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Peshawar Ziegler Rugs


Peshawar Ziegler Rugs

Browse our collection of fine, hand-knotted area rugs from the city of Peshawar, Pakistan. These Chobi Rugs are made with high quality, hand-spun New Zealand wool and all natural dyes. Our expert weavers in Pakistan have been hand knotting Peshawar Ziegler Rugs for decades, ensuring beautiful rugs of art.

The Chobi Rugs Collection

These authentic rugs are made with:

100% New Zealand Wool
Natural Vegetable Dyes
Oriental Rug Designs
Large Rug Sizes

Pakistani Ziegler Rugs - A True Form of Art

Functional Art Work for Your Floors

Peshawar Ziegler Rugs, also known as Chobi Rugs or Chobi Ziegler Rugs, are made in the image of antique rugs. However, instead of having a rug that isn’t durable and cost a lot, we’ve curated beautiful rugs with similar styles at discount rug prices. Pakistani Ziegler Rugs also happen to be one of our most durable styles of rugs because of their tight knots and high-quality wool. To achieve a somewhat “antique” look, these antique Persian rugs are often left out in the sun to fade after being professionally washed. This sunbathing session often creates more muted, light-toned colors. Although some of our Peshawar Rugs have deep reds, blues, browns, and blacks, most of them are ivory, beige, cream, and tan. These rugs are perfect for adding an oriental, traditional style to rooms with modern decor. The best part? You won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to achieve an expensive, sophisticated styled room. We truly believe our Peshawar rugs are a work of functional art for your floor!

How to Style a Peshawar Ziegler Rug

Oriental rugs are often thought to be combined with traditional decor. However, we see unique aspects of modern decor in these chobi rugs, such as their light, fresh colors and whimsical motifs. Chobi rugs do have symmetrical designs but they are often more floral/bohemian than Persian motifs. This can make matching other patterns easier with chobi rugs. We picture a chobi rug with modern grey furniture, lots of green plants, and dark wood elements in wall art, flooring, and more!

Most Loved Right Now: 9’ x 12’ Tan/Biscotti Peshawar Ziegler Rug

Our entire Ziegler collection has over 500 rugs for you to browse. However, we wanted to showcase this 9’ x 12’ Tan/Biscotti Peshawar Ziegler Rug. This rug is great for adding texture and warmth to wooden flooring. Featuring an intricate floral pattern over an earthy-toned canvas. It's the perfect finishing touch to any contemporary space. All of our rugs are individually inspected before leaving our warehouse and arriving at your door. Handcrafted to delight you, your family and guests for many years to come.

9x12 Peshawar Ziegler Rug


What does Ziegler mean?

Ziegler is a hereditary last name that comes from the word “ziegelbrenner”, which translates to “brick-maker”. The first Ziegler Rugs were designed and developed by a rug company named Ziegler and Co. in 1883. Since the original design, the rugs have always been named Zieglers. Another popular Ziegler rug is Ziegler Kazak rugs which we also sell. These Ziegler Kazak rugs are full of tribal-like designs. 

What is a Ziegler oriental rug?

A Ziegler oriental rug has a special design that was created years ago. The design follows a bold border with softer surrounding colors and floral motifs.

Can you tell me about Peshawar rugs history?

Peshawar Rugs have been made much longer than Ziegler rugs have been. Peshawar rugs simply mean rugs that are handmade in the northwestern region of Pakistan. Peshawar is a city in this region of Pakistan where many Afghan weavers live. The region began to produce differently styled rugs that came to be known as Peshawar rugs. These rugs are always hand-knotted and dyed using natural dyes.

Do you sell Peshawar Ziegler runner rugs?

Yes! We have quite a few Peshawar Ziegler runner rugs for sale. These rugs are great for hallways, bedsides, and entryways!