Soumak Rugs

Our Soumak rugs are hand knotted to be of exquisitely high quality, and will add a touch of traditional, colorful beauty to any room in the house where you need a strong, durable but elegant rug. Read More

7.83 x 9.92' Brown and Blue Soumak Rug

8x10 Brown and Blue Soumak Rug

$5,049.00 $2,524.00
Sold Out

8x10 Ivory Soumak Rug

8x10 Ivory Soumak Rug

$5,210.00 $2,605.00

7.92 x 10.17' Dark Brown Rug 1

8x10 Dark Brown Soumak Rug

$5,236.00 $2,618.00

7.92 x 10.17' Tan Soumak Rug

8x10 Ivory Soumak Rug

$5,235.00 $2,618.00

7.92 x 10.17' Beige Rug 1

8x10 Beige Soumak Rug

$5,236.00 $2,618.00

8 x 10.33' Tan and White Soumak Rug 1

8x10 Beige Soumak Rug

$5,372.00 $2,686.00

8.17 x 10.5' Gold and White Soumak Rug 1

8x10 Gold Soumak Rug

$5,576.00 $2,788.00

8.33 x 10.58' Blue Soumak Rug 1

8x11 Blue Soumak Rug

$5,728.00 $2,864.00

8.17 x 10.83' Red Soumak Rug

8x10 Red Soumak Rug

$5,751.00 $2,876.00

Carol U. The colors were very close to the sample. After a very long search, we are delighted to have this rug in our dining room!! The company is very easy to work with. Highly recommended!!!!!
Ken S. Our whole experience with Rugknots was excellent. The rug is perfect as described and photographed. George was was a huge help before we purchased. They seem to genuinely care about you as the customer at Rugknots. We'll buy there again!
Elaine B. Ordered a second rug after I got the first one as I liked it so much. The price is great, the rug is a good quality rug that looks like it cost a lot more. Good customer service also from the owners.

The Soumak Rug Weaving Technique

To create our top standard Soumak rugs, our skilled rug weavers hand wrap colored weft threads over and under warp threads, which run at 90 degrees to each other. The combined effect is an embroidered, colorful design of flat weaves that are extremely durable and strong under foot.

Due to the fact that many different tones of weft threads can be used on one single rug, this means a skilled rug weaver can create intricate patterns and dense weaves with multiple knots per square inch - rendering the finished rug a true work of art.

The ultimate in craftsmanship, beauty and practicality – a professionally hand knotted Soumak rug will last for generations and represents an investment of ‘family heirloom’ status.

Highest Quality Soumak Rugs

Located in the heart of the rug making center of Pakistan, our highly skilled rug weavers have been hand-knotting rugs for generations. We have close ties with these traditional carpet making communities, and we work hard to not only treat our artisans exceptionally – but also work with local charities to help improve the lives of people across the whole region.

That’s why when you choose a luxury Soumak rug from our collection, you’re not buying any old rug such as those sold by our ‘machine made’ competitors – you’re investing in a lovingly crafted hand knotted product that an entire community takes pride in.

Soumak Rugs At A Glance

  • 100% imported New Zealand wool
  • Completely hypoallergenic and allergy-free
  • Guaranteed cruelty free wool
  • All organic vegetable dye
  • Persian hand knotting excellence
  • Hand washed for total softness
  • Over 100 knots per square inch