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Patchwork Rugs


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Patchwork Rugs are different from conventional rugs. Seamed together from pieces of older carpets, Patchwork Wool Rugs are colorful, distinctive, and everything you need to brighten up your home. These rugs are a work of determining the right combinations, avoiding color clashes, and finding a common theme.

Patchwork Area Rugs are only beautiful when the patches settle into each other in terms of design and color. If the combinations clash, then instead of coming across as eye-catching, they come across as overwhelming and overly bright.

RugKnots houses an exciting collection of Patchwork Rugs on Sale. Handpicked from our world-class stack of Patchwork Area Rugs imported straight from Turkey, we display the best available pieces on the market.

What Are Patchwork Rugs?

Patchwork Rugs are handmade collections of scraps and pieces of old carpets sewn together to make a new one. Not only is this an excellent example of recycling, but it also results in carpets that are one of a kind. A patchwork area rug is fun, colorful, and stands out from typical rugs.

When homeowners discard frayed or worn-out carpets; weavers cut out and stitch up pieces of them that they think could go together. The sewing on the back of the carpets provides the much required extra support. The best-sellers of this category are Patchwork Overdyed Rugs.

Weavers color-neutralize these rugs and then over-dye them in vivid and striking colors. The result is something we don’t quite see conventionally. Overdyed patchwork rugs are a fusion of traditional design and contemporary style.

RugKnots’ Collection of Patchwork Rugs Online

If anything, RugKnots brings you variety. But you knew that already, didn’t you? So we think it’s fair to hope that our collection of Patchwork Rugs for Sale will not disappoint you.

Known as the hub of world-class rugs and carpets, the tradition of weaving a diverse collection of rugs remains alive in Turkey. Skilled in the art of making different Patchwork Rugs, the works of these weavers are artistic and unique.

At RugKnots, you can shop from four different collections of Patchwork Area Rugs.

Overdyed Patchwork Rugs

The collection of Patchwork Overdyed Rugs stands out from all of the other Patchwork Carpets. Double dying adds color and a rugged appeal to these rugs and gives them a more modern feel. Skilled artisans from different regions of Turkey have mastered the craft of making incomparable Patchwork Overdyed Rugs.

The best quality of these rugs is that they fit in all types of settings whether modern or traditional. The hand-dying process enhances the color quality and the finished look of these rugs. The colors on these Patchwork Carpets are usually not seen elsewhere. These rugs have the true flair of Oriental design with a splash of contemporary. An overdyed Patchwork Rug has a combination of unique prints and contrasting colors. The quality of these rugs is top-notch and the beauty remains unwearied even after years of continuous use.

Kilim Patchwork Rugs: Kilims have a special flat-weave knotting style that is easy to recognize. Known for their vintage charm and antique rustic look, Kilim Patchwork Rugs are every rug lover’s weakness. Highly durable with strong cotton back weave, Kilim Patchwork carpets are a mix of goat hair and cotton. This gives them a special appeal and diversified feel.

Kilims give a dash of tradition to a range of eclectic interiors. They make homes come to life with their warm comfort and lively appearance. The versatility and adaptability make them appropriate for a variety of settings. Kilim Patchworks are the result of creative, artistic vision of Turkish weavers.

Caput Patchwork Rugs: Caput Patchwork Rugs have a striped pattern. Skilled craftsmen knot these rugs from goat hair, cotton, and wool. The perfect blend of these three materials results in extra soft texture and a smooth feel. What adds to their rugged appeal is the fact that most of the Caput Patchwork Rugs are more than 40 years old.

Hemp Patchwork Rugs: Made from 100% natural hemp, Hemp Patchwork Rugs are durable and eco-friendly. Hemp rugs are an excellent flooring option due to their versatile patchwork designs and a long life-span. The color tones of Hemp Rugs are a lot different than other Patchwork Rugs. Woven by hand, these rugs are rich in color and easily fit into every interior setting.

How to Make Patchwork Rugs?

Do you find area rugs too expensive? Here’s a simple solution: make your own Patchwork Rug.

Materials Required

To weave your own patchwork rug, you will need the following items:

  • A quilting needle
  • Hem cord
  • Bath mats (in even numbers depending on the size of the rug)

Steps to Weave a Patchwork Rug

  • Arrange all your bath mats in a combination you find suitable.
  • Thread the quilting needle with a long piece of thread and tie a secure knot at the ends.
  • To keep sewing mistakes and knots out of sight, sew from the backside and through the top.
  • To assure alignment, sew one section in one direction at a time.
  • Once the strips of the mats are connected, sew them up.
  • Secure the knots and cut the excess part of the strings.
  • The custom-made patchwork area rug is ready!

Where to Buy Patchwork Rugs?

RugKnots’ collection of quality Patchwork Area Rugs remains unparalleled. Our Patchwork Rugs Sale features some of the best collections of Patchwork Rugs Online at very affordable prices. Woven with utmost care and love, these rugs will fit right in with any traditional or modern décor.

Browse through our hottest collection of Patchwork Wool Rugs and find quirky designs, striking color combinations, and unrivaled versatility. Take home one of our Patchwork Rugs and make your space look and feel cozy, warm, and comfortable.