous for their fine artwork and deep coloration.

Beni Ourain

These are the ultimate favorites amongst rug enthusiasts and interior designers. Beni Ourain Rugs have subtler shades and subdued tones. The colors range from cloud white to mud cream. The barely-there tint gives these rugs a minimalistic feel.

The Beni Ourain tribe began the creation of these rugs outlined with dark geometric patterns and linear designs. Minimalistic designs are a rage these days, and so are these rugs! The delicate beauty of these carpets fits perfectly in modern and minimalist living spaces.

Beni Mguild

These rugs originate from the far western Middle Atlas Region. The Beni Mguild rugs have a thick weave and plush feel. Woven on a vertical loom, these rugs are exactly what you need during the winter months. When the summer arrives, inhabitants of the area flip the rug and use the flat side during the warmer months.

These rugs are available in tones of red, brown, purple, and blue which are trademark colors for Moroccan Rugs.


Boucherouite Rugs are the most eye-catching of all the Moroccan Rugs collections. Originally, created for warmth and comfort in regions where there was little wool, these rugs soon became popular as floor coverings.

Created from scraps and pieces of textile and old, discarded clothing, Boucherouite Rugs are an exceptional example of recycling. The rugs prepared are durable, look artistic and beautiful, and possess a distinctive texture.


Kilims are flat-woven and pile-less rugs used as tent coverings by the Berbers. The lack of weight makes them easily transportable and more durable than heavy-weight rugs with thick piles.

These rugs are best brought into use during the warmer seasons. Usually made into large area rugs, Kilims decorate the hall rooms and lounges of homes today.


Found typically in hues of deep red, purple, and green, R’Bati or Rabat Moroccan Rugs originate from the capital city of Morocco, Rabat. Embellished with diamond motif designs, these rugs are comparatively less popular amongst homeowners and rug sellers.

In Morocco, Vintage Rabat Rugs are a symbol of status and adorn the floors of the homes of the Moroccan elite.

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