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Extra 5% Discount Code: 5FORYOU

Peshawar Ziegler Rugs


Also referred to as Chobi or Peshawar Rugs, Ziegler Rugs are one of the special productions of the Pakistani Rug Industry. And guess what? RugKnots ships these beautiful Oriental Rugs straight from their warehouse in Pakistan to the one just outside DC!

Want a touch of Eastern beauty in your modern condominium? Looking for a rug with traditional patterns and beautiful Oriental designs? Shop at our Ziegler Rugs Sale today and avail discounts up to 50%.

However, before you shop for Ziegler Rugs on Sale, let us teach you a little bit about them. So, you know what to expect when browsing through our collection.

What Are Ziegler Rugs?

Unlike other rugs, Ziegler Rugs are not representative of a tribe or region. Ziegler is a design that stems from older Persian designs. Ziegler Oriental Rugs exhibit a subtle mix of designs and colors that complement different interiors. As a result, these carpets are one of the best-sellers of the Pakistan Oriental Rug Industry. They have become very popular amongst the ever-growing clientele and trade partners.

Manufacturers stonewash these carpets to give them an antique effect and a rugged finish. Made in a variety of colors and Oriental designs, Ziegler Carpets are available in a multitude of sizes from runners and mattings to large carpets. Woven from high-quality imported wool, Ziegler Rugs are an excellent depiction of Eastern rug market.

Where Do Ziegler Rugs Come From?

Where do Ziegler Rugs come from and where are Ziegler Rugs made are two very different questions. The weaving of Ziegler rugs began in the Arak province of Iran. But today, Ziegler Carpets are a production of Pakistani Oriental Rug weavers. A German company based in Manchester called Ziegler and Co. initiated the concept and production of Ziegler Carpets. The company commissioned the making of original Ziegler Carpets in the year 1883.

Ziegler and Co. hired the best designers and weavers of the time from Iran and Europe. They wanted to recreate an impression of Persian designs but with softer tones and pastel shades. The Ziegler carpets were a production for the Western market by employing the designs and standards of the East. The muted colors, monochromatic palettes, and striking patterns of contemporary Ziegler Rugs fit beautifully with the modern interiors of Western homes.

The History of Ziegler Rugs

Even though the making of Ziegler Rugs started in the Arak province, the art of making Zeigler Carpets is no longer confined to weavers in Iran. Weavers in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and different parts of the East have excelled in the production of Zieglers.

Afghani weavers make their own special type of Ziegler Carpets called Chobi Rugs. They make these rugs from vegetable dyes. Ziegler Carpets are one of the reasons why vegetable dyes are back into the Persian and Oriental rug making industries. They replaced the chemical dyes used at large since the 20th century.

Woven with a knot count of eighty to a hundred and twenty knots per square inch, these rugs are strong and durable. Weavers in the east weave these rugs from hand-spun Ghazni or Himalayan wool of top-notch quality. These rugs have excellent quality and have shown impeccable durability throughout the years.

Ziegler Carpets are some of the highly sought after and in-demand carpets in the UK and the US. This is due to their soft tones, intricate designs, and superior quality. The beauty of Modern Ziegler Rugs is in its simplicity and elegance. They can make any interior in the world look classy and cozy irrespective of the nature of furnishings or color schemes.

An In-Depth Look Into Ziegler Rugs


Wool and cotton are the primary materials used for the creation of Ziegler carpets. Sometimes, for luxury collections, weavers use silk to give them a touch of splendor. Weavers use imported or top-quality local wool in the making of Zieglers. Most of these carpets end up with a sleek finish and a smooth texture.

Weaving Techniques

Weavers ideally use Mori and Persian knots in the making of Ziegler Rugs. These rugs are strong and very durable with a high knot density. Ziegler Oriental Rugs are long-lasting. Due to this, they can retain their beauty for decades.


The colors in Ziegler Carpets come from plants and vegetables growing in the vicinity. Zieglers usually sport soft and subtle shades of ivory, beige, or cream. In contrast, the base colors are darker like a dulled red, a jaded blue, or a mud brown. The colors of these rugs finely complement their designs and the interior of the homes where homeowners place them.

Traditionally, most of these go through the process of stone washing to give them a hint of old-age and perfected ruggedness. This subdues the darker shades of the rug while the pastels pop out to present a beautiful view to rug enthusiasts from both sides of the world.


Ziegler Carpets have thick borders with intense artwork. The inside of the carpets is dense with intricate patterns, floral motifs, and curvilinear designs. Zieglers truly represent sophistication with their subdued glamour and artistic finesse.


Ziegler Oriental Rugs are available in various different sizes. They range from 3x5 feet small area rugs to large rugs with measurements as big as 15x20. Today, these rugs adorn many homes in the east and the west in different shapes and sizes. Their production continues to this day. This is because Ziegler Rugs continue to sell on the rug markets at high demands.

What We Have Learned

After reading this, you can conclude that Ziegler Rugs do not conform to an area or ethnicity. These rugs are a blend of Eastern tradition and Western perceptions of art and creativity. Zieglers have been around for centuries. Their production continues to thrive due to widespread demands of Ziegler designs all around the globe.

Are you too looking for something traditional but with a tinge of contemporary? If the answer is yes, we believe Modern Ziegler Rugs are your best choice. Shop for collection Ziegler Rugs for Sale at RugKnots and get discounted prices for highly valued Ziegler Carpets.

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