Overdyed Ziegler

Also known as ‘chobi’ rugs – the Farsi word for wood – Overdyed ziegler rugs are usually characterized by their muted color schemes and neutral repeated patterns. Read More

5.11 x 8.11' Brown Overdyed Ziegler Rug

Brown Overdyed Rug

$2,280.00 $1,140.00

7.11 x 9.11' Red Overdyed Ziegler Rug

7x9 Red Overdyed Rug

$3,562.00 $1,781.00
Sold Out

7.9 x 9.1' Chocolate and Rose Overdyed Ziegler Rug

8x9 Brown Overdyed Rug

$3,594.00 $1,797.00
Sold Out

7.11 x 9.6' Camel and Blue Overdyed Ziegler Rug

7x10 Brown Overdyed Rug

$3,754.00 $1,877.00

8x9 Brown Overdyed Ziegler Rug

8x9 Brown Overdyed Ziegler Rug

$4,035.00 $2,018.00

7.1 x 9.9' Rust and Red Overdyed Ziegler Rug

7x10 Red Overdyed Rug

$4,569.00 $2,285.00

brown overdyed rug

8x11 Brown Overdyed Rug

$4,633.00 $2,317.00

8x12 Overdyed Rug Brown

8x12 Brown Overdyed Rug

$5,435.00 $2,718.00

8.6 x 11.7' Red Overdyed Ziegler Rug

9x12 Red Overdyed Rug

$5,534.00 $2,767.00

9 x 12.1' Dark Grey and Grey-Black Overdyed Ziegler Rug

9x12 Brown Overdyed Rug

$5,989.00 $2,995.00

8.92 x 12.33' Beige Overdyed Ziegler Rug

9x13 Beige Overdyed Rug

$6,050.00 $3,025.00

Carol U. The colors were very close to the sample. After a very long search, we are delighted to have this rug in our dining room!! The company is very easy to work with. Highly recommended!!!!!
Ken S. Our whole experience with Rugknots was excellent. The rug is perfect as described and photographed. George was was a huge help before we purchased. They seem to genuinely care about you as the customer at Rugknots. We'll buy there again!
Elaine B. Ordered a second rug after I got the first one as I liked it so much. The price is great, the rug is a good quality rug that looks like it cost a lot more. Good customer service also from the owners.

8.3 x 11.5' Rust and Red Overdyed Ziegler Rug

8x12 Red Overdyed Rug

$6,243.00 $3,122.00

8.5 x 11.4' Red Overdyed Ziegler Rug

9x12 Red Overdyed Rug

$6,299.00 $3,150.00

8.5 x 11.5' Honey and Ivory Overdyed Ziegler Rug

9x12 Light Brown Overdyed Rug

$6,354.00 $3,177.00

8.6 x 11.4' Red & Rust Overdyed Ziegler Rug

9x12 Red Overdyed Rug

$6,373.00 $3,187.00

8.4 x 11.7' Ivory Overdyed Ziegler Rug

9x12 Ivory Overdyed Rug

$6,388.00 $3,194.00

9.11 x 14' Burgundy and Chocolate Overdyed Ziegler Rug

9x14 Red Overdyed Rug

$7,015.00 $3,508.00

Ottoman, Persian and European Class
Woven into a Functional Piece of Ziegler Rug History

Our colorful overdyeing process adds a new twist to this classic styling, creating luxurious soft rugs that are perfect for any contemporary or modern setting.

Named after the Manchester, UK Company, Ziegler & Co, who started making replica Persian rugs from the end of the 19th Century, these attractive and durable pieces are fashioned from 100% imported New Zealand wool and make use of only the best organic vegetable dyes.

Some of the most popular rugs that we sell, the process of overdyeing classic rugs means they are truly refreshed and reinvigorated – and are ready to become a talking point in any American home.

Our Specialist Overdying Process For Ziegler Rugs

Although a relatively simple process on the face of it, overdyeing rugs requires a level of delicate precision rarely achieved by most rug companies. At RugKnots, our skilled artisans have a family history of working within the Pakistani rug industry for generations, and as such are well placed to produce some of the highest quality overdyed Ziegler’s available.

To complete our overdyeing procedure, our experts first de-saturate classic or quality replica rugs, then treat them multiple times with various organic dye tones to create the desired finished color. Each rug is then washed to create a lush, thick pile – and reassuringly all this work is carried out by hand.

What you’re left with is a top standard, highly attractive rug which retains the style elements of the original design, but which has also been reinvigorated with a modern color palette that will complement any room in a contemporary or modern home.

Overdyed Ziegler Rugs: At a glance

  • Genuine imported wool from New Zealand
  • Allergy-free & hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty free wool sourcing
  • Organic vegetable dyes
  • Authentic Persian hand knotting
  • 81 knots per square inch
  • Hand washed to create a luxuriously soft pile