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Extra 5% Discount Code: 5FORYOU

A common belief is that traditional Oriental Rugs are called as such because they are from the Orient. However, the truth is that the reason lies in the making of the rug rather than the place where it is prepared. 

These rugs are made mostly in the continent of Asia. The biggest sellers of Oriental Antique Rugs are in the middle east. They are also made in countries like India, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Russia, China, Nepal, Kashan, Tabriz, and Heriz.

Each country has a unique set of patterns and intricate designs that are manifested in these carpets. The quality of material (wool, polyester, etc.) and the prices of these rugs vary a lot. Since the labor is comparatively expensive in Turkey than countries like India and Pakistan, the retail price of Turkish runners is a lot higher, too.

Why Should You Buy Oriental Rugs?

Rugs add beauty and character to an otherwise dark room. Their culturally beautiful and distinctive design can lend a touch of color and give a place a lived-in feel. In contrast to rugs made in Iran, Oriental new arrivals and Modern Rugs Collection cover the whole area where these rugs are woven by hand.

Unfortunately, for most people, purchasing a carpet involves a lot of guesswork. The quality, life span, and cost of the rug are brought into question, but none answered too accurately. Dealers who have been selling carpets for a long time often tend to smooth unsuspecting talk customers into an expensive purchase.

However, a quick search online can yield plenty of results with sellers of bona fide Oriental carpets. You can even find these rugs in European and American cities like New York, Paris, and London. You can look through their customer feedback, skim through buying guides, and avail their discount offers on oriental mattings near me for sale. RugKnots – one of the largest online sellers of rugs and carpets – is now offering a massive discount on all Oriental Carpets.

Who Should You Buy Oriental Antique Rugs online?

Oriental Area Rugs can be costly. These carpets are easily admirable by most people, but only those who can afford the initial cost and the upkeep should buy Carpets. Purchasing these carpets is not only about their price, but it’s also about your lifestyle. You must only buy them if your lifestyle complements these expensive rugs. Fortunately, for those of you who love Oriental designs, merchants online are offering hefty discounts. RugKnots has the most exclusive range of Oriental style rugs on sale for up to 50% off.

Culture-oriented people who love the Old Iranian, Arabic, and Ottoman heritage, and the designs and architecture tend to love Oriental Online Carpets. The silk rugs require constant upkeep and frequent maintenance. So you should only buy them if you can provide continuous care.

Oriental Carpets might not be the best idea for people with pets or toddlers. Do not place these carpets in areas that are occupied all the time or stay wet. As expensive as these rugs are, they are also prone to quick and lasting damage. The dirt and spills can waste all the money you have spent on these rugs.  

Things to Know Before Buying Oriental Antique Rugs

Before you purchase these rugs, there are a few specific things you must know and understand about rugs. Read through this section to find out about the things you must take into account when buying oriental weavers rugs. As an educated shopper, it is necessary to have confidence in your knowledge of rugs and carpets. Read further to find out more about oriental discount rugs before you enter the buying phase.

1 - Size and Shape

When you go to purchase a rug, you must know the area or at least have an estimate of the locality where you intend to place it. It will help you get the right size. You can even use tape and map out the outline of the area where the rug will be placed to get a more accurate idea.

You must also consider a few specifics like whether you would want to have the legs of your sofa on the rug or off it. If you plan on placing the carpet in the dining area, make sure the legs of the dining chairs are not half on the rug and half on the floor.

2 - Designs and Patterns

Oriental style rugs usually have tribal patterns, so people who are into these designs should go for these rugs. These carpets do not feature modern designs. Often, in Oriental Carpets, you will find intricately woven rugs with a soft feel and beautiful patterns. Oriental style rug designs feature ancient art in bold colors. These patterns make the rugs stand out in a class of their own.

3 - Materials

The best quality handmade oriental round rugs are made from wool, silk, and a mix of these two materials. The base of the carpet is either made from cotton, silk, or wool. If you cannot handle constant maintenance, then buying silk rugs is probably not in your best interest. Wool rugs, on the other hand, are more natural to take care of and do not require frequent maintenance.

 Spillage on wool rugs can be easily wiped or washed than silk rugs, which are comparatively challenging to clean and are quick to lose their luster.

4 - Carpet Dye

Dyes are essential to the quality of rugs and carpets. A lot of the manufacturers and end-users are in a constant debate about whether the synthetic dyes are the best or natural dyes. In truth, rugs with natural dyes appear in a myriad of shades emerging from a single color, appearing brash and vulgar.

