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Patchwork Rugs


Patchwork Rugs

Authentic Patchwork Rugs tell a story of a thousand tales. Pieced together from multiple remnants of authentic, vintage rugs, Patchwork Rugs are full of undeniable character.

The RugKnots Patchwork Rugs Collection

These authentic rugs feature:
100% New Zealand Wool
Natural Vegetable Dyes
Bold Colors
Large Patchwork Rug Sizes

Overdyed Patchwork Rugs: The Process

How Patchwork Rugs Are Made

Patchwork rugs are not woven knot by knot to create a new rug. Instead, patchwork rugs use “patches” of antique rug remnants to stitch together a rug. For the initial overdying process, antique rugs are bleached white. Then, expert dyers mix colors together to create the theme they want. However, the process of overdying a rug cannot often be controlled as much as people would like- the outcome of the color is typically a surprise. Once dyed, the rug is carefully cut apart to create patches. The patches are then sewn into our cotton background canvas. We choose to use cotton canvas to help establish a much softer rug, as the rug patches often have a small pile due to years of use. Once the patches are all stitched together and to the canvas, the Overdyed Patchwork Rug is complete and ready to arrive at your doorstep with free shipping!

How to Care for an Overdyed Patchwork Area Rug

Some patchwork rugs can require sensitive care. However, we recreate our Patchwork rugs with a durable cotton canvas in order to establish a strong rug. We believe that this allows our customers to use Patchwork Rugs as they would with any other new rug. As a precautionary, we do not recommend vacuuming any rug too frequently, especially with a beater bar on the vacuum. We also advise that stains and spills be cleaned with a natural solution of 8 parts water, 1 part white vinegar, and a small drip of mild dishwashing detergent. Be sure to dab this solution on the affected area and avoid rubbing. Overall, our goal is for you to enjoy the character of a Patchwork Rug without having to treat it as though it is decades old.

Most Popular Now: 8’ x 10’ Teal/Slate Overdyed Patchwork Rug

Gorgeous sky blues, teals, and navy blues encompass this Overdyed Patchwork Area Rug. You can see the original motifs and designs from some of the antique rugs that were used in this rug. A timeless piece of art that will last for decades, patchwork rugs have so much character to offer to your home. 

Blue Overdyed Patchwork Rug

Handcrafted by our experienced artisans in the traditional rug making regions of Pakistan, what’s truly stunning about our overdyed patchwork rugs is that they comprise carefully selected multicolor prints from a variety of antique, contemporary and modern styles.

Overdyed Patchwork Rugs: Handcrafted By Artisans

With different design types stitched together in sections of multiple sizes to create a truly beautiful finished result, these unique rugs come in a variety of colors – including vibrant reds, blues, purples, and greys.

Versatile and attractive, RugKnot’s overdyed patchwork pieces will complement any room in your home – and will become an instant talking point for friends, family, and guests. Ready to buy ‘off the shelf’ – or available in custom sizing and coloring from our dedicated factory outlet – it’s no wonder these particular types of overdyed rugs always prove to be extremely popular for American buyers.

Our Overdying Process For Patchwork Rugs

Only our most skilled and experienced artisan rug makers work on the overdyed rugs sold by RugKnots. That’s because unlike some other manufacturers, we know that overdyeing is a delicate process that although comprising of a few straightforward steps – can nevertheless be badly handled without the right skills.

Once our specialists have hand selected the range of pieces for each patchwork design, they are then strongly stitched together – again by hand. Our rugs are then de-saturated and treated sometimes multiple times with various organic colored dyes to build up the required tone and character. Each rug is then hand washed a final time to create a luxuriously soft finish.

That’s why you always know that when you choose a patchwork overdyed rug from RugKnots, you’re not purchasing some low-quality piece that’s been thrown together by inexperienced workers – you’re investing in a top quality, durable and luxurious rug that’s been skillfully crafted by artisans with literally generations of expertise in the Pakistani rug trade.

Overdyed Patchwork Rugs: At a glance

  • Weaved with imported wool from New Zealand & Pakistan
  • Allergy-free and hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty-free wool sourcing
  • All natural vegetable dyes
  • Hand-knotted Persian quality
  • Hand washed to ensure a luxuriously soft pile
  • Created by our artisans using a variety of sty


What is an overdyed rug?

Overdyed rugs undergo a thorough process of coloration by our professional rug weavers in Pakistan. The process involves finding an antique rug and bleaching it to wash out the original color of the rug. This also takes out stains and signs of ware. Typically, due to the pattern of the knots, there will still be some areas where the original motifs and designs of the rug are visible. Next, the rug is hand dyed with our natural vegetable dyes. This process is often relatively uncontrollable and creates a unique outcome every time. Lastly, the rug will undergo a washing where our expert artisans spray the rug and hand scrub each and every one to prevent running dyes.