On the other hand, naturally dyed rugs age well. They fade slowly and do not lose their appeal after only a few rounds of dry clean. In contrast, rugs in synthetic dyes are bold and striking in appearance. They have rich and intense color tones. Today, most rugs use synthetic dyes. However, Oriental light blue Rugs made in the village still use natural dyes to this day.

5 - Pile Height

The vividness and clarity of the design suffer from the increment in pile height.  The longer the pile is, the blurrier the pattern will be. But if you want a rug with a soft pile, we think you should purchase a rug underlay. It will give your carpet an excellent height and a smooth cushiony feel. The underlay will also help protect the fibers of your rug.

6 - Color

The color of the carpet depends on the color scheme of the room. However, you must make sure that the area of the room where you place your Oriental antique rugs is well lit. Placing your rug with bold patterns in the dark is not a very good idea. The mats should be placed under the light so that their vibrant colors and intricate designs can be seen appropriately. The best approach is to put them at the center so they can blend in well with the rest of the ambiance in the room.

7 - Budget

Oriental wool and silk rugs last for a very long time with regular use and proper maintenance. These rugs do not need to be frequently replaced. You can buy one, and with appropriate care, it will last for years and in good condition. Hand-knotted rugs have a good life span, and they do not give you much trouble if provided the proper care. These rugs never go out of fashion. If you are willing to spend money on a quality Oriental wool rug, it is probably going to live longer than you.

But in case, you are not willing to overspend on a high-quality Oriental large rug; we have the perfect solution for you. Head over to RugKnots right now and purchase large oriental rugs on sale with up to 50% off on all rugs and carpets! If you like any particular rug on our website, but find it too expensive, we will be happy to see you something similar in a lower price range.

How to Check the Oriental Area Rug for Authenticity?

There are a few ways to find out if your oriental carpet is real or a replica. Let’s take a look at the pointers below and check your rug for authenticity.

1 - Buy from Trusted Dealers

Never purchase from dealers you do not trust or have never heard of before. When you make an expensive purchase, it is essential to go for reputable merchants. Choose dealers who already have a shining profile with their customers. Check for mentions and store reviews to be sure.

2 - Say No to Pressure Sales

All first-time buyers must make a note of this. Never make a purchase when you are under pressure. Pressure sales are the worst. Something almost always goes wrong right after the purchase.

Moreover, avoid purchasing rugs from furniture stores, unless it is a reputed luxury furniture store that specializes in the sale of rugs.

3 - Avail Discounts from Reputed Sellers Only

Avoid discount offers, unless from reputed stores like RugKnots. Click here to skim through our latest collection of discounted Oriental 4x6 Rugs for interior design.

4 - A Deal Too Good is No Deal

Getting an unbelievable deal? It’s probably not real. Oriental area Rugs are never cheap unless they are second hand. So if it is cheap and new, it is not difficult to know why. With these rugs, you get precisely what you pay. If you pay less, you are getting the raw end of the deal.

5 - Ask Away

Ask a lot of questions. Honest dealers who sell the real stuff know their rugs well. They will answer almost every question you ask with complete accuracy. They will be able to tell you about the material, the pile height, where it is made, and how it is made.

6 - Be Careful When Buying from Private Sellers

If you are making your purchase through a private seller, then it is best that you thoroughly inspect the rug for authenticity. You can test for authenticity by yourself or get it done by an expert who knows Oriental runner rugs inside out.

7 - Buy from Trusted Auctions Only

If you are looking to buy from resellers, buy from trusted auctions and not just from anybody selling their Oriental carpet.

8 - Check for Pattern Markings

Turn the rug over and check for the pattern. Since most Oriental central Rugs (apart from those made in China) are handmade from designs that are old and repeated; the pattern markings must be visible on the back.

9 - Check for Knots

The base of the pile will show you rows of knots. These knots ensure the authenticity of the rug. If your carpet is authentic, the knots should be visible. If the rug is a replica, your carpet will likely have a backings cover.

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We hope this was an informative read for you and added to your knowledge and understanding of Oriental Area Rugs. The next time you shop for a cheap Oriental rug here’s hoping you’ll know precisely how to choose the perfect Oriental red carpet for your home.

Do you already own an Oriental rug? How do you look after it? How many times in a week do you clean it? If you’re still looking for answers, check out our blog about the maintenance and cleaning of rugs.

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